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Fanart for my favorite stories

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Fan Art

This story is No. 1 in the series "Fanart for my favorites". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Photo manips done by me for my favorite stories.

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Multiple Crossings > Fanart(Past Donor)MethosFR721673,52030996569,7143 Jan 072 Jan 12Yes

Marching Orders

“We have to leave Sunnydale.” Buffy said. “We’ve got about a week before everything is covered in ice.” Buffy turned to Xander, “did that guy say how much ice, and how long are we talking about here?”

“Buffy,” Xander said gently, “we aren’t coming back. Charlie was talking about another ice age beginning.”

Summary: When Mother Nature unleashes her wrath, all you can do is run...

Marching Orders

Possibly the simplest and cleanest manip for a fic I've ever done, I specifically wanted it that way to convey the simple nature of Marching Orders . The Scoobies this time are up against a force that they can't beat, can't defeat and have no hope of surviving, Mother Nature.

Marching Orders is set just after season 3 of Buffy, with Faith still in the hospital recovering from being stabbed by Buffy and the gang still recovering from the ordeal of graduation. However, the fic quickly takes a darker turn when a Slayer Dream comes into play, one that not only grabs Faith and Buffy, but also brings along Xander for the ride. With all of earth at risk now, the Scoobies only hope is a military outpost in the north, somewhere near Colorado Springs.

Marching Orders is an epic fic, it doesn't just straight to the action, nor does it drag along. The character growth and journey is what makes the fic so clean and worthwhile, the journey from Sunnydale to Colorado Springs is some of the best writing I've come across, with the characterization near perfect and the bickering between the Scoobies as they're cooped up in cars for varied amounts of time is just hilarious to read and actually gives some extremely insightful glimpses into the minds of out favourite Scoobies.

Sadly Marching Orders seems to have been abandoned, with the last update being nearly five years ago. Which is a damn shame as it's one of the best 'apocalypse' fics I've ever read and would love to see where the author actually planned on taking it.

Wander over and give it a go, reading Marching Orders is one of the pleasures I've come back to time after time, and I hope you all get the same enjoyment out of it that I do.

Disclaimer: None of the original photos belong to me, all I own is the time used to make the pics :)

If there's a fic or a scene from a fic that you would like to see here, let me know and I'll get on it, pretty soon I'm going to run out of idea's for my fave's, so it would be nice to have some input. Either leave a review or e~mail me (address on my author page)

More to follow soon :)

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