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Demondog Evie and Faith

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Summary: On her first time out in SF Faith runs in trouble and brings somebody home. Sequel to Faith’s Travelling North, A Fresh Start.

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Demondog Evie and Faith

Title: Demondog Evie and Faith

Author: Darklight

Rating: PG-13 to be on the save side, a little violent.

Pairing: Faith/Evie, some Faith/Phoebe


Content: Crossover Angel/Charmed

Summary: On her first time out in SF Faith runs in trouble and brings somebody home. Sequel to Faith’s Travelling North, A Fresh Start.

Spoilers: Season 3 BtVS, some regarding Faith.

Disclaimer: The characters in the Angelverse & Buffyverse & Charmedverse were created by Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt & Spelling. No infringement is intended, no profit to be made. Only the story idea is mine.

Distribution: , otherwise inform me where my fic goes so I can look it up.

Notes: Not really a writer, but I have some idea’s about things I would like to happen on the show, what could have happened and no one wanted to take such detailed challenges I made out of the ideas, so I started to write them myself.

Feedback: Send them to me. Thanks to all that send feed


Thanks to all who liked my other charmed fic and wrote a review, hope you like it. And thanks to Sigma for beta-ing it.


“EVELYN!!” Phoebe's screaming voice could be heard throughout the walls of the Manor, reaching Faith.

“Heh, heh, heh. She did it again.” Faith chuckled slightly as she lay on the comfy couch in the sitting room--where she'd spent the night--having just been woken up by Phoebe's screaming.

Groaning slightly, she opened her eyes taking in the sight of the solarium, her favoured room, from the comfy couch in the sitting room. It’s one of the largest and brightest rooms.

The room is panelled in white wood adding even more brightness to the room and has large stained-glass windows, letting the first rays of the sun enter the room, with several pairs of french doors (according to Prue) and a multitude of windows that allow access to see out into the side gardens, the room is open and airy.

After having spend all that time locked up in her cell in jail locked, with no sun, fresh air and being cold all the time Faith couldn’t stand small rooms.

So she loved to simply sit in the room and wait for the sun to emerge and bath the room and her with it’s rays. Feeling the shadows from her past lessen their hold on her, the things she did and had done to her lose their hold on her, feeling freedom.

Raising her head just in time to sees Evie race down the stairs followed shortly by a very angry witch. Faith still couldn't figure out how such a small thing could move that fast, even down those stairs, on those tiny legs. She also couldn't figure out how Evie managed to get into so much trouble with all three of the sisters all the time.

Just then, Evie dashed into the sitting room and slid under the couch, looking at Faith with her best 'I didn't do anything' face.

“Eve, stop that. What did I say about playing with Pheeb's shoes?” Faith getting her preaching voice out as she talked to the small bundle of chaos.

Since a week ago--which was when Faith got her--Evie had torn, eaten, shredded, or otherwise ruined the majority of the Charmed sister's wardrobes and treasured possessions. Some even when being worn by them.

She'd gone after Prue and her professional photo equipment, breaking a couple of her cameras and ruing some photo shoots by exposing the delicate film to light. In fact, she even set the studio on fire one time.

As for Phoebe, she got most of her dresses and shoes ruined. But, strangely enough, most of Piper's things had been left alone. Then again, maybe it wasn't so strange. After all, Piper who gave Evie all those yummy treats and leftovers she loved so much, could be the reason for it.

However, it was poor Leo who'd gotten the worst deal and most trouble with Evie. Faith grinned at the thought. Every time he orbed into the house, Eve was waiting for him. Sometimes, she'd try to get a bite out of him, and other times, she'd go after him with her flaming breath. After a couple days of that, the whitelighter had started to give Phoebe plenty of warning, so she could get Eve out of there or he simply used the front door to enter the Manor.

Faith's thoughts were broken as Eve herself started to 'talk' to her.

~yummy - nice - soft.~

~I know, but I bought you a whole closet full of clothes! Why still go after Pheeb's stuff?~

~smell nice~ Startling Faith for a moment.

~You like her? Y'know, there are a lot of better ways to get her attention or to get her to play with you. Now, I have to make it up to her and take her on a shopping spree to replace whatever you destroyed up there, or else she'll never leave you alone. You owe me big time.~

Phoebe stalked into the room, eyes narrowed. “Where is she? Where is that...that..." She trailed off, not being able to think of a proper insult. "She chewed and burned my best pair of black high heels!” She was trembling with anger, barely able to get her words out.

“Hey, leave her alone, she’s only a two-week-old puppy!" Faith went into protective mode...although she knew Eve deserved a lot of the blame. “I’ll talk to her and get her to leave your stuff alone, all right? To make it up to you, how about we go to the mall and get some new clothes? In fact, I’ll give you the whole day. What do you say?” She smiled angelically, doing her best puppy eyes.

“All right, all right. I'll be ready in half an hour, or so. I still have to clean up the mess that she made...” Phoebe gave Eve a dirty look as she headed upstairs.

Once she was gone, Faith looked under the couch and grabbed the demon dog and pulled her onto the couch. Depositing her on her chest and looking her straight into her eyes.

“What on earth am I going to do with you?” She began to pet the dog, forgetting for a moment that it had red horns and breathed fire. Shortly Evie started to purr like a kitten. It’s a real shooting sound and feeling, forgetting for a moment the trouble the little fur ball caused.

Starting to think about the whole day she was going to be spent at the mall, which was definitely not Faith's favourite place. However, she would have gone to the moon if it meant spending that much time with Phoebe. She grinned as she thought of a pair of black, lacy underwear she'd seen last time she was there. She'd have to have Phoebe try those on...

A dreamy look settled over her face as she thought about it. But, snapping back to reality, she gave Eve a stern look. ~Don’t think I forgot about you! We’ll have a talk when I get back.~

It was odd to think that it had only been three weeks ago that she'd met the Charmed sisters, and about two since she'd met Eve.

Now that had been quite an interesting encounter...


Faith was almost bouncing as she got ready to go on patrol. Finally, she was going to try out all her neat toys from the Mayor!

She pulled on her harness--Slayersword securely strapped in it-- grabbed half a dozen stakes, slipped on her half of the bracelet--she'd given the other half to Phoebe--and slipped her Dragonblade into its sheath.

That blade had her desperate to know what it did, but that had to wait until she killed some vamps and demons to power it up.

Putting on her new, black-leather duster she bought on one of her trips to the mall with Phoebe, she headed out the door, looking for some action.

San Fran actually gave off the same kind of vibes the Hellmouth did, although not as strong and not all black and cold...actually, it was more a mixture of both light and dark magic colliding.

The Manor itself hummed with white power that permeated everything and everybody in it, adding to their strength and giving Faith a warm, soft feeling. However, she wasn't sure if any of the sisters were even aware of it.

Pushing away her thoughts, she headed down Prescot Street, letting her senses guide her. “All right where are you all hiding tonight?”

There was definitely something out there, her senses told her that much, but she had trouble getting an exact location. She began to jog, then run, and soon Faith was just a blur as she began to go as fast as she could.

Ten minutes later, she heard a fight. The weird part was that it sounded like an animal was fighting with some humans. Shrugging off the oddity, she headed for the warehouse the noise was coming from.

It was obviously an abandoned building, and, having no time to waste, she kicked in the flimsy wall and found...a huge dog? Ok, that was definitely weird.

There were five men attacking the dog, using knives, fists, and some kind of magical lightening bolt. Even with the dog's huge size advantage--it was about six feet tall--it was obviously about to lose. All over its body were cuts and deep slices with blood pouring out, but the dog wasn’t giving up!

“All right!” Faith grinned, rubbing her hands as she got herself ready for a fight.

She began to concentrate on the five guys, who'd turned to attack her the instant she spoke. As she stretched her senses toward them, she realized that they were warlocks, not demons.

As they advanced, a smile crept over Faith's face. She was definitely looking forward to a fight.

They said something, but she was too caught up on her coming battle and into planning her next move to even notice anything else than them moving toward her. Moving incredibly fast, she grabbed one of the knife-wielding warlocks and disarmed him easily, breaking both his arms in the process.

She slipped Dragonblade from her sheath and spun her into the warlock's heart. The blade began to glow and vibrate with power, coming alive and incredibly strengthening the connection between Faith and the blade while she turned the warlock into red shower of glitter. Blinking in surprise at his sudden disintegration, Faith didn't notice another of warlocks using her brief distraction to launch a lightning bolt at her.

Instinctively, she raised her arms to shield her face and braced herself for the pain she knew was coming, not having the time to get out of the way. When nothing happened, she glanced up, surprised to see a deep-blue shield coming out from the blade and protecting her.

The Mayor had certainly been right about the blade being cool! However, there was no time to think about that as she launched herself at the second warlock. These guys were certainly some of the worst fighters she had to fight. They relied way too much on their powers and on the fear they usually instilled in their victims.

This particular warlock was just as stupid as the others as he released two lightening bolts that she dodged easily. Grabbing his hands, Faith ripped them off and grabbed his neck, lifting him off the ground.

“Why are you attacking the dog?” She sighed when she realized he wasn't going to answer.

She shoved the blade into his heart, giving it more power and feeling something begin to stir inside of her, something that craved for blood, fight, carnage, and battle. Some ancient aspect of her being was waking up after having lain dormant for eons.

She'd heard of it before: it was called the darkness or the battle spirit or even the essence of the slayer, according to the ancient slayers she read from the few pages from her book. According to what Faith'd read in her book, it craved blood, violence, hunting, fighting, and carnage. It had to be released, or it would overwhelm and consume its bearer. To deny this part of the slayer was to deny oneself.

Forcing herself to concentrate on the battle, she realized that one of the warlocks was about to give the killing blow. Spinning, she threw the blade expertly, hitting him square between the shoulder blades and ending his existence.

At the same time, she let go of her constraints and let herself be taken by the battle spirit, accepting it fully as she gave into it and her needs and demands.

She ran full-speed towards one of the warlocks, shrugging off his desperate blows.

This one was strong, but not strong enough as she started her attack, crushing bone after bone and tearing into him with an incredible ferocity. Before long, there was only a piece of meat lying on the floor, barely resembling a human shape. Faith was covered head-to-toe in blood, turning her crimson red as her blood sang the song of war, carnage, and death.

Slowly, she turned to the last one standing and smiled at him as she thought about giving him a similar treatment. However, if the way she took care of his buddies didn’t scare him, having a blood-soaked grinning maniac coming after him was enough to make him run.

And so, he took off; before she could even start to take him out, he disappeared in the blink of an eye. Scanning the vicinity, she couldn't sense him anywhere. When those guys ran, they ran!

Slowly, she made her way to the gigantic dog, wincing in sympathy as she saw all its wounds. She really didn't think it would live; it was a miracle it could still stand up.

~Protect her, save her, protect her, save her~

Faith started as the foreign thoughts were suddenly in her head, but before she could figure out where they were coming from, the thoughts cut off rather suddenly. At the same moment, the dog collapsed--dead. It was obvious that the thoughts were coming from the animal, so Faith took a look around to see what it was protecting so fiercly.

She heard a weak noise behind her and carefully scanned the dark floor until she spotted a small, moving bundle. Looking closer, she realized it was a puppy. She reached for it just as its head popped up, and two crystal-clear, dark-blue eyes stared at her, mesmerizing. A very weak thought crept into Faith's mind.



The poor little thing was shivering from the cold night air, so Faith carefully picked it up, taking a last look around for anything that could help her figure out what on earth had happened here. Seeing nothing, she sighed and held the puppy closer, keeping her safe and warm.

As she made her way out of the building, she called the DragonBlade--which she now thought of as the "D-Blade"--to her and used its new acquired power to run home so quickly everything seemed to come to a stand still around her as she mad her way back. In less than a minute, she was barrelling through the front, rather into the front door. She really needed to work on stopping as it was her first time it went well for the most part.

The shattered pieces of front door where strewn throughout the entrance up till the staircase. Making it look like a bomb had hit the house.

“Oops, I’ll have to pay for that. But, more work for Leo.”

The noisy crash the door made as it splintered had caught all the Charmed sisters' attention, and they raced to the entrance.

“What the hell happened? Why did you break down the door...” Prue trailed off as she got a good look at me, soaked in blood from head-to-toe.

“LEO!” Faith screamed before Prue could ask her about her appearance, hoping it would get the white-lighter to pop in, and accidentally scaring the sisters half to death.

However, it worked, and Leo appeared, looking worried. “What’s going on?”

“I need some help. I ran into five Warlocks attacking a six-foot-tall dog. I took out four of 'em, but the fifth got away.” She replied as she reached into her coat and carefully pulled the puppy out. “And I also got this.”

Leo took one good look and jumped back, his fear very evident as all the blood drained away from his face. Frowning slightly, Faith took a step toward him. “What’s going on, Leo? You can’t be afraid of this little thing!” He didn't answer. “So, you're afraid of a small puppy. I guess that means you know what this is. So spill.” She waited, but it didn't look like he was going to say anything anytime soon.

With a sigh of frustration, she headed for the bathroom under the stairs to clean up the poor pup and herself. It took forever! The warlock's blood just didn't want to come out, and trying to get the junk out of her hair took about an hour. Still, the shower certainly did help get all the kinks out of her sore muscles.


After getting clean, Faith quickly put a bathrobe on and bundled her up in a clean cloth and walked over to the couch where Leo and the sisters still where still sitting as she left them, hoping to get some answers and to figure out what the puppy ate.

Leo was surrounded by the three sisters and if possibly was even paler as before.

She waited a minute, sitting on the table in front of the couch, but he didn't even notice her. “So, Leo, spill.” She said as she sat down, cuddling the cute little dog. “LEO!” He finally seemed to snap out of his trance as his head snapped towards her. “What kind of creature is she and what does she need to eat? She’s hungry.” Her voice demanded an answer and threatened pain if she didn't like the answer.

She tried not to grin as she saw his face get a few shades paler, if that were possible. Oh, yeah! She still had it!

“HellHound...uh, HellHound, it’s a HellHound. They’re the bodyguards of the most powerful demons.” Leo stuttered.

“And...” Faith trailed off, but he just looked at her confused. “What do they eat?” She held the little hound out to him, making him yelp in fright and orb away and up.


The warlock who had escaped from Faith appeared in a cave hidden deep within the bowels of the earth.

In the centre of the cavern stood a robed figure, his face hidden, who called himself the Source. Slowly turning his head towards the warlock, he demanded. “Where is it?”

As his voice boomed through the chamber, the warlock fell to his knees, hoping against hope to redeem his life. “We had her when this girl ripped through the wall and attacked us. She took three of us out in no time and proceeded to rip and shred Boone to pieces. She was covered in blood from head to toe...” His life ended in a piercing scream of agony as his master set him on fire.

“So there’s another player challenging me.” The Source quietly thought about it before returning to his task in the caves under the hot springs of San Fran.


It took three whole days to get Leo to come back, even though the sisters tried everything. It was really quite funny to Faith how everyone but Phoebe turned bright red when Leo orbed out. You see, the Slayer had chosen some rather...colourful language to express her disapproval of the situation.

After about three days of watching Piper, Phoebe, and Prue walk through the Manor screaming "Leo," Stomping up and down the stairs and hall as he didn’t orb down into the Manor Faith finally had enough.

Carefully centering herself and becoming at peace with her surroundings, she called for him. This time he listened and orbed back in, still looking rather pale.

He claimed that he'd stayed away from the Manor because of Eve trying to find out all he could about her from the elders, but Faith was convinced that she'd scared the living daylights out of him with her psychopath act. Still, she let him keep his pride.

By that point, she really didn't need him around, actually. Eve, as she'd named the Hellhound, would eat just about anything Faith put in front of her, and her appetite rivalled even Faith's. She'd also had the sisters research Hellhounds enough to figure out why Leo was so scared of the little hound: Hellhounds where fed only with living witches, too.

But, the whitelighter was helpful in one way: he explained to Faith how and why she had gotten herself connected to Evie. Apparently, Eve, having seen the Slayer first and sensing her power and strength, imprinted herself on Faith, like wild goose that hatch and think of the first person they see as their mother only this went a lot deeper and farther. She’ll protect me with her last breath against every- and anybody that would try to harm me in any way and would obey any command.

The last parts got me worried the most, in addition, the connection would give Eve most of the characteristics of the person she imprints on.

Apparently, demon dogs would get not only the attitude of the person they were connected to, but how much they grew also depended on the power of the person it was connected too. With Faith being the Slayer...well, the dog would probably be huge when full-grown, it being the first time that this had happened to a slayer.

So Eve’ll take after Faith in her behaviour and traits, imagine a mini Faith on four paws. Remembering all the trouble she got herself in as a kid and caused, the short temper, the fights and other things, she could only hope that some of her traits got left out.

In addition, Eve had the ability spew fire hot enough to melt steel and incinerate anything. Being only a pup, she could only scorch things currently, but later she'd be able to actually set stuff on fire.

Also, she and Faith could talk telepathically through their connection they shared, she could change her size, and she was able to track anyone--or anything--once she got a scent. But, it was her last ability that Faith really liked: teleportation. Eve could go anywhere--even to other dimensions. The hellhound hadn't yet figured out she could do that, though. When she did, the Charmed sisters probably wouldn't ever be able to catch her again.


As Faith drifted back to the present, she realized that Eve had fallen asleep on her chest. She looked so adorable that Faith could hardly believe she ever did anything wrong.

Carefully picking her up without waking or disturbing her nap, Faith made her way silently slipped upstairs to her room.

Passing Phoebes room on her way she could hear that she was almost ready to go. Entering her room Faith puts Eve down in her favourite place, her bed.

Taking a last look around the room making sure that nothing could harm her or would disturb her nap, Faith wouldn’t know what she would do if something would happen to her.

Eve being in my room would give Prue and Piper some quite times

Taking one last look at the cute puppy, Faith quietly headed downstairs to wait for Phoebe. She made a mental note to buy something for Eve.

Just then, Phoebe exits her room and makes her way toward Faith, and the two left, closing the door behind them.

The End for now.

The End

You have reached the end of "Demondog Evie and Faith". This story is complete.

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