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A Walk On The Nightside

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Summary: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Dawn, and Faith got to the Nightside in search of a newly called slayer and a lost magical artifact needed by the new Council

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Literature > ActionNictaFR181962049693 Jan 073 Jan 07No
A Walk On The Nightside

Disclaimer: I don’t own the BtVS crew or anyone from the nightside (although I would like to get my hands on Tommy Oblivion, but that’s beside the point…)

Warnings: None really

Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire slayer (duh) and Simon R Green’s Nightside series.

Pairings: None definite right now except Nightside’s canon John Taylor/Suzie Shooter. Implied fling between Faith and Dead Boy (not Angel, for those unfamiliar with the Nightside.).


“How’d it go, Xand?” Buffy asked as he entered their suite.

“Could’ve been worse. Dawn almost got eaten by one of the taxis on the way over, but that Taylor guy agreed to find the artifact. And his rate was only slightly extortionate.” Xander flopped down on the bed in front of the tv. “She stayed to hang out with Taylor’s secretary. Kid looked awfully young to be working for a detective agency in a place like this, but at least Dawn’s got someone her own age to hang out with.”

Buffy nodded, sitting next to him. “The Nightside just might be crazier than ol’ Sunnyhell. So.. was Taylor as scary as everyone seems to think around this place?”

“Nah. Seemed pretty normal to me. ‘Course rumor is, his mother’s a biblical myth.” He snickered.

Buffy snorted. “Is that all?” She laughed, “Pshhh, I mean they should meet Illyria sometime!”

“Yeah, but apparently he was in a good mood today. How’s Wills? She find the new Slayer here?” He was a little worried about the effect of all the dark magic floating around here. Since the activation of all the potentials as slayers Willow had been mostly light-magic girl, but depending on the energies that fed into her, she was still occasionally at risk for dark magic.

“She managed the spell without turning all veiny, if that’s what you mean, but it wore her out, and she’s off in sleepyville now. We did get a visual on the Nightside Slayer, but she’s kinda…” Buffy trailed off, unsure how to explain.

Xander raised an eyebrow as he got up to rummage through the minifridge, which contained little bottles of alcohol, soda, and other things he didn’t even want to speculate on. “Oh come on, Buffster, can’t be that bad.”

“Did you happen to hear the name “Suzie Shooter flying around at all while you were out?” She asked.

“Yeah, seriously scary chick. Bounty hunter and the kind of heart to make an icicle shiver. Heard she’s dating Johnny-boy, our oh-so-esteemed detective. Sounds even more dangerous than my usual type. I’m kinda hoping to avoid… No! You can’t be serious!” He exclaimed as it finally clicked in his brain. “Psychotic, fully loaded… and now she’s got superhuman strength?! This isn’t good, Buff. This really isn’t good.” He dropped the glass bottle of something purple and foaming he’d been moving and a horrible smell and some static filled the room.

Buffy took a step back, wrinkling her nose in disgust. “Oh, ew! I don’t even wanna know what’s in there!”

Xander fanned the fumes away from his face. “I’m kinda more concerned by why it was in a minifridge by the sodas.” He went to go get paper towels to clean it up, careful not to let any of the thick, still-foaming liquid come into contact with his skin.

“Good question.” Buffy muttered, “But I don’t think we should just dismiss Suzie, even if she might not be the best Slayer candidate.” She drew one knee up to her chin. “Faith wasn’t exactly miss goody goody in the beginning but look how well she turned out. Besides, most people around here seem to have some bad stuff in their past. Who knows what might’ve happened to her?”


“And not to mention, becoming a slayer is a big adjustment, no matter who you are. And she’ll be in even more danger than she might have originally been in. Something tells me… this isn’t a place where people can afford to be caught off-guard.” She stopped, feeling Xander’s eyes on her. “What? Does my hair look funny, ‘cause that would be your fault, Mr. static-in-a-bottle!”

He chuckled. “Nah, I was just thinking. You’ve grown up a lot since Sunnydale. We all have, I guess. I never really realized how much, 'til now. That was way insightful."

Touched, she hugged him, "You've grown up pretty good yourself, Xander Harris." She said seriously. "But do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

"Yeah." He said. "Slayer solidarity."

"Speaking of which," She frowned thoughtfully, "What happened to Faith?"

Xander blushed, "Met some guy named Dead Boy in the bar. He bought her a drink and after some very non-subtle flirting it turned out that not only is he possibly kinkier than she is, but he can take a hell of a lot of damage. Two of them practically ran out the door. I don't even wanna speculate where they are now... much less what they're doing."

"Dead Boy?" She gave him a blank look, "Seriously?"

"Yeah, gotta love some of the names around here. There was this smelly guy watching us from the corner, too. Taylor said he's called Razor Eddie. I mean come on!"

Buffy laughed, "Real interesting place. Who d'you think'll get stuck in the Council office Giles thinks this place needs?"

"Hopefully not me. This is too weird even for me. Plus with my track record, datingwise... there could be definite badness. Place really does seem like it could use a slayer, though. Preferably a sane one."

"Betcha Faith would be up for it." Buffy joked, eyes twinkling. "She could totally take care of the h&h here."

"Do I wanna know?"

"Nope" She smirked.

Ok, I'm not sure yet if I want this to be a one-shot or if I want to continue it. If you think I should go on, let me know. Tell me what you think. I'm open to any suggestions, and if you want a certain pairing if this is going to continue, let me know and I'll see what I can to. Please be nice, this is my first crossover fic.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Walk On The Nightside" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Jan 07.

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