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An Apocalypse Of Operatic Proportions

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Summary: Buffy is plagued by dreams, calling in a favor she manages to get Willow's help for a guidance spell she's not expecting the reply that the PTB give her. Especially when they take her back to the 1800's. *Retitled: Phantom of the Slayer's Heart

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Movies > Phantom of the OperaheathenseyesFR1876,295093,35427 Dec 0620 Jan 07No

Chapter Seven: The Spell

Disclaimer: I don't own anything of either BtVS or PotO!!!


Oz leaned back in his seat, turning the volume of his iPod up, trying in vain to drown out the snoring person beside him.

Thirteen hours; thirteen hours and only two more to go then he would be home.

A smile ghosted his face at the thought.


Since leaving California and the Hellmouth all those years ago, he had learned many things, and one of them had been that home was where ever Willow was, even if she no longer loved him as he did her.

The smile was replaced by a frown as his nose wrinkled.

The mingling of smells assualted his senses. In his solitude he had spent much time in nearly deserted areas, this was the first time in almost three years that he had been amongst so many people.

He could smell the garlic and onions in the man's saliva beside him, he could smell the sweat and musk from the couple two rows ahead, and he could smell... the scent of the woman fours rows back that had just farted.

Closing his eyes, he began to meditate when something shifted.

A new assault of scents assaulted him, unfamiliar; pies, pumpkins, beeswax candles, and...Willow.

Startled he found himself suspended in the air, meeting the equally startled gazes of the room's occupants.

"Dear Lord," Giles said, dropping his glasses.

"Willow?" Oz asked, growling softly as Willow looked at him with midnight eyes.

"Oz..." The color bled from her eyes and her lashes fluttered as she fell to the floor.

Oz fell a few short feet away from her, crawling towards the unconscious woman, ignoring everyone as he gathered her close, and began breathing again when he found the pulse.


"Giles, what happened?" Xander asked as Giles came out of Willow's room, he glanced at the red haired man who sat silently by the bed and at the sleeping girl who laid curled beneath the covers as he closed the door behind him.

"As far as I can tell, Willow cast some sort of spell of guidance."

"But what about Buffy? Where is she?'' Dawn clutched at Xander's hand, frightened, without a thought Xander pulled her closer to him and hugged her tightly.

"I don't know."

"You think the slayer is ok, though?" Spike asked, looking worriedly at the watcher.

Giles sighed deeply and leaned on the closed door. "I really don't know. Willow is going in and out of consciousness and doesn't remember exactly what happened. As far as I can tell, the spell she used was a combination of four, each incredibly complex and originating from different sects. The main driving force behind it was a plea for guidance, but it appears that instead of guidance, the spell caused Buffy to be taken to the place where she was meant to be."

"Is that why the witch suddenly appeared here?"

"Possibly. Magic is a very dangerous and still quite unexplored. There are always dangers. Such as apparently this one; with the combination of spells, Willow was unable to end it," Giles said, rubbing the bridge of his nose, "but, she said she was thinking of home and that's when she appeared here. Same for Oz, she was thinking of him when Andrew mentioned him and it brought him here."

"Wait, if the spell was for guidance and it instead caused them to... to teleport to where they were meant to be; does that mean that Willow and Oz are meant to be here, but, Buffy isn't?" Giles remained silent, unable to answer Xander's question. Everyone looked at the closed door, turning to their own thoughts as they waited for Willow to reawaken.


The End?

You have reached the end of "An Apocalypse Of Operatic Proportions" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 20 Jan 07.

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