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Stuck On You

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Summary: XO w/ Coyote Ugly. After S2, IOHEFY. Angelus leaves Sunnydale but comes back to find Sunnydale different. Buffy's gone and started a new life now he has to get her back. B/Aus.

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Title: Stuck On You
Series: The Bar Trilogy
Placement: Book 1
Author: Dez/Jezebel Jinx/VampireQueen21/Angelusluver412
Rating: Mature/Hard R (language, violence, sexual situations and other naughty-ness)
Couples: B/Aus, B/other (it’s a surprise), X/A, G/Olivia, Oz/Willow/Tara, Faith/Wesley, Cordy/???, and Crystal/Doyle
Category: AU-ish + Crossover. (After Season 2 it’s pretty much AU, and there’s a Crossover with Coyote Ugly. With a bar that’s a Coyote Ugly establishment…did that make sense, hopefully it will after you read a couple chapters of this?)
Summary: Angelus never got his soul back during Season 2, instead he, Spike and Dru left Sunnydale after ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’. About 6 years later they go to Sunnydale to find the Hellmouth closed for business, they find that the Scooby gang has moved to Florida. They go to reek havoc, when Buffy sees them she goes to Willow so she can do a spell to keep Angelus, Darla, Spike and Dru from coming near her. However Willow messes up and instead the spell makes the 4 vampires stay near Buffy.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I swear I don’t, even if I wish owned Angelus and Spike. ::drool:: Oh wait, I do own Crystal.
Warning: Small character death(s).
Notes: Since Spike, Dru, and Angelus left before ‘Becoming I & II’ they never found Acathla and tried to awaken him. Instead, Giles moved it too a remote region so it couldn’t be found for another thousand or so years. There are going to be three fics in this trilogy…probably why they call it a trilogy huh, spanning 2 other fandom’s (Roswell and X-Men). However if I suddenly get another idea there is a possibility of a Wolf Lake XO or Charmed XO.


April; 1998

“We’re leaving tonight.” Angelus stomped down the stairs of his Mansion passed his Grand Childe rolling up to him.

Earlier that night had been eventful. Ghosts who only wanted to right a wrong possessed the Slayer and Angelus. Rather poetic if he said so himself but his Sire only saw it as a violation. The ghosts had made him and the Slayer play kissy face with each other, however, Spike had to admit that Angelus was protesting to much to his ex-screw toy’s lips against his.

He suspected his Sire truly loved the blonde girl in the only way a soulless creature could, Angelus had never before been so worked up. With Drusilla the obsession lasted till she was turned, even before he changed her he wasn’t so crazed with driving her into his waiting arms. Granted Spike wasn’t apart of the family around the time but he heard stories from both Darla and Angelus.

Angelus did things for the Slayer that he had never done for another woman, vampire or not. He killed the teacher for the blonde Slayer since she had betrayed her. His Sire had sent a token of his affection through a classmate of hers, and when Buffy went into the hospital after a fight with him he had come with a white rose. Of course the whelp wouldn’t let him in to see her.

“Why do you wanna leave mate? I thought we had a nice set up here?” Spike stared up at his Sire with confusion he folded his hands in his lap and waited for Angelus to answer.

He growled at Spike questioning him. “I need a change of scenery sit and spin, that should be enough reason for you.” The angry vampire stalked passed him and out the front doors of the Mansion. Walking down the almost empty street he grabbed the first victim he came across, draining the dark haired teen of all her life’s blood.

She said that pansy’s name.

The Slayer whispered that name while she was cradled in his embrace.


Soulboy was never coming back. He had to make sure of that. The gypsy Janna otherwise known as Jenny Calendar was already taken care of. But that didn’t mean the Scoobies couldn’t acquire another Gypsy some way. All the possibilities had to be eliminated.

After the threat was gone he would come back to Sunnydale to claim his true mate. Imagine, him, Angelus, The Scourge of Europe having the Slayer for his mate, if he wasn’t already a legend he would have become one. No vampire had been mated to a Slayer.

He continued to walk down the familiar streets of the town until he’s in front of Buff’s home. The heartbeats of her and her mother were strong and steady, unhurried in the safety of their dwelling. Angelus stayed out there watching his mate until almost dawn. The next night he would be leaving with his Childe and Grand Childe, he would return to claim her…he could do nothing else but return to her.

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