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Champions of the Light

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Summary: When SG1 went back and altered history to save humanity's bacon they altered more then what they had originally thought. And the repercussions could cost the war against the Ori. *Chap 5 been changed a little.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherheathenseyesFR1598,57314520,74629 Dec 0621 Mar 07No

Chapter Nine: Whoops! That Was So Not My Fault!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything!

"Come on, I don't see why you're being so stubborn about this." Jack said as he sat back down, putting down the beer before him.

Buffy looked at him from over the rim of her glass and rolled her eyes.

"We've been over this. A lot. It just won't work." Buffy put her drink down and played with the little umbrella stuck inside of it.

"It would."






"Could be."


Jack sighed as he sat back in the chair. All around them people were laughing and enjoying their Saturday night. Hell, even Buffy couldn't complain too much.

Sure, she'd been locked up for nearly 24 hours, but, hey, he'd taken her out to dinner and then brought her to a bar for a quiet drink. And it was even a nice one at that; he had often visited here with his team when they had just wanted to wind down and be a part of normal society, at least for a moment or two.

He just wished she'd say yes. One little itty bitty word and he'd shut up.

"Well, if you keep saying no, then you'll just have to repay me another way then." He said, leaning back just enough so that the chair was balanced on the hind legs. "You'll just have to go fishing with me." One thing that he had learned in the years since he had met her, the blonde girl hated fishing and anything that took her away from the city and most especially the malls.

"Wouldn't you rather just get all sweaty with me?" Buffy asked, batting her eyelashes coquettishly at the older man.

The question was asked innocently enough but still caused O'Neill to whip his head up quickly and the beer he had been sipping suddenly sprayed out of his nose. Buffy quickly moved around the table and hit him on the back as he choked and spluttered.

The Slayer was able to make out the words 'God, no', 'young enough to be my daughter', and the 'need for therapy now' that were rasped between the coughs.

"Oh, what ever, I meant to spar you perv. You're looking all kinds of out of shape since I saw you last." Buffy said and rolled her eyes, moving back towards her own chair.

O'Neill was uncertain as to what he felt more offended at; that she called him a perv or that she thought he was getting out of shape. Glaring at her, he wiped at the beer that had splattered on his shirt with a napkin and stood.

"I am going to the bathroom, and then I am going to back to my hotel," Buffy opened her mouth and he held up a silencing hand, "where, I have also booked you a room for the night. You should be happy that I have decided not to wash your mouth out with soap. You stay put and be a good girl for all three seconds."

Jack turned on his heel and ignored the Slayer as he walked away, especially the giggling he heard as he made his way through the crowd. Boy, this place sure had filled up since he was last here. It was crowded enough in the small confines that he would never have even known if the team had been here.

Now he just had to figure out a way to get Buffy to agree to stay in Colorado. He had read the mission reports from everyone that had survived the trip to what had been deemed the Hell planet; everyone had been blind sided by it.

Hell, Jack was willing to admit that he would have been blind sided by it. But the incident drove home a single fact; he needed a Slayer on his team.

The Ori threat was increasing every day and the naquadah amounts found on the planet were to high to just write off. The team needed help to get through that hell hole and Buffy was his choice.

Sure, he'd met the other Slayers and they were great, but, they didn't have that fire in them like the blonde did.

O'Neill had the feeling that Summers would storm hell and take on the devil himself to win what ever fight she was in, especially if her friends were in danger. Jack felt reasonably certain that she would win too.

Whistling under his breath he plotted and planned. He knew how resolute she could be when she had made up her mind. Luckily Jack was even more stubborn then the blonde Slayer was.


Buffy smirked at Jack's receding back.

The thought of Jack and sex was all kinds of eww; just like thinking about Giles and...

Buffy shuddered at the thought. There were few men who Buffy respected and those two were at the top of her list, but, still, they were like family and one thing you really don't want to picture is... ewww.

"I am so gonna need another drink now." Buffy muttered as she stood and walked off towards the bar, still trying to shake the thought of Jack and Giles getting jiggy with any one.

Some things you just shouldn't have to think about. And the thought of the two men who most resembled father figures in her life getting anywhere close to third base with any one was just one of those things.

She had just reached the bar and ordered her drinks, a beer for Jack and a glass of wine for herself, when she felt some one touch her ass.

"Hey, pretty lady; wanna take a walk on the wild side?" The drunk asked, giving her a little pinch.

Buffy's hands fisted and she turned, smiling sweetly at Chrome Dome, because hello, no one's head is supposed to reflect the light that much, especially in a bar where the lights are dimmed.

'What the hell did he put on his head, turtle wax or something?' Buffy watched a startled look cross the man's face, disappearing as quickly as it appeared, gone so quickly she wasn't positive that she had even seen it. She was fairly certain she hasn't spoken that thought aloud, but, his expression...

'Great, now I'm holding conversations with myself.' Buffy wrinkled her nose at the thought. Too much work and no play made Buffy a strange, strange girl.

Still smiling she brushed his hand off of her. Apparently the man was drunk enough that he wasn't paying attention to her 'flee, flee now' glare and was instead leaning even closer, almost making her gag at the overwhelming smell of sea water mixed with booze; great a sailor.

Why the hell did he smell like the sea for God's sake? They were in Colorado for cryin’ out loud.

First she had to deal with the airport, losing her luggage, stopping a demon from crossing over to this dimension, being locked up, and then having Jack try and convince her to work on a military base of all things. Now, Mr. Teenage Mutant Turtle Head was copping a feel. He was just going to ask her, she knew it; could feel it in her bones.

Leaning even closer so that his mouth was only inches away from her he whispered softly, "you wanna rub my head? It's good luck, I could be your own little Buddha for the night." And then waggled his eyebrows. All that kept repeating in Buffy’s head was ‘Oh My God, he just waggled his eyebrows’ as she stared at the man in horror.

"Oh, for the love of Pete, listen..." Buffy started and the man drew back, leering.

"My name ain't Pete, but for you darlin' it could be."

That was it. Buffy cocked her fist.


Mitchell moved towards the bar, his feet dragging slightly. It had been his idea for the team to meet at the bar, a team bonding experience. But, if only to himself, he admitted that he was tired, no, he was exhausted.

The past couple of months of dreams plaguing his sleep had taken their toll and now yesterday with that... that thing that chased them through the gate.

He still didn't even know what it had been, but, he had watched as it had torn through SG5 and knew that his own team had almost fallen beneath those claws as well.

Even now, he didn't know who had finally brought the damn thing down.

All he remembered was attempting to shelter Daniel's unconscious body with Teal'c and a blur of movement shoving them aside.

He'd caught a hint of blond hair and that was it. After the creature had been killed they had accompanied Daniel to the infirmary and then had to wait as Dr. Lam ran her tests, poking and prodding the survivors with more needles then could be healthy for a person.

He was just happy that General Landry had allowed them the weekend to recuperate. And what did Mitchell do? Did he go home and sleep like Dr. Lam had told him? No. He got his team to go out and unwind, to relax, to bond.

And damned if he was going to be upset about a little lost sleep. After all, he figured as long as he could keep his feet underneath him...

"Damn!" Mitchell gave a startled curse as something tripped him and he stumbled forwards, putting his hands out as he attempted to prevent himself from falling.

His hands found purchase and he kept his eyes closed as the room stopped spinning.

Ok, so maybe he really should have stayed home and slept instead. His fingers flexed and he realized what he had caught himself on.

Something very, very soft.

And leather clad.

He had just popped open an eye when he caught sight of the fist flying to his face.


Buffy felt some one grab her and she mentally cursed the drunk.

She had almost decked him before, but, instead had settled for threatening him and she thought he'd gotten the point. However, when hands landed on her ass once again, it had proved to be the straw that broke the camel's back; she lost it and turned swinging.

The hazel eyes widened as she realized that it wasn't the drunk and she stared into shocked green eyes as her fist flew. She tried pulling the punch but all too soon she felt the connection and watched as the man stumbled back and landed on his rear.

"Damn it! What the hell?" The man exclaimed, a hand flying to his eye.

'Great.' Thought Buffy as she rolled her eyes. First some creepy guy hits on her and then some other guy grabs her ass.

Granted he was cute but still, he had military written all over him and after the past day, she was damned if she was going to apologize.

"What do you mean what the hell?" Buffy said hotly and leveled a glare at the man still on the floor, heedless of the eyes that watched them in interest. "You're the one that grabbed my ass. I'm supposed to be the outraged one."

"Listen, cupcake," Mitchell said as he stood, a hand gingerly touching the rapidly swelling flesh around his eye, "the last thing I would do would be intentionally grab you. I like my women a little more curvy and not like a walking stick."

Buffy's eyes widened and she spluttered for a moment. "You arrogant, son of a-"

Mitchell held up a silencing hand. "Please, let's keep it PG rated for my virgin ears. Either way, I don't care and since we don't know each other, I would like to keep it that way." Mitchell turned and with a stiff back walked back to the billiard room.

Buffy stared in absolute shock for a moment before spotting Jack's lanky form coming out of the men's bathroom. Striding angrily towards him she came up to the general and grabbed his arm, pulling the surprised man behind her as she made her way towards the door.

"Summers, what's goi-?"

"Jack, you owe me so big for all the trouble you have put me through these past two days, you're going to be years repaying me." The Slayer grumbled as they disappeared into the night, ignoring his startled questions about what had happened.


Two men watched the Slayer drag the man out of the bar and the shorter sighed. "Well, that went well." He said sarcastically.

The taller one, who would never admit to being referred to, especially by a Champion, as Chrome Dome, shrugged.

What could they do? She was supposed to have walked away from the bar and met the other. But, she was more stubborn then he had expected and instead threatened him. He had doubted that she would carry it out, but this Champion was different in this time line and he had been unsettled by the realization of how different she was. When he was walking away and saw the other approaching the bar, he had figured that a little nudge would go a long way. He hadn't been expecting the Slayer to punch the other man after he had tripped him. It was... unexpected.

If only the other had not helped the learned on of their group to ascend, none of this would have ever happened. But, no, their children had to meddle and now instead of their Champions standing together to face the Ori threat, they were apart, never having met in this time line, and given their first meeting, he had serious doubts as to whether they would ever exist peacefully together.

The shorter look up and leveled a look at his companion. "And where did those lines come from?" He asked in an aggravated tone.

The taller one shrugged again. "They were popular when we last visited. How was I supposed to know that they were no longer so?"

"Perhaps because that was nearly thirty years ago in their time passage. Times change so quickly for them." The shorter one raked a hand through his hair. "That didn't go at all how we planned."

"She should have been disgusted and walked away. In the other time line she would have never threatened an ordinary human so."

"Yes," the red haired man said, a speculative look on his face, "but, in the other time line, many of her misfortunes had not happened. She never fell in love with a vampire. Her original watcher never died. She had met the other Champion and they had fallen in love as the plan had been." He looked up with worried eyes. "If they cannot move past these obstacles our children are doomed. Our Champions must be united to defeat our old foes, else all shall be lost."

"I believe," the bald one said, "that it is time for us to change our tactics."


Buffy stirred restlessly in her sleep. After settling into her bed, sleep had stolen over her almost immediately, and the dreams soon followed.

Even now, Buffy dreamt.

Death saturated the air, burning her lungs, the fire spreading along the walls of the base. Willow and Xander lay several feet away, their faces twisted in pain, the accusations still in their eyes even after death.

She had failed them.

She had been unable to protect them and now they had paid the price.

Before her a man stood a staff in his hand, a serene smile upon the strange pale face. "You have no choice, you will join us or you shall follow the path of your friends. Which shall it be?"

Buffy pulled back and spat at the man, smiling as she saw a ripple of anger cross the otherwise stoic face. "Bring it on you bastard."

The man raised his staff when a restraining hand fell upon his shoulder.

"Allow me this." A voice said and Buffy closed her eyes, praying that she hadn't heard right.

A hand gripped her chin and forced it up, but, Buffy kept her eyes closed. "Come on, Buffy. Do not make me force you as I had to force Willow and Xander."

The hazel eyes sprung open in surprise at the statement and she stared in shock at the face of her sister. Dawn smiled into Buffy's face, the pale wooden face betraying nothing and she let go of her sister's face, standing straight beside the man. "The Ori are coming Buffy and there is nothing you can do to stop them." Dawn said as bursting into fire and still smiled even as it engulfed her.

Buffy woke screaming, her breath coming in sharp gasps.

Struggling out of the tangle of sheets she hurriedly dressed and slammed the door behind her as she left the room. It took her only a moment to find the room she was looking for and she began banging on the door, not caring if she woke any one else.

Jack's groggy voice answered from the other side. "Jeez, hold your horses." He said as he opened the door and the look of disgruntlement at the rude awakening was replaced by one of concern as he took in the tear tracks on Buffy's face and the tremors running through her body.

"What happened? Is someone hurt?" He asked, running through in his mind how quickly he could get help to her friends or if she needed it, how quickly he could get her home.

"Jack," Buffy said and meet his probing gaze, "who are the Ori?"

Jack stared at her for a moment, the surprise evident in his eyes, and Buffy watched as he struggled with the decision.

Finally he sighed and stepped back. "Come on in, I'll make us some coffee. This is going to take a while."

**Sorry for the long time in updating. Things have been crazy between work and all.

Hope you liked and that the longer chapter made up a little for the amount of time between postings. I'll have another chapter out soon. It was actually part of this chapter, but, I wanted to go ahead and post this part now.

You'll be seeing revisions of the earlier chapters, this was one of the first fics I started posting and I was looking back going 'ohh, gotta make some changes'. But, that won't be for a while.

Anyway, hope y'all liked!

Please review. They feed the plot bunnies!


The End?

You have reached the end of "Champions of the Light" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Mar 07.

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