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Such Sweet Music

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Summary: Two rather unexpected guests show up at Buffy's wedding and what neither can figure out is what a demon that had tried to kill the slayer a year before is doing at her wedding. Total Spuffy.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Buffy/SpikeheathenseyesFR1312,893061,9501 Jan 071 Jan 07Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own anything from BtVS and the song totally belongs to Bryan Ferry.

Author's Note: The song is 'Is Your Love Strong Enough', by Bryan Ferry, for those who don't know it's from the Legend soundtrack. If you haven't listened you have too, it's great.


Cordelia Chase smoothed out the vibrant red silk pleating of her skirt and fidgeted. The black low-backed top left a lot for the cool air to touch and she had goose bumps from one end to another.

"Excuse, I'm sitting here. I would say I'm sorry, but I'm not, who knew this was going to be so packed?" A blond woman sat next to her, nudging into her as she did so.

Cordy rolled her eyes. Probably one of Buffy's friends, the girl seemed rude enough to be.

The blond was silent for a couple of moments before she fidgeted and started turning in her seat, looking around. "Do you see Xander? You must know him, your sitting in the bride's section. I haven't seen him since I died and I just want to make sure he's ok." Cordy raise an eyebrow and took a good look at the girl beside her before both eyes widened in shock.

"You're that demon!"

Anya stopped looking around and cocked her head as she studied the woman she had had to sit next too.

"I remember you, you're the spoiled girl. The one who had made the wish." Anya exclaimed and sat further back in her chair, still inspecting Cordy. "You know, I really hated you. You're stupid wish caused me to be stuck as a mortal. It's lucky for you that my time was fun occasionally. Not to mention that I found love and had lots of orgasms." Shifting, she looked back around the rapidly filling tent. Sighing she shook her head. "Anyway, I don't really hate you anymore, but dying really sucked and if I had the desire I would probably hurt you right now. You should be happy though, Xander taught me not to hurt people because they make me mad." Anya remembered the reason Cordy had made the wish and her eyes narrowed. "You had better not be here for Xander, I may be dead but he's still mine. I will hurt you if you are trying to have orgasms with him."

"Oh, please, he was so high school."

Anya still glared at her and didn't notice the man who was sitting beside her until he accidentally bumped into her. "Oh, I'm sorry."

An angry retort was on Anya's lips when her mouth dropped. "Oh! You're the demon!"

A deep laugh answered her exclamation. "I think that's a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Don't you?"

"I most certainly do not!" Anya turned her back towards the new comer and sniffed. "I granted the wishes of scorned woman around the world. You just like to make people say embarrassing things and then burst into flames." Anya's eyes narrowed further. "What are you doing here? You tried to kill her last time you came."

Sweet turned towards the ex-vengeance demon, his arm snaking behind her, and his smile widening.

"Now that is a story. Which I might just be willing to tell you," Anya's eyes brightened and her mouth opened, "as long as you can stay quiet."

Anya glared at the demon, her lips pouting as she shut her mouth.

Cordy perked up and turned to listen as well. Everyone, mostly demons from what she could see, was still filing in and she was starting to get bored anyway.

"You see, it all started when a certain little girl found that she didn't like her sister's boyfriend..."

Dawn woke to the sounds of arguing. Sighing she sat up in bed and listened.

Buffy... and Faith...hmmm, there's Xander.

Slamming door.

Probably Buffy.



Another slam.


And there goes another.

Five minutes later she was dressed and ready to face the world, as long as she didn't have to go outside. Rome was cold this time of year.

Making her way out of her room she quickly found that Andrew was the only person in the living room. Meeting her questioning gaze he shrugged before going back to his magazine. Rolling her eyes she made her way into the kitchen and padded back a few moments later, munching on a handful of cereal. Plopping beside Andrew the two remained silent; their dark mood in contrast to the happy sounds of the Saturday morning cartoons.

"Satellite. Isn't it grand?"

Andrew looked at her and smiled a little sheepishly as he put his magazine down. The two watched for a little while longer before Andrew cleared his throat.



"All of them."



"Was it about him again?" Andrew nodded at the girl's question and the two turned back to the TV for a moment. "He's not any good for her," Dawn said finally, brushing the crumbs from her hands and onto the carpet.

"Willow won't be happy when she sees that. I'll go get the vacuum." Andrew started to get up when Dawn's hand stopped him. Shooting a look at her, he sat back down.

"He's not. He doesn't make her happy and they're not even really doing anything anyway. The only reason she even went out with him is because she found out the Spike was in L.A. and hadn't tried to get in contact with her. She wouldn't even give him the time of day and now she's picking fights with every one!"

"Well, yeah, but what can we do? She broke my camcorder last week when I was shooting her and the other slayers training for my documentary tape. I don't want her to break me next!"

Dawn smiled and Andrew got a very bad feeling in the pit of his stomach. He always got that feeling when Dawn looked at him like that.

"I've got a plan."

Two days later the Immortal stopped at the house. When he showed up Dawn answered the door smiling. "Hello, peach. How are you doing?"

Dawn smiled at him and flounced out the room. At the hall entrance she turned back and smiled. "She'll be out in just a little."

The Immortal watched the little chit disappear. Such a waste. She could be such a source of power. However, he'd rather not have the Slayer mad at him because he had absorbed her sister.

Still, she was a pretty little thing. Perhaps he could manage to get her out. He had the feeling that she had quite a wild streak and he would be interested in seeing how right he was. But first, he had to have her sister. One at a time. One at a time.

When she stopped outside of Buffy's door Dawn had to smooth the sneer off of her face.

Such a weasel.


"Hey Buff, he's here." Buffy rolled her eyes and stood. Eying herself in the mirror she sighed. "Maybe I should just break it off. I don't mean like totally. Just for tonight." she said. Dawn hid her smile and put her arm around her sister, steering her towards the door.

"Don't worry, just go and have fun."

"But Willow said there had been some disturbances around town. I should look into it."

"Nothing to worry about."

"Dawnie, there have been people dancing and singing. I'd say that's a problem."



"Come on, you need to go." Now Dawn was fairly pushing her sister out of the door.

There was another knock at the door and Dawn rolled her eyes. At this rate she was never going to get her sister out of here.

"Dawn, I need to be here, I need to find who ever summoned Sweet, people bursting into fire is a bad thing. I'm the Slayer."


"Oh, she didn't!" Cordy exclaimed rather loudly. The people in front of them turned and she glared at them until they turned around. Sweet paused in his tale and looked at Cordy.

"Well, you didn't say I had to shut up." At his continued silence she rolled her eyes and muttered a quick "I'm sorry."

"Now where was I...oh yes."


"I'm the slayer..." she sang and Dawn smacked her. Hard.

"It's all under control. No big. Now. Go." Shoving her out into the hall way, Dawn rushed Buffy into the living room where they both stopped in their tracks at the sight of the man who was currently trying to glare the Immortal to death.

"Spike!" The two girls exclaimed.

Buffy marched up to the vampire and punched him in the face. The peroxide blond vampire smirked as he wiped away a spot of blood from his lip.

"And I missed you too pet."

Xander, Willow, and Faith came into the room to where'd they had all been drawn by the commotion. Coming to a stop behind Dawn, Faith nudged the girl.

"Hey, what's he doing here?" Faith's voice carried a little too far, at the name's mention Andrew ambled in.

"What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here un..."

Andrew's sentence ended in a howl as he jumped around, clutching at his foot. Dawn looked like a studied picture of innocence at the look Faith directed towards her.

Very broadly she winked and smiled at her friend. Faith punched her in the arm. "I'm proud of you; D it looks like I'm rubbing off on you."

Spike's eyes had locked onto Buffy's ever since she entered the room and his response was directed at her alone. "Well, the poof and I decided to stop the slayer from making a huge mistake, but, we both realized that she was a big girl, and could take care of herself. We were about to ride off into the sunset when I thought the hell with that and here I am. Claiming what is mine."

"I take it you two know each other?'' The Immortal asked the question but he already knew the answer. However, knowing the answer did not mean that he was not put out by being ignored by Buffy.

Spike's smirk widened and he turned towards the Immortal. "You could say that, I died for her and all. Did you know that she said she loved me?"

The Immortal was caught surprised by the statement and turned his eyes to the blushing blonde.

"Did you?" If he had known she had so many hang ups he wouldn't have bothered in the first place.

Buffy opened her mouth and shut it again. Spike's smile widened even further, making his grin very wolfish indeed. "I think you had best leave mate. Don't think you're being wanted here."

The Immortal began to reply but Spike moved quickly and shut him outside the door. The Immortal looked at the closed door for several moments, surprised at how quickly things had changed. Shrugging, he began his way down the apartment buildings stairs. It was possible that he had lost here, but there were many other women, and he was not going to waste his efforts on a lost cause. This definitely looked like a lost cause.

Inside the apartment Spike had turned back to Buffy and his smile slipped a little at the tears he saw in her eyes.


"I think you should leave too," Buffy said and spun around. He hurried forwards and grabbed her arm, turning her back to face him.

"I have a question I need you to answer first."

Buffy eyes narrowed and her mouth had just opened to tell Spike where to shove his question when Spike cut her off.

"Is your love strong enough?" Buffy's eyes widened.

Spike reached for her and when she resisted he knelt before her, holding the cold hand.

"Just one beat of your heart

And stranger than fantasy

I knew from the start

It had to be the place for me

Someone that I would die for

There's no way I could ever leave."

Buffy started to pull away by Spike held onto her hand. Around them Andrew, Faith, Willow, Dawn and Xander started swaying, humming softly to his words.

"Is your love strong enough?

Like a rock in the sea

Am I asking too much?

Is your love strong enough?"

Spike stopped and looked up at Buffy, slowly he stood, still staring deeply into her eyes; he leaned forwards and kissed her.

"Is your love strong enough?

Just one beat of your heart

Is your love strong enough?

Is your love strong enough?

Is your love strong enough?

Is your love strong enough?

Is your love strong enough?

Dawn, Willow, and Faith stepped forwards singing. And Buffy jumped away from Spike at their voices, she had forgotten they were there.

Just one beat of your heart

Strong enough?

Strong enough?

Just one beat of your heart

Strong enough?

Strong enough?

Meanwhile Andrew and Xander remained in the background, still saying "Ahhh-ahhh-a-ahh" in time with the lyrics.

They all stopped singing and looked around at each other.

"So, my question is will you marry me?" Spike drew a ring from the pocket of his duster, Buffy regarded the ring solemnly before looking back into his eyes and then she slapped him again before throwing herself in his arms.

"So I missed that last time around. Gotta say I wish I had missed it this time around too," Faith said with a snort, "you got a good voice though X, never knew you had it in you."

Xander mumbled a thanks.

"Wait a moment though; we have to find out who summoned the demon. I'd rather not burst into flames." Everyone looked back at Buffy; the demon had slipped their minds for a moment.


At Buffy's tone Xander threw his hands in the air.

"Don't blame me. I didn't do it."

Looking around Willow shook her head and Buffy gaze zeroed in on Andrew and Dawn.

Buffy frowned at the two.

"Sweet!" Buffy shouted the name as she stepped back from everyone, anger written in every lone on her face.

"Well, well, if it isn't my favorite singers," Sweet said as he appeared in the room.

"So, who summoned me this time, hmm?"

Andrew raised a hesitant hand.

"Well," the demon said, eying the younger man, "you're not exactly my type."

"You're not going to take him are you?" Dawn's voice was just as hesitant as Andrew's action. Ignoring the looks her sister directed in her direction, Dawn stepped closer to Andrew, and took his trembling hand in hers.

"No, he wouldn't make a good queen." Faith snorted again and Xander went into a fit of coughing.

Sweet rolled his eyes. Muttering under his breath, all that the people surrounding Sweet could understand was a single garbled word, mortals.

"However, since this is the second time you have summoned me, and I have not been paid with the usual tender, I require something in exchange...."


"So what did they give you?" Anya eyed the demon beside her.

"Why I was asked to come to the wedding," Sweet said, looking at her from under his eyelashes.

Cordy snorted. "Hardly as if, a demon like you wouldn't have given over so easily. What else?"

Sweet shrugged. "And they said I would get to sing at the wedding reception. I do so love to perform."

Anya regarded him for a moment. "You do have a very good voice. Even if you use it for purposes of evil."

"So, little demoness, what are you doing here. Last I heard through the grapevine, you were dead."

It was Anya's turn to shrug. "Since I had sacrificed myself helping to save the world, the PTB gave me a choice, die and go to hell for all the sins I committed as a demon or I could become a White Lighter and guard over a few charges. I chose to be a White Lighter, this way I can still interact with humanity and I got a special temporary dispensation so I could come for the wedding. The new guy in charge, I think his name is Leo, any way; he is pretty good about White Lighters having a life outside of work. Although sometimes I think I should have just gone to hell, I have these two charges, brothers, that hunt demons and they are a real pain. Worse then me most of the time."

Cordy nodded sympathetically. "Tell me about it. I thought being a seer was hard work. I've been doing more since I died then when I was alive."

The wedding march began and they quieted down as all the eyes in the pavilion turned to watch Andrew escort Buffy to where Spike stood, staring at Buffy with love.

Giles smiled from behind him, he had been the only person that both Buffy and Spike could agree on performing the ceremony. Willow and Dawn stood as bride’s maids and Xander beside Spike. Once they had reached the front Andrew gave a quick hug to Buffy and hurried to stand beside Xander, standing as one of Spike's best men.

Spotting Xander, Anya elbowed Cordy in the ribs. “Look at him, isn’t he handsome, the missing eye makes him look very handsome.” The whisper was rather loud, but no one was paying attention though, everyone’s eyes were trained on the slayer and her vampire.

"Dearly... living and departed, we are gathered here today..."


*And so it ends, I hope you liked it. It was really just dribble and not that great but I was listening to the song and the idea struck me.

The End

You have reached the end of "Such Sweet Music". This story is complete.

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