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Meeting Metamorphs

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Summary: The representative from the MoM may be a Metamorphmage, but she can't hide her true face from the One Who Sees. 2nd chapter - Special Case. Same as the ficlet.

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredFlitShadowflameFR7266801512,63928 Dec 0616 May 07Yes

Chapter One

A/N: I only wish I owned a Metamorphmagus and Xander. *closes eyes. Opens again, looks around*. Darn. Still no luck. I don't own Vengeance Demons, either.


The MoM rep was a beautiful woman of medium height, fae-like features, gleaming silver eyes, and long, sandy brown hair. When Xander tilted his head at just the right angle, however, he saw a ghostlike overlay of another woman, with short, spiky, neon green hair, sad brown eyes, and a chubby, cherubic face.

“Why are you two people?” he asked when the distraction grew too much for him to continue paying attention to her.


“Why would you try to hide your beautiful silver eyes with those, or your amazing hair with this radioactive artificial turf? You are a gorgeous woman, Auror Tonks. I’d appreciate if you stopped pretending you’re not for me.”

Tonks smiled. “Most Metamorphmages search for their entire lives for someone who will know what they truly look like instinctively, for someone who can see them for who they are. I’m glad I didn’t have to wait so long.”

“Waitaminute. What are you talking about?!”
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