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Summary: An Auror travels to the US to track down a Creature that's killing known wizards. A pair of Demon Hunters & a Slayer joined in on the hunt. (Full summary inside; Story I in a series of 4)

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PhoenixRaeFR131117,850087,88929 Dec 0617 Feb 07No

I. Welcome to America!

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(art by PhoenixRae)


Fandom: Harry Potter/Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover
Ship: Hermione Granger/Dean Winchester

Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Supernatural & Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to JK Rowling, the WB/CW, Eric Kripke & Joss Whedon respectively. I only lay claim on any original characters that might crop up here every now and then.

Spoilers: Harry Potter – loosely referencing events that occurred from books 1 – 6; Supernatural – will loosely reference some events from season 1 & 2; BtVS – probably none, but we’ll see in later chapters. If there is, the references will be from seasons 1-7 of the series.

Summary: Unlikely Auror Hermione Granger was sent to the United States to find the Creature killing off Wizards and Muggles alike. She ran into a pair of Demon Hunters and with their help and with the help of a couple of Ministry of Magic allies they track down the Creature that was unleashed by the remaining followers of the fallen Dark Lord.

PhoenixRae’s Notes: Obviously since this is a crossover fic, this whole story’s AU. I am setting it in the present year since we all know that Hermione would be in her late 20s by now. It will only make it easier to pair her up with one of the two Winchester brothers without worrying about the ‘jail bait’ situation. Also I am just guesstimating on Dean’s actual age; I can pretty much tell that Sam’s 23 years old now if he was still a baby at the beginning of Supernatural, but for Dean…I figured he was at least four or 5 years old when their mother was killed.

PhoenixRae’s Notes Part Deux: I wasn’t really thinking of making this a semi-multiple crossover fic, but I feel the need to use certain characters from BtVS that might be equally helpful in telling the story as well. But I won’t overwhelm myself by inserting more characters from different fandoms; I don’t want to go crazy just yet! Oh yeah, and certain characters that might’ve perished in the Whedon or Rowling world might or might not remain deceased for the sole purpose of this fic.

PhoenixRae's Beta: A special shout-out and grattitude to vamp romero for beta-reading and making awesome suggestions.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
I. Welcome to America!

TIRED & SWEATY, twenty-seven-year-old Hermione Granger set foot on American soil. She was on a mission from the Ministry of Magic’s Auror division to track down, contain, and extinguish the foul Creature unleashed by remaining Death Eaters. Last they heard a pair of Muggle mother-daughter Demon Hunters spotted the Creature in some small town in America where it has been feasting on Muggles and Wizards alike, toying with them in their dreams, infusing them with terrible, waking nightmares, and sending many to their death. An agonizing death for Muggles, the reports said, but still proper in all the important ways.

As for the fates of Wizards the Creature had managed to ensnare, it did far worse: it stole from them their very souls. Rumours spread initially, mainly about Dementors, dark guards of Azkaban. But they fell away as more witnesses eked out descriptions of a humanoid reptile, or to be precise, whispered “snake man” before an often self-inflicted demise.

So far the Ministry has received less than a dozen cases with the same MO; the current Minister of Magic wanted this Creature stopped at all costs before the nigh dozen turned to a gross or more.

Hermione wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about going this assignment alone, accepting it only after career-based insinuations countered her loud refusals. This would mark her first truly solo investigation. Rightly said, she'd worked alone in Great Britain, but she'd always been on the periphery of her two best friends, the famous Harry Potter and the now-vaulted Ron Weasley, both on sabbatical and tour with the Chudley Cannons Ron had managed through skill, luck, and courage to make the team's newest Keeper, and Harry'd followed to support him, ever the Quidditch fan, and happy to return favours.

She arrived at the Dulles International Airport in Dulles, Virginia at precisely 12:50 pm after enduring an eleven hours and ten minutes flight. Her flight left Heathrow at 6:40 am, but she’s been at the airport since close to 4:45 am GMT – or London time if you prefer. Barely functional, the jet-lagged Auror had begun to regret her decision to travel by plane. True enough the Muggle in her enjoyed that thrill. She would’ve traveled via the Trans-Atlantic Portkey to the Federal Department of Magic in Washington DC, but the anticipated nausea and vertigo urged her to the more mundane travel. This is my first trip to the Colonies, she'd thought, might as well arrive to the country in the Muggle way.

She'd cleared customs quickly enough, and was met outside by a chauffeur holding a placard with a single, simple word written across it: “GRANGER”. She was half surprised it wasn’t charmed to dance or whatever, even though they were amongst Muggles.

The man holding the placard was quite easily a Muggle. Hermione tried hard to stifle her curiosity as to why a Muggle might be used for Wizarding business, especially on such grave and official matters as hers. She even entertained the possibility that he was as she – Muggleborn. Having lived amongst pure blooded witches and wizards, she'd grown quite able to pinpoint which were aware of Muggle fashions and customs, and which weren’t. Her chauffeur, however, apparently was an up-to-date Wizard, since she caught the barest outline of a wand within his coat-breast.

“Hello. I’m Hermione Granger,” Hermione smiled up at the man, stopping a good arm’s length from him. She wheeled her black rolling travel luggage beside her and placed its tote partner on top of it.

“Your Papers, please, Ms Granger.” A gloved hand gently invited Hermione’s bona fides.

“Oh, yes, of course,” responded the Auror absentmindedly, handing her bag to the man as she produced her Letters and Badge. There came an awkward silence as the two exchanged items.

The Muggleborn man gave her a quick survey from head to foot, his eyes hidden behind his bumblebee Ray-Bans scanning her very carefully. “Mr. Blackburn’s waiting for you inside,” was his curt reply and stepped aside to open the passenger door. “Thank you.”

Hermione gave him a funny look as she took back her ID. The chauffeur had already begun to secure her belongings in the limousine. “Okay, then. Thank you,” was her far more polite reply before climbing to the back of the stretch limo. Inside the tinted luxury car Hermione was greeted by the British Ministry of Magic Attaché to the U.S. Federal Department of Magic, Alexis Blackburn.

“How was your flight, Miss Granger?” Mr. Blackburn inquired, shaking her hand.
Hermione made herself comfortable in the leather seat across from the Attaché first before answering.

“It was a long flight, Sir - far longer than what I’m used to, actually, but it was altogether fine.”

“I was surprised when the Minister informed us you’d be traveling by the Muggle transportation, as opposed to our very expensive and efficient Port-Key network,” he commented.

Hermione gave the older man (early 50s?, she thought) a polite smile. She knew he found her odd, just like Minister of Magic Edgar did, for wanting to keep in touch with the Muggle side of her. Everyone in the Ministry was well aware of her Muggle heritage and also of how damnably proud of it she was. “Apparating and Port Keys are convenient, sir, but traveling by Boeing 747 is an adventure. The more I'd thought about it, the more I wanted to experience an airplane flight across the Pond. This is my first visit to America, and it ought be special,” she answered. She omitted the tangential considerations of nausea.

“I see,” Mr. Blackburn nodded. He seemed to genuinely understand her reason for traveling by plane. “I too did that when I first came to America a few years ago, shortly after I was assigned my duties here by the Ministry of Magic.”

Hermione couldn’t help from cocking an eyebrow at that bit of information. She was surprised a Wizarding official of such high station as he felt comfortable enough with her to share something so personal as travel preference; she was practically a stranger to him even though they’ve spoken one too many times before her flight was finalized.

“Pardon me, please, Sir, for cutting through the social niceties, but I just want to get my hands on this situation right away.” Hermione didn’t want to come across as rude and impatient, but the faster she wraps this up, the quicker it will be for her to return back home to London and file for holidays; she wanted to cheer for Ron too and the Cannons.

Mr. Blackburn didn’t look the least bit offended that Hermione preferred to get right into business even before they reached their destination. He was given the heads-up by the Minister that Hermione Granger wasn’t the type to pussyfoot around; she was a determined young woman who always gets her man, or in this case, her Creature, and be home in time for dinner.

“I understand. Well, as you are already aware, we’ve been keeping tracks on this Creature the Death Eaters unleashed,” he began.

Hermione gave the Attaché her undivided attention, taking mental notes of key instances he has mentioned and figure out some sort of game plan on how she’d go about contacting the Demon Hunters who has been following the leads of this Creature. She couldn’t believe a mother-daughter team would be in on this kind of job; she mostly associated Demon Hunters to the male member of the species and never the female ones. She wasn’t a sexist or anything given that there were female warriors noted throughout history, but demon hunting or any kind of hunting concerning dark magic beings was a tough job to handle. She was an Auror, but there were times along her duties that made her wish she wasn’t. All the things her job have entailed – capturing horrors not meant for this world, by means fair or foul, anything and everything necessary to secure the safety of others...

Mr. Blackburn told her that the most recent lead they received was in Montana, close to the Canadian border of the province of Alberta. He told Hermione that the DMM has made arrangements for her lodgings in Butte and she was expected to arrive by Port Key on-site at exactly oh-seven-hundred hours the next day, which left Hermione barely a whole day to kick back and relax; so much for her plan to visit the White House while she was here. And the Smithsonian. And the Gugenheim.....
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