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An Apocalypse Of Operatic Proportions

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Summary: Buffy is plagued by dreams, calling in a favor she manages to get Willow's help for a guidance spell she's not expecting the reply that the PTB give her. Especially when they take her back to the 1800's. *Retitled: Phantom of the Slayer's Heart

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Chapter One

*Just once more for the crowd; I don't own a thing. ::sniff sniff::

The sun had set upon the small town and all around it came alive.

Children ran through the streets laughing in glee, their eyes shining with expectancy even as their parents trailed dolefully behind them.

Amidst the laughter and the shouts, a lonely woman walked.

The street she walked down was deserted, that portion of town having died out long ago, it’s land marked for future development. And yet, beneath the surface, it’s occupants hid.

Majorly the inhabitants consisted of drug users and their pushers, all using the deserted houses for their own purposes, and yet, something prowled the outwardly quiet streets as well.

Something that was not looking to hit a score, or to push some drugs, but instead to feed, and feed, and feed, until the streets ran red.

Bruiser, as he liked to be called by his friends, or rather his bully boys, was only fifteen years old. Young for a vampire and had he lived in a larger city, he perhaps ould have not even made it to ten.

Once he had been a bouncer for a nightclub, it seemed like a lifetime ago. The little joint hadn’t been a great night club and more often then not, it had been closed down for renovations due to the many brawls which frequently broke out there.

Sometime around his twenty-fifth year of living he was turned and since that fate full night he hunted. Once he could only bully the customers of that little bar and now he could torture the little humans in ways he had never dreamed.

Bruno sometimes had moments of intelligence, one of which was making the decision to move around; going from small town to small town, places where there were not really any big bads, or at least not any worse then he. Places where he could feed to his hearts content. And he did so love to hear his little toys screams.

And he reveled in it; in his victims fear, in their pain, in their blood, and eventually after he had tired of their cries, their death.

Every week a new town, and every night, a new toy, just waiting for him to be broken. In fact this current prey walked only steps before him. Such a pretty little thing. Small, but nicely rounded, and such pretty hair, the brown curl done in some elaborate hair-do which he was anticipating tearing out.

Speeding up slightly, he grabbed her arm and threw her against the chain link fence.

“Hey, what…” she began but her voice faltered with fear as she watched his face transform, his brows and cheeks becoming more pronounced as his fangs emerged.

“I am going to have such fun with you,” he whispered, one hand trailing into the tightly coiled curls and ripped the barrette holding them up.

“What the hell?” He said in surprise as the brown hair pulled from her scalp to reveal a mass of blond hair. The pain evident in by the way the pouty lips twisted the blonde began to turn away but the vampire stomped heavily upon the hem of her long skirt and smiled at her, the saliva already running in anticipation of her sweet blood and even sweeter screams.

Bruiser had always preferred brunettes, but, he'd make an exception this one time.

“Dammit! That was pinned into my hair!" The petite blonde muttered to herself, one hand rushing to her smarting head. Looking up she glared at her attacker. "That hurt like hell. Do you have any idea how long that took to do?”

Instead of the fear he had originally thought her expression was filled with piquedness and the rapidly being recatagorized prey poked him in the chest; hard.

“You better not have ruined this dress,” the blonde said angrily as she looked down at the hem of the full skirt.

That was it, this one was crazy, Bruno decided. But, crazy or not, she'd make a nice little meal. Bruno had barely moved his arm to grab her again when the small woman started moving.

With inhuman speed and strength her knee jerked into his gut, causing him to stumble back and in the same instant her free hand grabbed a stake from a sheath on her calf. The next moment nothing remained of Bruiser but a pile of dust.

The petite blonde stood, brushing off the dust from her skirt and looked closely at the material. Her head whipped up quickly at the sound of approaching steps, but her stance immediately relaxed.

“Hey, is there a rip on here, I thought I heard one but…”

"Nope not that I can see.” The red haired companion said as the small woman twirled around.

“Good, the thing's rented, and I would hate to explain why there is a huge gash.” The blonde said under her breath as she bent to retrieve her wig from the ground.

“Damn it," she muttered again, the brown curls of the wig had been torn loose and it was evident that she would be unable to once again wear the peice this night, at least not with out a great deal of redoing the elaborate style it had been in.

Willow came up to her, her gaze traveling from the ragged wig in her friend's hand to the other that was busy massaging her still sore scalp.

The Wicca sighed heavily, a grin twicthing at the corners of her upturned lips. "No activity in a week and we manage to find some on the night of the spell."

Buffy nodded and shot a wry smile at her best friend.

Looping an arm around her friend Buffy squeezed her close and gestured widely with the hand holding the brown mess. Her gesture encompassed the tiny town they had recently settled in, possessing of only one cemetery. Whose arches they would hopefully soon be passing through.

"You know, I've kinda missed patrolling lately, you know with all the training the new slayers and all. But slaying in something like this," the blonde slayer shuddered. "Really bad idea when you can't breath, not to mention the utter nusiance of this stupid train."

“At least you don’t have to worry about every speck of dust and dirt that has become ‘magically’ attracted to your outfit,” her companion groused, “well, the things you do to make people happy, mmm... we've got some time to kill so do you want to…” she trailed off.

Her companion nodded and they walked on. Their destination unknown to any but themselves, but the blonde couldn't help but silently hope that maybe there would be a demon or two to finish off before the night ended, she could always use the practice and lack of sleep had made her just a little peckish.
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