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Darkened Faerie Tale

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Summary: Dawn wishes Willow and Amy away. They are NOT happy.

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Movies > Labyrinth > Willow-CenteredLucindaFR15919,9182207,69210 Jun 035 Aug 03Yes

Dark Faerie Tale: prologue and part 1

author: Lucinda
main characters: Willow Rosenberg, Amy Madison, Jareth the Goblin King
somewhere between the movie and BtVS for violent content.
disclaimer: I own nobody from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Labyrinth
distribution: Bite me please, WLS, nha, Twisting the Hellmouth, Paula anyone else please ask first
notes: AU season 6


Dawn rubbed at her cast, her eyes glittering with fury. This was all because of Willow. No, not quite, Amy had helped. Not with the car wreck, but with getting Willow into the state of mind that had created it. So, her broken arm was all the fault of Willow and Amy. She was quite certain that this was horrible, incredibly unfair, and her arm hurt. What made it worse was that this sort of thing could happen again.

She definitely didn't want anything like this to occur again. Ever. But how could she stop it? She couldn't make it so they would never drive again, couldn't even prevent them from working magic or seeing that despicable Rack. How could she prevent something like this from happening again when there was nothing that she could do?

Dawn sighed, flipping through the channels on the television. Not only did her arm hurt, there was nothing that she wanted to watch. Suddenly, a channel caught her attention. Going back, she smiled at the Henson puppets, and realized that it was the movie Labyrinth. If only she could wish Willow and Amy away. Wait a minute... if Dracula was real, and Hansel and Gretel had been real, maybe this was real? Maybe she could wish them away to the Goblin Kingdom. Where they could never cause problems for her again.

She paused for a moment, considering. Did she really want to do this? Could she banish them away forever? Her arm throbbed again. Yes, she could.

"I wish the Goblins would take Amy and Willow away. Right now." Her voice didn't even tremble, although a tear slid down her face, one of pain, rage, and a sickening sense of betrayal.

She felt the wind more inside than on her skin, dancing and twirling it's way through the room, leaving a fine dusting of pale glitter and a single pale feather that slowly drifted down onto the floor at her feet. There was no sudden storm, no dramatic appearance of someone that looked like David Bowie. Just the wind, the glitter, and the feather. And the certain knowledge that she had really done it, really wished them gone.

Her hand felt cold as she reached down, lifting the feather carefully. It shimmered, almost iridescent and gleaming. The feather was not the sort of thing that belonged in a mundane living room, the place where people did homework and watched television. Carefully, she took the feather to her room, and closed it into a box, along with a few dried roses. Closing the box, Dawn decided that she didn't want to think anymore about this.

end prologue....

Willow had been unprepared for the whirlwind that appeared in her bedroom, practically glowing with magic, sucking in both her and Amy. It had felt like she was tested, poked and tugged at, or perhaps that had just been the forces of the wind. But the mystical wind that had seized them faded, dropping them in what looked like an open courtyard, half sprawled over pale brown bricks, the sky an odd orangish color. Definitely not in Sunnydale anymore...

Amy had been making a little whimpering noise in the back of her throat, her eyes wide and rimmed with pale, rolling as she tried to look around at everything, scrabbling to a semi crouched position. Her fingers had clawed over the bricks, causing a dry scraping noise that sent chills up their backs.

Willow remained where she was, part of her mind trying to determine if anything had been broken by the sudden landing. Everything felt bruised, inside and out. The whole place felt... different, off balance from everything that she knew. The sky was the wrong color, the air smelled different, and she could feel magic humming in the environment. Even the magic felt different, not the same shadowed and twisted magic that she was used to. This magic felt somehow older, and less... well, less tamed, almost wild. She was afraid to try to tap it.

"It seems that the two of you will be staying for a while. Welcome to my Labyrinth. I hope you're ready to try to find the middle." The voice sounded like the wind and thunder and a man's voice all rolled into one, powerful and inhuman, almost bored.

"umm... Labyrinth? What happens to us if we go into it?" Willow felt like frowning, certain the idea sounded familiar, trying to remember from where.

Amy was spinning around, trying to spot the source of the voice. Her voice had an almost shrill edge to it, wild with fear and confusion. "What happens to us in the Labyrinth? It doesn't feel safe."

The voice spoke again, sounding amused. "It isn't safe. Perhaps you'll die inside, perhaps you won't. If you make it to the castle, I'll give you new lives. If you don't make it... the only way out of my kingdom is from the castle."

Willow's body went tense, and she slowly raised herself from her prone sprawl to a wobbly kneeling position. "So, we have the option of staying in this courtyard until we starve, or facing uncertain surroundings and unknown perils inside the labyrinth to win the possibility of maybe going home or maybe staying here forever. Is there an option number three?"

"Not for you." The voice definitely sounded mocking.

Amy made a little squeaking noise, spinning around, her breathing fast and shallow. "I don't want to be here. This is a bad place."

Willow tried to reach out, to offer a bit of comfort to Amy. Granted, she couldn't offer much more than the fact that neither of them were alone in this. But Amy bolted, running into a corridor that moved in the same direction as their shadows, fleeing from the voice. Her heart pounding, Willow turned to look at the speaker.

He stood there, dressed in silver grey and white, the fabrics looking almost but not quite like silk and velvet, clinging to his lean body. He was shaped like a human, but the planes of his face were a bit off, his cheekbones too sharp, his eyes a bit too large and widely spaced to be human, and one was a pale blue, while the other was dark as shadow, as dark as the magic that she'd felt at Rack's place. He wasn't human, wasn't mortal, and that showed in his posture, in the casual arrogance that radiated from him. The fact that he was juggling what looked to be soap bubbles of crystal spheres in one hand and radiated power on a scale unlike anything but Glory screamed 'not human' and his eyes, his smile said 'predator'.

"Who... what are you?" The whisper emerged from her lips before she could stop herself.

"I am Jareth, the Goblin King. You might want to try calling me 'Your Majesty'. After all, you and your friend are probably going to become my newest subjects." With a mocking smile, he tossed one sphere to the ground, producing a flurry of sparkles, shimmering lights, and a noise almost like distant trumpets.

When her vision cleared, she was standing in a grassy courtyard, neatly clipped hedges on all sides, forming what looked to be a classical garden maze. She had the feeling that even if it was as simple to navigate as a normal hedge maze, this would be just the barest beginnings of her travels.

end part 1.
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