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Out Here in the Black

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Summary: "We're on a mission. Call it a galactic treasure hunt, if you want."

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Firefly > GeneralSpiffydaWonderSheepFR132884032,94527 Dec 0627 Dec 06No

In Which Mal Wakes Up and Things Happen

Disclaimer: Not mine. No money. Don't scream, I'm hung over.

Mal groaned, rolled over, and thumped right into a warm body.

Okay, the body was still breathing. That's good.

Or bad, depending on their relationship. Being as he'd somehow misplaced most of his memories of the previous evening, he wasn't sure of their relationship.

The body was female. Blonde. Which meant it could still go either way.

They were on Serenity, and she was in the black. So he was (theoretically) in charge, and there were people nearby. Some of them would even come to his assistance if he hollered bloody murder.

The body-- the woman was stretching now, rubbing her eyes, and Mal noticed three very important things. Two of them were on her front, and the third was that he was wearing nothing but a thin blanket.

Oh, that kind of relationship.

"Where the hell am I now?" the woman said, in an accent that he couldn't exactly identify. Sounded familiar and strange, all at the same time, and slightly flat. She paused, her eyes still covered. "And where are my clothes?"

"Well, miss, I don't rightly know." Mal said, sliding out of the bed and flicking the switch to extract the honey bucket. She screamed, and from the corner of his eye he saw her fist aiming for his head. He blocked it and turned towards her, just in time to see the foot swinging towards his skull.

The stars were quite pretty, out here in the black.
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