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No Deals.

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Summary: No deals. No bribes. No exchanges. No payment.

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Supernatural > General(Past Donor)LaneyFR1311,9442152,8871 Jan 071 Jan 07Yes
Fic: No Deals
Author: Laney
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Supernatural is all CW and Kripke and Buffy belongs to Joss.
Rating: FR 13
Spoilers: Season 2: Episode 8.
Characters: Sam, Willow Rosenberg
Word Count: 1915
Feedback: Yes, please.
Summary: No deals. No bribes. No exchanges. No payments.

~ * ~ * ~

No deals.

No deals. No bribes. No exchanges. No payments.

They seemed like clear enough conditions when he started this search, but now he’s not so sure. No one does anything for nothing. Everything comes with a price, except Sam’s not allowed to pay.

If he does, then everything he’s trying to do for Dean will be for nothing.

It was a deal that has led to this frantic attempt to save his brother’s life. His father, no doubt, thought he was making the right choice – the only choice – when he made the proverbial deal with the devil to exchange his life for Dean’s, he just probably didn’t realise what it would ultimately do to his son.

If he had, Sam’s pretty sure he wouldn’t have done it.

Pretty sure.

Sam knows his brother won’t last much longer. Every day Dean drifts further into darkness, even though he doesn’t really know it. He’s more distant now than he’s ever been. He’s shut down, unreachable – even by Sam. The Hunt is the only thing he cares about now. He can’t remember the last time he saw his brother laugh, saw him smile. It’s like he’s already dead inside and his body hasn’t caught up, yet.

Sam can’t bear to see Dean like this. It won’t be too much longer now before his brother really gives into darkness – or something worse…

A demon.

Another one who will offer him a deal he can’t say no to.

He knows Dean’s thought about it. Hell, Sam’s thought about it too. Saving their father is possible, it just comes with a price.

A price Dean will be more than willing to pay in a few months… weeks… days…

Sam can’t let that happen. He has to find a way to save his brother – save his father – because his world has gone to hell and it’s killing him as well.

The only problem is that it’s a lot harder than he thought it would be. Most of the ‘people’ (and he uses that term lightly), with the kind of power needed to help him, are all beings he and Dean would kill without blinking an eye.

He’s met more than a few of them – some are still haunting his nightmares – and they’re certainly not the type of people his dad and Dean would approve of. A couple of them have offered to do it, offered to bring his dad out of Hell. All he has to do is something in return – bring the blood of a child, the heart of a virgin, give up his soul… things that he just can’t do.

Then there are the slightly more tempting deals, deals like the one he knows Dean contemplated. Where the payment doesn’t have to be upfront, but it’s damning all the same.

If Sam thought he could get away with it, he probably would make a deal. But he knows that whatever he does, Dean will want to know about it. He’ll want to know everyone Sam met with, what they talked about, where they met, if they touched him, where they touched him…

He has to be so careful because it’s not just devils and demons he has to be wary of, but Dean as well.

If he screws up, ultimately it’s his brother who will suffer.

That’s why he’s not getting his hopes up as he waits for what he’s pretty sure is his last option. He’s exhausted almost every single lead he’s come across. The only ones he has left are the ones he hasn’t had the courage to approach.

Which is probably what every demon, warlock, and witch he’s met – and the ones he hasn’t – wants.

They only want to deal with the desperate ones. The ones who have no other option. Sam’s reaching that point (might even be past it), he knows that, and even though he’s sworn to himself he won’t cross that line… He’s really not all that sure what he’ll do when push comes to shove.

After all, this is Dean.

He just prays this works out. This meeting was set up by another witch. A witch who, after she was unable to talk him out of his quest, offered to hook him up with someone who might be able to do the work he wanted. She wasn’t sure, though. She hadn’t met the witch with the power he needed. She’d only heard of her, which makes Sam a little nervous.

It’s almost too convenient, the way it’s worked out.

“Sam Winchester?”

His head snaps up at the sound of the voice and he mentally kicks himself for being so sloppy. He didn’t even hear her approach, and considering she’s an extremely powerful witch, that is not a good thing.

It’s also not a good thing that she actually found him. The place he picked for their meeting is one of the busiest pubs in Michigan and there are at least a dozen men in here matching his description. Unless the witch who arranged the meeting gave her a photo, she should be still walking around the pub trying to find him.

Unless, of course, she was doing that while he was off in his own little world, but that’s a thought he’d rather not consider.

He stands up. “Yes.” The witch smiles nervously – and looks so human – that it instantly puts him on edge. It’s always the ones who look like they couldn’t hurt a fly that end up being the ones who could destroy the world.

She holds her hand out. “Willow Rosenberg.”

Sam doesn’t take the hand and feels a stab of guilt when he sees pain flicker across her face. “It’s nothing personal,” he tells her, unable to stop himself from explaining. “I just…”

Willow nods as she lowers her hand.

“Please, sit...” He motions to the chair across for him and waits until she sits down before he does. “Would you like something to drink?”

“No, thanks.” She reaches for the napkin in front of her and starts to play with it. “Me and alcohol don’t really mix and, besides, I don’t know anything about you and for all I know you could be a homicidal maniac.”

For some reason, her words make him feel better.

They sit in silence for a while. Even though he’s had so many of these meetings, he never knows how to start them. Meeting people like her, or people with her kind of power, makes his skin itch. Nine out of ten are evil and Sam hates evil.

Evil has taken everything from him, just the thought of letting it walk away makes him sick to his stomach.

“So…” she begins, breaking the silence. “I hear you’re looking for a witch to help save your dad?”

Sam nods, still having trouble finding the words.

“Annabelle didn’t really tell me much about your situation,” Willow explains. “But she says I should be able to help. Is he missing? If you need help finding him, I know some spells that could –”

“I know where he is. I just need help getting him out.”

The look she gives him is a little wary. “Where is he?”

“In Hell.”

Sam could have sworn the table shakes at his words.

~ * ~ * ~

It’s five months later when he walks into the Road House holding the box in his hands so tightly and carefully that he thinks he’ll go insane from the pressure.

In fact, he’s pretty sure he’s already insane.

Keeping silent for the last five months was enough to push him over the edge. Not only did he have to watch Dean spiral further into darkness, but he had to spend countless weeks, days, hours, talking to Willow, working with her (after he finally was able to convince her to help), and then waiting for her to perform the spells she needed to do to ensure that they weren’t making some horrific mistake.

It’s been Hell, literally, for everyone involved.

But it’s all over now. Well, kind of. He knows Dean’s going to ask a million questions and when he does, Sam’s not sure how he’s going to answer.

It turns out, there is a price for saving his father, but it’s the right kind of price. After all, no one would really expect the demon to sit back and do nothing after they stole his favourite toy.

Slowly, Sam approaches Dean’s table, grateful that the Road House is so empty tonight. He would have rather given this to Dean in the motel room but he’s hardly ever there anymore.

His hands shake as he puts the box on the table.

Dean looks at him with bloodshot eyes. “What’s this?”

Sam’s heart pounds. “Dad.”

The drink his brother is holding freezes halfway to his mouth. “What?”

He swallows, suddenly nervous. Okay, maybe not so suddenly. “It’s Dad’s soul.”

“Dad’s soul?” Dean repeats as he lowers the glass to the table. “What the hell are you talking about, Sam?” There’s a cold, harsh, anger in his tone.

“I found a witch who was willing to help me pull Dad’s soul out of Hell.” It’s the truth. He never paid Willow – something to do with Karmic balance and paying back a debt – and it still boggles his mind. She’s paying the price along with him – and now, undoubtedly, Dean. Because of what they’ve done, the three of them are now on the Demon’s most wanted list – even more than before.

The Demon is pissed and not afraid to show it.

“This isn’t funny, dude.” He pushes the chair back, half drunk, pure anger in his eyes.

No, it’s not funny. One thing they never joke about is their father. He knows Dean’s about to hit him. So do Ellen and Jo, who are now watching from the bar.

“It’s not a joke.” He carefully opens the box. “It’s called an Orb of Thesulah. It was originally designed as a spirit vault for the undead, but the witch, Willow, did a little tweaking.” Another reason for the five months of Hell. “Dude, I swear, I’m not lying about this. This is Dad… His soul.”

Something in his eyes or maybe his voice must have convinced Dean because he looked down at the orb with something akin to fear. Fear and awe.

Sam takes the opportunity and explains everything, as much as he can. Telling him about his search, about Willow, about the nights – days – Sam spent with her in order to save their father (days which Dean, at times, didn’t even realise he’d been gone).

The one thing he doesn’t tell him is about the price. That’ll come later, when Dean asks about Willow and the four Slayers standing outside the Road House.

“This is… This is really him?” There are tears in Dean’s eyes as he says it and he’s cupping the box gently in his hands.

“Willow’s trying to find a way to get his soul to one of the heavenly dimensions but, until she does, he’s in there. Safe.” Relatively. Until Dad’s free, he’ll never really be safe, but it’s enough for now. Just knowing he’s no longer enduring eternal torment is enough.

Dean doesn’t say anything else, Sam’s pretty sure he can’t. A silent tear falls down his cheek.

And watching him, Sam realises that he was fooling himself.

He would do anything for his brother.

There is no deal, no price he wouldn’t pay to see him at peace.

The End?

The End

You have reached the end of "No Deals.". This story is complete.

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