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Champions of the Light

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Summary: When SG1 went back and altered history to save humanity's bacon they altered more then what they had originally thought. And the repercussions could cost the war against the Ori. *Chap 5 been changed a little.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherheathenseyesFR1598,57314520,78829 Dec 0621 Mar 07No

Chapter One: Meddling Is Such A Nasty Word

*I don't own a thing.

It's gonna be a Buffy/Mitchell pairing and the beginning 1st chapter is a little slow but I hope you like and keep reading the following one, it picks up, I promise! Please review if you can, love to hear feed back! Thanks!


Sounds of the surf lapping upon the shore of a nameless beach seemed louder then usual in the early morning. The ocean front playground remained empty of it's normal crowd, party due to the time, but, also greatly due to the lack of any real waves and the recent drop in temperature. Winter's frigid air made the sting of the sea air more poignant and a slight breeze danced along, ruffling the hair of two strangers walking down the lonely beach.

“There is much wrong”

“Yes, this last misfortune is too much, I fear they are lost. The young ones should learn not to meddle.”

“Too true and time shall not allow for any other inference now.”

“Quite, we have fixed all that we can, such foolishness, don’t they realize that this is why we laid down those rules, never help those to asc…”

“Yes, yes, we cannot change that, it is done now. And since one lost her way, all of our children are now imperil, our ancient foes draw closer, their boldness grows and their numbers swell. I fear that soon they come.”

“Yes, only a few short months. So soon to lose everything we have worked for and all of our efforts to have been in vain.”

Laughter reached them from down they beach, further off a child squealed happily as her mother chased her around a small mound of sand. The only two other souls upon the beach for as long of the wanderers could see in the early December afternoon. As they drew nearer, the two continued their chase, round and round, until finally the woman caught the small girl, both collapsing in a tangled heap, their laughter resounding, seeming to echo off of the sounds of the surf. The two watched them in silence for several moments before they continued walking on.

One of the men kept glancing over his shoulder at the receding pair.

“You know, we can no longer interfere, but perhaps we could nudge things, after all; a chance word, maybe a chance call, just the smallest of things, that wouldn’t be interfering, not really.”

His companion remained silent for a moment before suddenly grinning.

“You just may be on to something; I think that we should do some planning and maybe dreams, yes, they are always an interesting option, so much of a free hand in those, they always seem to help the other when she looses focus.”

The two continued walking for a few moments upon the empty beach, had anyone been watching the two, they would have been alarmed as the two figures suddenly disappeared. But since no one was on the beach except for the happily laughing pair further down the way who quite busy ignoring everything but each other and the occasional sea shell, there was no such undue interest.
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