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Slayer in the House

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Summary: Buffy visits Princeton-Plainsboro teaching hospital. What happens when her father gets wind of it?

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Television > House, M.D. > Buffy-CenteredmariahFR1842,05767929,11629 Dec 0631 Dec 06No

The doctor is... married

The door to exam room four opened and Dr. James Wilson stepped inside with a genuine, if slightly forced, smile. “Buffy!”

Buffy smiled back brightly. A perfect sunny southern California cheerleader smile. “Hi, Uncle Bill.”

“Don't call me that.” The statement was reflective, as if he'd said it a hundred thousand times. Wilson stopped just inside the door, spotting the crowd waiting in the room. “What is this?”

Cuddy stood in the doorway. “Everybody out! This is a hospital, not a nightclub.” She motioned for all the people inside to move out.

She heard a chuckle to her right. “Hey, that's pretty good!” She turned her head to see a one-eyed man in a pair of baggy black jeans and Hawaiian print shirt standing there. He gave her a quick nod. “Excuse me.” She stepped back to let him through.

“Where are you going, Xander?” Willow's voice was slightly shrill.

“The lady asked us to leave. I'm going to the waiting room and seeing if there are any Twinkies in the snack machine.” He felt his pockets, pulling out some quarters. “Yep. Three dollars in change, that'll buy some Twinkies.”

Willow protested. “But we need to make sure Buffy sees the doctor.”

“Buffy. This is...” Xander peered closely at Wilson where his name was embroidered on his lab coat. “ah.. Dr. James E. Wilson. Also known as 'Uncle Bill'.” Xander held up his hands to represent parentheses. “Can you see him?”

“I see him, Xander.” Buffy flashed him a small look of amusement. For the first time, Wilson really noticed his 'niece'. She was about fifteen pounds underweight and looked fatigued. Wilson winced as she turned her head automatically to cough a very deep wet cough. When it ended, she banged on her sternum. A man with peroxide blond hair rubbed her back afterwards until she waved him off. She gave a small sign to Xander as well, it seemed to say “scoot.”

“Good enough for me.” Xander passed by the two doctors. “She's not blind. She just hates doctors.” Xander reached up to rub his forehead over his patch as if it ached. “Don't blame her. Funny thing. So do I. Nothing personal. Don't care much for priests, either.”

“Wait for me, boy toy.” Faith sashayed past Wilson and Cuddy to join Xander.

“Faith!” Willow seemed a bit surprised. “I thought you were going to support me on this.”

“Yeah. And B. asked for Wilson, B. got Wilson. He's her uncle, if he can't get her to see reason, nobody will. Well, maybe Dawn would. But she's not here, is she?” Faith turned back, her expression darkening. “Wait, a minute. We called Dawn. Little D. told you to leave B. the fuck alone. I'm starting to agree with her.” The second slayer turned her back on the group.

“And you're not worried about Buffy? Oh, that's right, if she gets sick and dies, you get her job. You want her job.”

“Of course I'm worried about Buffy.” Faith answered. “And actually, Megan gets her job. I'm not cut out for it. Besides, Robin wants spawn.” Faith winked conspiratorally at Buffy. “Your uncle's hot.”

“He's married.” Buffy's voice cracked a bit and she coughed again. “So are you.”

Faith gave a small sniff and said teasingly. “Doesn't seem to make any difference to him. Why should it matter to me?”

“Faith!” Buffy's voice was annoyed, but she laughed, leading to another round of coughing. “Don't make me laugh.”

“I call 'em like I see 'em.” Faith joined Xander, linking her arm through his. “Twinkies?”

Xander nodded in the affirmative. “Twinkies.” As they headed down the hall, Wilson could hear Xander saying. “So, spawn, huh?”

“Yeah. Not like we don't already have twenty-four girls from three to sixteen in the house, plus Andrew. He wants spawn.”

“Andrew's worth about three more girls.”


“Five. Really?”

“You doubt it?”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Slayer in the House" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 31 Dec 06.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking