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Saving the Day

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Summary: Audrey Raines has help from an unusual quarter in securing Jacks release. Rated '18' to give me room.

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A Drunk Walks Into A Bar.

Saving the Day

Disclaimer. This is a crossover between 24 and BtVS. 24 characters are the property of Fox, BtVS characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Only the idea is mine……

Author’s Note. This came to me after watching my usually straight laced churh going sister in law at our new years eve party. ( She looks abit like Audrey Raines too!) This is my take on how the run up to Day Six on 24 could come about. It might seem out of character for her, but as professional as she is, Audrey Raines is cracking up under the pressure to secure Jacks release…..

Setting starts in Cleveland. Present day. Scenario’s fit in with my ’verse of Buffy/ Dan Carter, because I can‘t be arsed to think up another one. There may be the odd spoiler for Accession in here. You’ll have to read it carefully to see, maybe, possibly. Oh I don’t know, maybe not. I’m evil, wicked, mean and nasty. Please don’t rib me about locations. The only things I can research about this area come from online engines and Google Earth.™

Please read and review.

Chapter One. A Drunk Walks Into A Bar

Audrey Raines walked rather unsteadily into the bar. The news had come as a shock to her and she’d dealt with it as professionally as she could. Right up until her father had said that there was nothing he or President Wayne Palmer could do.

Jack Bauer was on his own………

It had taken the DoD and CTU several months just to figure out who’d actually kidnapped him. When they’d discovered it was the Chinese, diplomatic means had been engaged to try and secure his release.

That had produced a flat refusal from the Chinese. They, meaning Cheng, considered Jack an enemy of their state and would keep him until they decided he’d been punished enough, or he died.

Even the option of trading prisoners was turned down. Audrey had run out of ideas…So had the government.

She’d been to Canada. Several times. The Canadians had acted as a buffer between the two negotiating parties; and she had flown back over the border intending to stay over in Cleveland and see a few old friends. The few ‘old friends’ had been unprepared for her to visit and she’d ended up staying at the Gotcha Inn, a hotel near the Burke Lakefront airport. Not having anyone to confide her problems in had gotten her depressed in the last few weeks and she’d had more than a little to drink after her telephone conversation with her father.

Feeling as though she needed to clear her head she wandered out of the hotel bar in the late afternoon and walked along the waterfront. There were several clubs and bars along here, some still closed, some open and noisy, others fairly subdued. Not feeling in a particularly party mood; it was one of the smaller quieter bars that she walked into. ‘Willy’s Other Alibi‘; declared the gaudy neon sign over the door. Had she been more alert and sober, she wouldn’t have given the place a second look and steered clear. The unusual horns and scaly ridges on the doorman’s forehead; along with his blood red eyes would have been enough to send her screaming for help and a cop. ……. Had she been sober.……

A quick glance around inside told her that the place, though dingy, had recently been refurbished. There were partitioned booths down one side of the place and open tables were placed haphazardly around the centre of the bar, some with characters huddled around them either drinking and talking or playing cards. Passing one of these tables she could have sworn she heard a cat mewing. She trundled to the bar and ordered a drink. The barman’s nametag announced that he was Willy. She snorted to herself at that. Something else she wouldn’t do ordinarily. The drink was putting her brain into the gutter. The scotch arrived with a smile from Willy. She vaguely heard him say something about her not being his typical customer and to be mindful of who she spoke to, but that wasn’t right. Was it?” Nah, couldn’t have been, her alcohol fuelled brain told her.

She became aware of someone sitting down next to her. She took a swig from her drink and turned to look at the person.

He looked normal enough. Fashion was a little ….off. Open necked check shirt, patterned, sleeveless pullover, shirt sleeves rolled up and flared grey high waist slacks. Dated. Yes. That was the word. Dated.

“Come here often?” He asked.

She snorted a laugh. That had to be the oldest pickup line in the book. “God no, jusht in town overnight……Friends to see to-tomorrow.” She slurred. She emptied the glass and waved it about hoping to attract Willy’s attention for another shot.

Willy was at the other end of the bar and didn’t spot her immediately. She looked back at her neighbour. “Whaddaya have to do to get a drink around here.”

“Wait on Willy for too long and rigor mortis might set in.” Said the man. He upended his own drink and gave a piercing whistle which attracted Willy’s attention.

She ordered two more. Willy gave her a sideways look and a sort of a cringing glance at the man next to her. Audrey slapped a fifty dollar bill on the counter and said to ‘keep ‘em coming‘. Willy sighed and set about the business of filling the glasses.

The unsteady and confused conversation that she was having with the man soon came around to his name, Harvey, an edited version of who she was, and why she was here getting paralytic. Even as drunk as she was, National Security secrets were still National Security secrets.

An hour later darkness had fallen and Harvey got up to leave.

“Where y-you goin’?” Stuttered Audrey.

“Hungry.” Came the reply.

“Great. Could use a bite m-myshelf.” She slurred; grinning drunkenly. Harvey gave her an unseen grin.

She slipped from the stool and grasped the bar to steady herself. Harvey caught her and steadied her.

“Whoops!” She giggled. “Wh-Who moved the floor.”

She didn’t notice the sorry look that Willy gave her as she made her way out, unsteadily following Harvey towards the door.

They made it into the street and Harvey stepped ahead of her. She attempted to keep her balance by sliding a hand along the wall. A sharp edge scratched her palm and a trickle of blood wept along her hand. Ahead of her Harvey sniffed the air.

He turned into an alley and Audrey followed.

“Where are we going?” She asked.

“You wanted a bite….to eat.” He said.

“Didn’t think it’d be down here though?” The fresh night air, coupled with a sense of realisation that this might just be trouble, sobered her slightly. She reached into her purse and felt for the tazer she kept there.

Harvey whirled around on her just as she glanced down to look at what she was doing. She caught her breath as she looked at the yellow eyes and the ridged forehead. The feral feeding face of the vampire.

“What the hell……..” Was all she managed to get out before the strong grip forced her head to one side and his fangs bit down onto her neck……………..

End of Chapter One.
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