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Stuck On You

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Summary: XO w/ Coyote Ugly. After S2, IOHEFY. Angelus leaves Sunnydale but comes back to find Sunnydale different. Buffy's gone and started a new life now he has to get her back. B/Aus.

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Chapter 3

A.N. When Dawn came into the show has changed. It will be mentioned in this part, as well as a couple of other changes.

Chapter 3

As she left her home Buffy glanced over to her car. She still couldn’t drive to save her life; it was one skill that would probably forever elude her. There were two dings on the passenger side and a scratch on the driver’s side, she thought they gave the car character. Who was she kidding, she just didn’t see the point in getting the damage fixed when she’d just damage it again.

The bar wasn’t too far away from her home; she’d walk there today. It was warm and not raining, although it looked to be only a matter of time before it did.

As she turned the corner toward the bar her cell phone rang. Digging into her purse she pulled out the phone. The name on the screen said ‘Mom’. “Hey Mom.”

“Hi sweetheart. I hope I didn’t wake you.” Since finding out about her daughter’s nightly duties she had figured out that Buffy waking up before four was a miracle.

“No, actually the gang called a meeting so I was already up. What’s going on?” Knowing her mother wouldn’t have called her unless she needed to talk.

“Dawn has been begging me to let her visit you and the others in Florida. I told her I’d think about it but that it was up to you since she’d be staying with you.” Joyce told her.

Mom and her sister Dawn, who had been a mystical key sent to her to protect, didn’t live in Florida or Sunnydale. Now they kept the house in Sunnydale, Mom occasionally rented it out but it for the most part stayed vacant.

Instead Mom and Dawnie went to live in New York where Dad’s sister, their Aunt Lil, lived. Joyce and Lil had gotten very close before and after the marriage of Buffy’s parents. After the divorce they stayed close, to the point where Lil and Hank had tension in their once civil relationship.

In actuality Dawn had only been around since Buffy’s freshman year of college but to her and everyone who knew her she had been around for much longer. Monks had planted memories in their heads and they were as real to them as any other memory.

She wondered if Angelus would recall Dawn being apart of their history. Did the Monks even know about him when they sent Dawn to her?

There was one memory that the Monks planted that would probably forever be embedded in her brain. The night when Angelus sneaked into her room and left the drawing of her sleeping. That night Angelus had captured exactly how she felt while sleeping. Safe, content, and thoroughly loved. Dawn saw a brief glimpse of what made her feel that way.

Before he drew her sleeping he made love to her. It was like he was Angel again only more growly and confident. He didn’t try to hide who he was or what he could do to her. It was that night that she knew she loved him too, loved him equal to Angel…probably even more.

In the darkness of their Sunnydale home Dawn had heard her cry out. Worried and curious she left the comfort of her bed, went the few feet to her door and quietly pushed it open. What she saw stopped her in her tracks, there Angelus was naked on top of her whispering words that thankfully her little sister couldn’t hear.

She barely registered her open door but Angelus noticed Dawn’s heartbeat closer than it usually was. He lifted his head, swung his gaze toward the open door and saw the young girl with her eyes wide frozen to the spot.

In game face he growled at her and turned back to Buffy, he didn’t stop his thrusts, he continued as if there weren’t an eleven year old watching. Frightened that Angelus would turn to her next Dawn ran to her room and hid under the covers. He, however, never went after the pre-teen.

The next morning Dawn knocked on her bedroom door and waited for Buffy to allow her entrance. When she did Dawn told her sister about what she saw. Buffy had been so embarrassed that her little sister saw what her and Angelus were doing.

That day their sibling bond grew, she didn’t tell Dawn everything, after all she was only eleven at the time, she’d only been eleven for a month. However Buffy did tell her that she loved Angelus, she couldn’t help herself.

Dawn stared at her for a few moments before nodding. She had leaned forward and hugged her big sister and told her that if she loved him that was all that mattered. It amazed Buffy how accepting and mature Dawn had been about the situation.

“Yea, sure that’d be fine Mom, but it’ll have to be in about a week. Right now we got some creature feature that the gang and I have to deal with.” Buffy continued the conversation with her mother.

“Do be careful sweetie. You know I worry about you when you’re slaying.” Joyce worried.

Buffy smiled. “Don’t worry Mom. I’ll be fine. It’s nothing we can’t handle.” The bar entered her line of sight and she hurried her steps.

“This will be good for Dawn, it will keep her mind off that boy she met.” She revealed.

“What boy Mom?” That was the first time she had heard about a boy. Dawn had only gone out with one boy since turning fifteen. Fifteen was the age that Mom set up to be when she and Dawn could start dating. Buffy however started at thirteen…hopefully Mom never found out about that.

“Oh some young man that she has an interest in but he practically ignores her whenever she’s in the room.”

“Jerk, want me to beat him up for her?” How dare that boy not notice Dawn. Maybe she’d hire a demon to rough him up a bit then it couldn’t be linked back to her.

“Sweetie, don’t talk like that.” Joyce admonished. “I’ll beat him up.” The two laugh together.

Coming up to the back entrance Buffy climbed the stairs. “Mom I got to go. Tell Dawn I look forward to her visit. Love you.”

“Love you too Buffy. Bye.” They hung up as Buffy opened the door to the upstairs lounge area.

When she walked in immediately she saw Willow bending down at pool table level, and stared at the white ball. Without a cue-stick the white ball smashed into the purple stripes. Then she stood up watched as the ball sailed into the pocket.

“Telekinetic pool. A new Olympic sport.” Buffy quipped.

“Hey Buffy.” Willow smiled at her friend. Tara turned from her spot at the other end of the pool table and greeted the Slayer with a wave.

Wanting to get down to business Buffy jumped right in. “So what’s the what?”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Stuck On You" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Apr 08.

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