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Summary: Xander gets magically pushed to dress up as a Terminator for Halloween and receives different mission in ‘life’.

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Author: Duken

Disclaimer: I own nothing, even the plot bunny is borrowed (well, it’s the cousin of one of AnimeRonin’s bunnies)

Many thanks to AnimeRonin, who’s own fic X-1000 inspired this and some scenes contained within.

Buffy (Home Universe) (TV: 7 Seasons)
Terminator (Movie Trilogy)

References: [These have been mentioned but I don’t know if they are going to feature more prominently or not]
7 Days (TV: 3 Seasons)
The Bourne Trilogy (Book Series)
Devil May Cry 3 (Video Game)
Doom (Book Trilogy)
Hellsing (Anime/Magna)
Journeyverse (Fan Fiction Series by Tenhawk; see
Remo Williams (Book Series / Movie)
Stargate: SG-1 (TV: 10 Seasons)
Total Annihilation (PC Game)
Turok 3 (Video Game) [The only ranged weapon that Xan has is the BFG from this game]

Conker: Live and Reloaded (Video Game Remake)
Halo (Two Video Games)
Stargate: SG-1
Clancy-Verse (Books, Video Games, Movies)
Metal Gear-Verse (Video Game Series)
Remo Williams

Timeline: S2E6 Halloween (when else?)

Summary: Xander gets magically pushed to dress up as a Terminator for Halloween and receives different mission in ‘life’.

Rating: R; to be on the safe side

Relationships: All non-Xander as seen on show (may change later)

Spoilers: Yes

Author’s Notes
I type American. If anybody out there can type proper British, I’d like it if you could go over the story and make the British well, British.
Representation of internal dialogue: person’s thoughts devil’s advocate/counterpoint

Designator Meanings 12-3 4
1: Terminator / Base Human / Supernatural Human / Demon
2: Bipedal / Track / Rotary / Wing / Legs / Other
3: Model Number / Serial Number (Natural / Engineered / Clone / eXternal personality)
4: Offensive / Defense / Support / Response / Commando / Infrastructure

The T-X in Terminator 3 was still incapable of generating complex mechanicals. As such, the weaponry it did have was solid ComMech parts with a generated bio-metal exterior. This enabled the damaging of the plasma cannon.
For those of you who’ve read the first version there haven’t been any major changes up through Live and Reloaded; I’ve just gone through and added a little over 2000 words to the story, hopefully making things easier to follow. All the chapters have been expanded but one and six show the biggest increase. All comments on Live and Reloaded will be considered commentary on the rewrite while the reviews for Who Am I Now? will be considered for that chapter and ones from new readers.

1.5 billion Human lives ended on July 13, 1999. The survivors of the demon invasion and the nuclear fire used for containment called it Judgment Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare: All of the scary stories, the stuff under the bed, were real. Countries collapsed, civilians rioted, and governments were overthrown. On that day, the Hellmouths partially opened. Sunnydale, Cleveland, Warsaw, Pyongyang, Baghdad, Cape Town, and Buenos Aries all became giant craters in the land. The Temen-ni-gru sprang up in Paris; replacing the Eiffel Tower on the cities skyline. Vampires and hostile demons grew bolder, not caring if stragglers got away to tell their story. SKYNET saved humanity on that day.
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