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The Mark

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Summary: Methos meets and falls in love with Lindsey McDonald, however a claim has been placed on the young lawyer by someone else.

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Highlander > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersbelleimaniFR1821,225031,3761 Jan 074 Jan 07No


Pairings: L/A L/Me (S/A and S/L implied)
Author's notes: AU of Ats/Highlander; Richie's not dead and neither is Lilah dammit; William is Angel's childe.
Disclaimer: Highlander belongs to Panzer Davis; BTVS/ATS belong to Mutant Enemy. I claim no profit.

Methos looked down at the boy in his bed, and sighed. He was beautiful this one, gorgeous blonde-brown hair filled with waves, long thick eyelashes, beautiful sky blue eyes, touched with pain and yet so pure and clear that he felt he could drown in them willingly. Arched eyebrows, high cheekbones, and those lips. Full and pouty begging to be kissed. What was that Richie had said when he'd walked into Joe's looking to sing for his supper? Ah yes, he remembered now,

"If those aren't a pair of dsl's then Amanda is as pure as Mother Theresa."

And they were, oh heavens they were. Even now he remembered the feel of those full lips on him the first time. He'd been pursuing the boy since that night he'd come into Joe's. He'd made no apologies about it. He'd taken one look into those eyes and over that face and body and had to have him. And finally, finally, after months of wanting, longing, needing, working so hard to gain this beautiful, wary child's trust he'd finally gotten him into his bed and it had been worth it. He hadn't felt that kind of pleasure and passion in years, not even with Macleod. When this one had let him in, dropped his defenses and let himself be free of whatever it was that was haunting him he'd given himself completely and Methos realized with that first hesitant kiss that he was being given a great gift. This one didn't share himself easily with anyone and he had a feeling that whoever he had last attempted to bare himself to hadn't wanted what was being offered.

"Or maybe they did," Methos whispered to himself looking down again at the sleeping figure and lightly fingered the raised mark at the top of Lindsey's spine. Outlining the small Japanese figure that translated to the letter A, "Maybe they did and you just didn't know it sad one."

And that begged the question, if whoever had marked his precious boy came to claim him would he go?
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking