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Waiting In the Wings

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Summary: Rewrite of Ats S3 WitW. B/A Buffy is at the ballet to, Angel senses her and things go crazy.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Angel/BuffyDeziFR1556,0781157,3382 Jan 0727 Dec 07No

Chapter One

Title: Waiting in the Wings
Author: Dez/Jezebel Jinx/VampireQueen21/Angeluslover412
Rating: Teen-light Mature
Couple: Buffy/Angel, slight romantic B/S but it’s only a mention
Summary: Buffy is at the ballet to, Angel senses her and things go crazy.
A.N. Cordelia and Angel will not nor have they ever had a relationship besides friendship/brother and sister type love. When AtS started I was so happy that Cordelia and Angel had found a friend in each other but after the writers began to bring the two together in a ‘in love’ kind of way I got irritated. To me I always saw them having a family bond instead of a romantic one. So I wanted to ‘fix’ the WitW ep.
A.N. 2: No Connor, just did not want to deal with that story line. Angel still slept with Darla but she didn’t return pregnant.
Warning: Some disrespect of Willow and Xander, they’re not really in the story all that much they are mostly just mentioned except for a few occasions.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, really truly I don’t. These characters belong to people other than me. Many of the Angel lines are from the episode Waiting in the Wings; they don’t belong to me.

Chapter 1

Summers’ Household; 11:23 a.m.

Music pumped out of Buffy Summers’ speakers, she could practically see the notes floating and twirling around her dancing body. Ever since Willow, Xander, Anya, and Tara ripped her out of Heaven she’d been hallucinating, nothing really bad but weird.

It’s like little pieces of Heaven were everywhere on Earth and no one but her saw them, it wasn’t like that the first time she died, then again she had only been gone for two minutes. Her Buffy spirit probably didn’t have time to leave her body let alone make the journey to Heaven.

Buffy hated being back here, her mother was still dead, her father was still gone with his secretary, her lover left her two and a half years ago, and now her sweet innocent little sister had gone back to where she came from. After she jumped into the portal to stop Glory from releasing Hell on Earth and from killing Dawn her sister disappeared, Buffy assumed Dawn returned back into her (Buffy’s) body where the monks took her from to begin with.

Although she was technically gone from this world Buffy could still feel Dawn’s presence inside, when Buffy thought dealing with the world was too much that sliver of Dawn inside her got her through the difficult time.

After she had returned from the dead-again she told Willow and Tara to pack their bags and get out of her house. The only reason she had allowed them to stay there after her mother died was because she had died and she needed her friends and needed their help with Dawn. Now Dawn was no longer there and Willow and Tara weren’t paying for anything so they shouldn’t stay there, Buffy refused to let them stay there.

Tara, thankfully, respected her wishes for them to leave, but Willow didn’t take it lying down. She got upset with Buffy that she was kicking her and her girlfriend out on the streets. It was then Giles, who had gotten back from England two days before, asked Willow how she had been paying to live in the Summers home.

To which she replied to using the money Joyce set aside after she died, according to Willow there was no other option, to which Giles suggested that she have gotten a job. The redhead had absolutely no right to touch any of the money Joyce set aside for Buffy and Dawn.

Eventually Tara helped convince Willow that it would be best if they left; it took the angry witch a long while to pack wanting to draw it out for as long as possible. Buffy was sure Willow was cursing her out in her mind like nobodies business, but at the moment in time the Slayer didn’t care one bit, her ‘friends’ had mooched off her for the last time.

While Giles remained in town for the next few months only going to England when he absolutely had too, he stayed at her place with her, she gave him her old room and she took her mother’s. During that time Willow didn’t talk to her, Xander had taken his oldest friends side and ignored her as well. At first he tried to smooth things over with her but when Buffy gave him the reasons for kicking Willow and Tara out and that she wouldn’t be letting them come back to live with her he didn’t try to talk to her again.

Anya and Tara on the other hand still were welcome in her home and had regular get togethers with her, Giles and Spike. Tara during the months had paid her back about half of the money she and Willow took while living there. It was enough for Buffy that Tara admitted she did wrong but when the Slayer refused the money Tara would have none of it and insisted she take it.

Spike became a close friend since her return, he knew what it was like to have to crawl out of your grave and think you’re in Hell. In his own way Spike was hurting too, the bleached-blonde vampire cared for her little sister in way he hadn’t thought possible, as awful as it may sound Dawnie’s ‘death’ was a stepping stone to the easy camaraderie they had now.

That close friendship was what prompted her to invite Spike to move out of his grungy crypt he called home and move into the spare bedroom that had once been the guest room. She didn’t offer him Dawn’s room, even after she accepted Dawn’s death she still couldn’t bring herself to let anyone use that room. It became a storage area again when she went back into Buffy’s body, but Buffy could still see the Parental Advisory poster in the corner and purple everywhere.

It was shortly after Spike moved in that she went to see Angel in the hotel room that was between Sunnydale and LA. He had heard about her sudden resurrection and needed to see her, she needed to see him too. Being there with him was like being back in Heaven again, she wasn’t surprised after all he was an Angel.

The two of them for about the first ten minutes were touching and showering their love for one another but then something in Angel shifted and he pulled away taking all the happiness with him. It hurt that he pulled away from her, he physically, mentally and emotionally shut himself off from her, from their connection. Wasn’t long after that that they left the hotel neither one looking back afraid if they did that they wouldn’t be able to be strong enough to fight their desires.

Since Spike had moved in he changed the room severely, thick black curtains covered the double windows, and he re-painted the room a blood red. Even began to paint a mural, she never would have guessed Spike to be so talented, but he surprised her.

There was one point in their friendship when they had mistaken it for something more, she needed to feel loved and Spike needed to give someone love. They slept together; afterwards neither were very happy with themselves. Buffy went out of her way to avoid Spike and Spike stayed holed up in his room, he got a lot of painting done that week.

It took a note slipped under her door from Spike saying he was sorry and if they could put the entire incident behind them to crack the ice wall between them. And it took Buffy apologizing for being a coward and not dealing with this sooner to break the ice completely. Now they’re as close as could be, friendship wise, no dancing in the sheets for them.

As quickly as they came the musical notes dancing around her disappeared with the knock that sounded on her door. She reached over to her stereo and turned the volume down; Buffy opened her bedroom door to Giles grinning like an idiot.

“Hey Giles, why are you smiling…it’s kinda scaring me.” She teased.

“I have marvelous news, you’ll never believe who is going to be performing in LA, it’s for tonight only…” He pulled three tickets out of his pocket, “Blinnikov World Ballet Tour, even got us a box and everything. You, Spike and I can go tonight, make an evening of it.”

Buffy couldn’t help but be effected by Giles’ enthusiasm and grinned at the man who’d been more of father to her than her own. “That sounds like fun, you can teach me how to be proper and everything.” Spike and Giles have…not become good friends but have found common interests, music, foods, Buffy, disgusted with Willow and Xander, things like that.

“Spike can rent a tux and you can buy a fancy new dress.” Lately Buffy had been reverting back to the state she was in after she first came back from Heaven. Giles was doing everything he could think of to make sure she didn’t fall back into feeling nothing.

“But Giles I don’t have much money to go out and buy a new dress.” Disappointment crept into her voice, but her Watcher waved his hand tossing the bad news away.

“No need to worry, I have money for you to buy a dress. Doesn’t matter the cost Buffy,” He placed a hand on her shoulder in comfort, she really was a remarkable woman. Giles couldn’t help but feel so much pride at how his Slayer and daughter has grown from the vain little school girl he met all those years ago.

Buffy was shaking her head to protest but again Giles put her fears to rest. “I’ve been setting this money aside especially for you Buffy. It would honor me if you would use it to get a dress that you want.”

The Slayer thought it over for a moment, coming to a decision she nodded reluctantly. Giles and Spike were already chipping in for food, electric, water, mortgage…all they do took pressure off of her and now Giles was telling her he had money so she could get a dress. Buffy was overwhelmed with emotion; she rushed forward and gripped him in a hard hug. “I love you Giles.”

The Watcher returned the hug but quickly the embrace became painful…for Giles that is. Buffy was squeezing a bit too hard. “I love you too dear child, but please let go now.”

“Oh sorry.” She let go smiling an apologetic grin.

Giles dug into his wallet, “Now, there is only two hours before the limo will be here to pick us up.” He handed her a credit card. “Go hurry to the stores.” Smirking at Buffy’s obvious excitement he watched as she went back into her room grabbed her purse and rushed passed him and out the door. Now all he had to do was tell Spike, the younger British man was certain the Billy Idol wanna be would be more than happy to be a part of the make Buffy feel better plan. Even if he did have to go to a ballet.

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