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The Mark

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Summary: Methos meets and falls in love with Lindsey McDonald, however a claim has been placed on the young lawyer by someone else.

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Highlander > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersbelleimaniFR1821,225031,3761 Jan 074 Jan 07No

Chapter 1

Author's notes: AU of Ats/Highlander; Richie's not dead and neither is Lilah; William is Angel's childe
Disclaimer: Highlander belongs to Panzer Davis; BTVS/ATS belong to Mutant Enemy. I claim no profit.

He watched him sing from the shadows. His voice haunting filled with sadness and pain, just like him. He watched as he sang the last notes of the song, strumming his beloved guitar gently and then stopping. Watched as he blushed at the applause and the wolf whistles of the patrons male and female alike. Most importantly he watched as he stepped from the stage, placed the guitar aside and went to the tall man with the short black hair. Watched how he looked up at him with eyes filled with peace and happiness, two things he'd never seen in them. Watched how the man reached out to move a stray lock of golden brown hair from his eyes. How that hand drifted down to cup the tanned cheek and how he leaned into the touch.

He growled.

He knew he was being selfish. Knew he shouldn't begrude the boy finding happiness at last, some small measure of peace.

It didn't make it better.

Angelus screamed within him, demanding, relentless, furious.

How dare he touch what is ours!

And he was, though he didn't know it, he was. He remembered that night long ago after he'd cut off his hand. Remembered how he'd snuck into Lindsey's apartment through an open window and had looked down on the drugged and unconscious figure on the bed. How even then he'd thought how foolish the boy was for not casting a de-invite spell to prevent his being able to access him so easily.

How he'd kissed those lips and felt the body underneath him and couldn't prevent himself from taking him within his mouth.

How he'd swallowed him from root to tip and coaxed him to hardness. How his tongue had traveled over the silky length and how he'd sucked him in so deep and true that his nose was buried in the soft curls of his groin and his chin was nudging his balls.

How he'd sucked and swallowed and hummed and growled and felt his demon emerge and pierce the dick in his mouth and he swallowed convulsivly the blood and cum that filled his mouth.

How still in gameface he'd turned the boy's flushed and aroused body over, whispered in his ear that it was but a dream and to go back to sleep, how he'd taken the bottle of morphine from his pocket and the needle and how he'd drugged the boy into a near comatose state.

He remembered how he'd taken the carving knife from his other pocket and the bottle that was filled with a mixture of enchanted ink and his blood. How he'd carved the figure into the top of the boy's spine and had licked up the blood that flowed, replacing it with the mixture from the bottle, saying the words in ancient Japanese that would forever bind this boy to him and watched as the figure glowed, felt the power of the spell wrapping around them both.


Remembered how he knew, even if Lindsey didn't, that he was safe in that wine cellar, how he knew that although Lindsey had fled from him, he would always, always be able to track him, that he was forever bound to him, in the same way that William was. They belonged to him, his boys, whether they knew it or not, whether they liked it or not they would never be free of him until he was dust, and even then. Even then it wouldn't be over.

He smiled to himself when he thought of his last trip to Sunnydale, how he'd marked the Guardian the same way he'd marked Lindsey, binding them to him and each other. William and Lindsey would be compelled to come to each other should anything happen to him. They would feel his death, and each other and if the other was in serious trouble they would feel it and be forced to come to each other's aide.

The thought of his boys together made his already semi hard cock jump to full life.

He shook the image from his mind. No matter what Angelus howled inside of him he wasn't here to claim. He was here to protect. Cordelia's vision had been very specific. Lindsey's life was in danger, someone was going to try and decapitate him of all things. And it was all to destroy the man who touched him so possessively, Lindsey's death triggering a murderous rampage that from Cordelia's description put Angelus' best work to shame. Another reason to tread with caution. Even from here Angel could feel the power radiating off the other man. It was ancient power and it was dangerous and meant that no matter how much Angel wanted to rip the man's arms from his sockets for daring to touch his boy, he wouldn't because he had a feeling he wouldn't survive the confrontation.

So he stuck to the shadows and watched and even though he knew Lindsey's sensed -- something, he didn't approach. He would not destroy what the boy had built here.

No matter how much he wanted to.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Mark" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Jan 07.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking