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Fanart for my favorite stories

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Fan Art

This story is No. 1 in the series "Fanart for my favorites". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Photo manips done by me for my favorite stories.

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Multiple Crossings > Fanart(Past Donor)MethosFR721673,52030996571,8383 Jan 072 Jan 12Yes

The Bond Girls

Now for something that will leave you shaken and stirred...

Summary: Buffy's father isn't really who she thinks he is. Will she have time to find out? Will someone from his past try to keep them apart? (A post-Chosen tale of familial discoveries.


Bond, James Bond makes a come back in this wonderful fic by Acs. It's only a short one currently, but I am starting to lobby to get this one continued and hopefully, maybe finished one day. The Bond Girls brings the Slayers together with MI6 in quite an unusual setting. Set after Chosen, this is a nice change of pace from the usual "Who's my father?" fic, with an older James Bond coming in as Buffy and Dawn's lost father figure, one I choose to picture as Roger Moore for this fic, as the mannerisms and description fit his incarnation of Bond perfectly.

I do love James Bond crossovers, sadly The Bond Girls hasn't been updated in some time, but I am living in hope that Acs will come back and furnish us with more from this wonderful universe.

Disclaimer: None of the original photos belong to me, all I own is the time used to make the pics :)

If there's a fic or a scene from a fic that you would like to see here, let me know and i'll get on it. Pretty soon I'm going to run out of idea's for my fave's, so it would be nice to have some input.

Either leave a review or e~mail me (address on my author page)

More to follow soon :)

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