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Out Here in the Black

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Summary: "We're on a mission. Call it a galactic treasure hunt, if you want."

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Firefly > GeneralSpiffydaWonderSheepFR132884032,95827 Dec 0627 Dec 06No

In Which Xander Has Clothes and More Things Happen

Short, short version: Not mine. No money. Later, honey, Auntie Mame's hung.

He was walking through the kitchen when a ghost ran into him. ""Ooof!"" the ghost said as they both fell into the table, and then the ghost said, ""Xander?""

""Buffy?"" Xander said, pulling a corner of the sheet off of the ghost's head. ""Why are you wearing a sheet?""

""Oh, I'm so glad to see you!"" she said, throwing her arms around his neck. Then she pulled back and looked confused. ""You've got clothes. How come you got clothes?!""

Xander pulled at the grey tank top. ""I, um-- borrowed them.""

""Can you borrow me some more? Then we got to get out of here and figure out where we are.""

""It's a long walk,"" a deep voice said from behind Xander. Buffy threw herself and the intruder. ""And the air is mighty thin out there. I'm Shepherd Book, miss. I've already made the acquaintance of your compatriot.""

""Where are we? And do you have any more clothes?""

""I don't think you'll believe me until you walk up that hallway and see for yourself."" Book pointed back down the hallway behind them. ""I'll just-- go find you some more clothing."" He turned around and disappeared down a staircase.

""Don't worry,"" Xander said. ""He's like a priest, but not really. I mean, he's a preist, but he's cool. Kind of like Giles, except his book's a Bible.""

""What do you think is at the end of that hallway?"" Buffy whispered.

Xander shrugged. ""Could it be anything worse than what we've already seen?""

* * * * * *

They were silent for a long time, looking out at the stars.

Finally, Buffy whispered, ""I'm cold.""

They turned and headed back to the kitchen.

* * * * * *
Book woke up Simon first, and told him to let River sleep. Next, he woke up Zoe and Wash, and then Kaylee, conveniently forgetting to wake up Jayne. He'd just assumed that the Capitan was awake, since the door to his bunk was open.

""Wuh tzai chien shr ee-ding ruh dao shuh-muh run luh bah,"" Mal said, holding the ice pack to his face and glaring at the little blonde slip of a thing he'd woken up with. ""Most men what have nekkid women sneaking into their bunks but once in their life, but-- What the hell were you doing in my bunk, anyway?""

Buffy glared up at him. ""Sleeping!"" Simon got very busy with his red bag all of a sudden.

""I'm still confused. How did they get here? We haven't gone planetside in over a week!"" Wash turned to his wife, who gave the barest of shrugs. Her eyes never left Buffy, like a mongoose watching a cobra.

""We're on a mission. Call it a galactic treasure hunt, if you want,"" Xander said.

""And how did that get you here?"" Wash said, enunciating each of his words carefully.

Buffy rolled her eyes. ""If I told you, you'd laugh.""

""I won't laugh unless you say something crazy, like magic, or God."" Wash said.

""We like to refer to them as 'The Powers That Be',"" Xander said. Zoe kicked her husband in the ankle, but he kept wheezing with laughter.

""What's that got to do with us?"" Zoe said.

""We don't know yet,"" Xander said, hesitantly. ""We kind of have to figure it out as we go along.""

""You have any demons on board?"" Buffy piped up.

""Yeah, but I pay him a lot of money to keep him in line,"" Mal said. ""Listen, I've had a rough night and we've got a lot to think about. Zoe, show them to the passenger quarters. We'll deal with this in the morning.""

""How do you tell when it's morning?"" Xander asked as he was escorted out of the dining room. ""I mean, it's always night out here...""

Wash shook his head. ""That guy never shuts up."

The End?

You have reached the end of "Out Here in the Black" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Dec 06.

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