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Meeting Metamorphs

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Summary: The representative from the MoM may be a Metamorphmage, but she can't hide her true face from the One Who Sees. 2nd chapter - Special Case. Same as the ficlet.

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredFlitShadowflameFR7266801512,63728 Dec 0616 May 07Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Special Case

As usual, I forgot the disclaimer! >.< Thank you, Maria, for reminding me to tack this up. Just for that, I dedicate this ficlet to you!

I own nothing whatsoever,
Yes, it's very sad,
and then he *SPOILER*'d Fleur
We don't even see Xander again
Which always gets me depressed
But, Joss, you are the best!
J.K., I wish you'd get your head on straight
J/k, lol, omgrotflmao!
But please, please don't sue?


P.S. I ran out of things to say. Don't expect anything new from this fic - I wrote myself into a corner and I'm not sure how to escape.

P.P.S. Though both "chapters" can standalone (and, until very recently, have) I decided to put them together, since this one does refer to the first.


Egypt was beautiful. Hell, all of Africa was beautiful. But Xander was having a devil of a time finding Pudnam, the Slayer they had discovered with a combination of Slayer dreams and Willow.

Willow said some sort of magic was obscuring her exact location, but she was near the old dig sites of the Valley of Kings, in a somewhat smaller valley where the tombs of a few priests had been found.

Xander walked the whole length of the valley for the third time in five days, towing his camel behind him. Something flashed in the corner of his eye and he followed it, seeing a redhead that definitely hadn’t been there before.

“Where’d you come from?” Xander frowned.

“Bloody hell,” the redhead muttered, seemingly ignoring him. He patted down his robe-like garb and produced a thin stick of wood. “Ah! Stupefy!” he directed the stick at Xander, who ducked.

“What the hell, man!?” Xander rushed the guy and tackled him, tucking the wand in his own clothes and pinning the man to the ground. “Who are you, where did you come from, and why did you just shoot me!?”

“Bloody American tourists,” the redhead snapped. “Bill Weasley,” he said sulkily. “I Apparated. And it was just a stunner, like those Muggle tasers. I was going to make you forget you’d seen me.”

“Mind altering is bad mojo,” Xander informed the wizard coldly.

“It’s not like that – nothing evil. But, Muggles aren’t supposed to know about us.”

Xander frowned. “Muggles. I’ve heard that – oh, the dumb old Wizarding World jargon. Shit, you’re Arthur Weasley’s son, then? Crap, Molly will skin me alive.”

“You know my parents?” Bill asked, clearly confused.

“Well, my boss decided that between finding Slayers I would liaise with the Wizarding World, since I’m the least threatening person he had on hand.”

Bill raised his eyebrows. “You are the least threatening of the lot? Hold on a mo – Slayers, then you’re from the Council?”

“Yep. Most of my dealings are through Auror Tonks, hence I don’t follow many of the regs for other countries’ wizard populations.”

Bill shook his head. “This is too weird. I went to school with Tonks. She still insist you can’t call her Nymphadora?”

Xander laughed nervously. “Apparently I’m a special case.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Meeting Metamorphs". This story is complete.

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