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The Plush-Toy Hospital

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Summary: A place where damaged toys can relax and recuperate, and their owners can get acquainted. Threats of violence.

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NCIS > GeneralFlitShadowflameFR1312664153,80928 Dec 0628 Dec 06Yes
A/N: I own nothing. Does it count as slash if the couple is stuffed? Is Hippo male?
REVISED NOTE: I am now aware of the true name of the farting hippo. Thank you, everyone who reviewed, especially the two or three folks who pointed out the hippo's name.


Tim McGee sighed, but forced a supportive smile for Abby. Personally he thought this was a little excessive for a stuffed animal, but since neither of them knew anyone who could sew something so unusual – well, Tim didn’t know anyone who would sew it up without laughing at him – they were stuck traveling across four states to get to the best known, most reliable Plush-Toy Hospital in the country. Most of the “bereaved” friends and family of the “patients” were kids under the age of ten, but he saw a few teenage girls and some twenty-somethings surrounding a very upset-looking blonde twenty-something.

Abby noticed them too, and steered Tim over to them so her poor boyfriend wouldn’t have to deal with hundreds of wailing children as they waited for the Plush-Toy Surgeon.

“Hi!” she said brightly. “I’m Abby Sciuto, this is Tim McGee. Are you here for someone special?” she asked the blonde, who nodded morosely. “So am I,” Abby replied. “And I’m going to cheerfully kill Tony the next time he hurts Bert.”

The woman started to look fierce. “I’m going to disembowel the next brat that drinks coffee on my bed,” she vowed, making a pretty brunette scoot away quickly.

Abby and the blonde chatted companionably until their respective Plushies were brought out. “Bert, this is Mr. Gordo,” Buffy introduced the cutest little pig Abby had ever seen.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Plush-Toy Hospital". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking