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Knighted in the Moonlight

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Summary: Xander chooses to go as Moon Knight for Halloween and ends up changing

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Knighted in the Moonlight



I don’t own anything.  I’d have more money if I did.



Xander chooses to go as Moon Knight for Halloween and ends up changing his fate.



As Larry’s fist closed in on him Xander barely had time to form a coherent thought before it collided with his face.  That thought went something along the lines of ‘oh crap’.


As all eyes in the cafeteria turned towards them and Larry gave a victorious smirk Xander had another thought.  It went something along the lines of ‘that was supposed to hurt’?


The last thing Larry saw before the world went black was Xander shake his head and his rapidly closing fist.  He wasn’t smirking anymore when he hit the floor.


Xander stared down at the unconscious football player trying to figure out what the hell just happened.  Jock just hit him?  Check.  Copious amounts of pain?  Not so much.  Maybe being a human punching bag for the supernatural had its uses after all.  Huh, cool.  Well not cool but still useful.


After a moment Xander was brought out of his inner musing.  It wasn’t by any noise in particular.  Just the opposite in fact.  It was the complete lack of sound that was disturbing.  Slowly looking around he saw what he should really have expected.  All eyes in the cafeteria were on him.  Including Buffy who was only a few feet away, apparently on her way to intervene.


“Uh… hi?”



Xander walked into the library later that day to find both Willow and Buffy waiting for him.  He couldn’t help then ask sarcastically.  “Are you having as great a day as I am?”


“Serves you right for beating up Larry.”  Buffy commented with a teasing grin.


“I didn’t beat up Larry.  I hit him once, after he hit me I might add.”


“You knocked him out!”  Willow piped in.


Xander shrugged.  “Yah, probably shouldn’t have hit him like I would a vampire.”


“I’ve never seen you knock out a vampire before.”  Buffy pointed out.


Giles didn’t even look up from the book he was reading as he entered the room.  “There’s a vast difference between the physical abilities of normal humans and vampires.  Most normal humans don’t do nearly as well against the supernatural as Xander does.”


Xander just stood there and stared dumbly in surprise at the seemingly offhand comment.  “Uh, thanks.”


“Yes, well don’t let it go to your head.  You still have a long ways to go.  I’ve been meaning to speak to both you and Willow about getting some proper training if you plan to continue helping Buffy.”  Finally looking up he gave the teens a small smile.  “But that’s a subject that can wait for another time.  As I told you earlier, Halloween is historically a night of little to no supernatural activity.  The three of you should enjoy a night off.”


“Not for me and Willow.”  Buffy announced.  “Snyder ‘volunteered’ us for taking a bunch of kids out trick or treating.”


Xander groaned.  “Looks like we’re three of a kind.  When the troll dragged me to the office he gave me the choice.  Suspension or ‘volunteer’ plus a month in detention.”


The girls winced.  “Ouch.  Harsh.”


“Look on the bright side.”  Buffy said as the trio walked out the door.  “You can help me try and convince Willow to get a sexy costume.”





Xander snorted as he wandered the racks of the new costume shop Ethan’s.  Not five minutes there and the girls had already abandoned him to fawn over some dress that looked like something they would have worn back in Deadboy’s youth.  Begrudgingly he would admit that was probably the point, thus the snort.


Nothing in the store really caught his interest.  It was mostly your typical Halloween monster stuff.  He got enough of that every other day of the year.  Eventually he found himself in an aisle filled with superhero and supervillian costumes.  Another Halloween standard.  He was about to keep walking when he remembered what Giles had said earlier about normal humans and more powerful opponents.


Walking down the aisle he inspected each costume closely, looking for one that would feel right.  Normal human.  Batman?  They still had a slew of them left.  Nah, Xander thought, too mainstream.


He wanted something more unique.  Moving on Xander stopped at a Nick Fury costume.  It looked pretty cool.  After a moments consideration Xander shook his head and moved on.  Cool but I don’t think an eye patch is a good look for me.


Xander was about to give up and go to the next aisle when a scrunched up discarded pile of white fabric shoved into the back corner of a shelf caught his eye.


Pulling it out for a closer look Xander couldn’t help the broad grin that formed on his face.  It was a little dirty but this, this costume was perfect.



“Dawn, can you make some popcorn please.  Your sister and her friends should be heading out soon and we’ll start the movies as soon as they’re gone.”  Joyce asked her youngest daughter.  Originally it was going to be the three of them enjoying a rare family night together until that troll of a man managed to rope Buffy into the trick or treating program.  She had been looking forward to this night for weeks!  That-


Before Joyce had too much of a chance to get into her mental rant on what she wanted to do to Snyder the doorbell rang.  Knowing her eldest was still trying to convince Willow to wear a… shall we say, more revealing outfit than the ghost costume, she went to answer the door.


She was startled by the tall, muscular form framed in her doorway for a moment before she realized who it must be.  Someone dressed all in white should not look that imposing, she thought as she took in the figure.


The man was dressed head to toe in a white skin-tight material that managed to show off more muscles than she realized the young man had.  White boots, gloves and belt complimented the outfit and a white crescent moon adorned the man’s chest.  A full face mask obscured the features she knew to be underneath, but the white eyes that almost seemed to glow still unnerved her some.  A white cloak with the hood up completed the ensemble.  All in all it was a strangely intimidating costume given the colour choice making it stand out so much against the darkness of the night outsider.  Perhaps even because of it.


It also left little to the imagination and Joyce couldn’t help but sneak an appreciative look.  She may be out of his age bracket but she wasn’t dead.


“Xander?  Is that you?”  She asked, despite already knowing the answer.


“Of course Mrs. Summers.”  He replied as she let him inside.


Before he could say anything more Dawn entered the room.  “Mom the popcorn’s re—Wow!  Hi Xander!”


Noticing her youngest blush a deep red at the sight of her ‘secret’ crush Joyce had to smother a grin.  Deciding to spare her daughter any embarrassment if Xander were to notice she decided to distract the young man with a question she had been wondering since he arrived.  “So Xander, just what is your costume?”


It did the trick, as Xander seemed to focus on her.


“He’s called Moon Knight.  Basically he’s Marvel’s version of Batman only he’s fuc—” Noticing Joyce’s dark look he backtracks.  “—Freaking nuts.  He was a mercenary named Marc Spector that got into a beef with one of his partners in Egypt.  Partner killed him but Spector comes back to life.  Claims the Egyptian god of the moon and vengeance Khonshu revived him to be his avatar on Earth.  Anyways the guy becomes a crime fighter but, like I said, he’s basically nuts.  There are times he doesn’t know whether Khonshu is real or a figment of his imagination.  He’s had psychotic breaks and multiple personalities.  He’s just nuts.  And badass.  Can’t forget badass.”


“And this man is a superhero?”  Joyce asks sceptically.


Xander shrugs.  “What can I say.  It’s Marvel.  All their characters have to be messed up in some way.”


“We’re ready!”  Buffy called as she bound down the stairs.  She stopped short as she got a good look at Xander.  “Looking good there Xand.”


Xander grinned and took hold of his cape, giving a regal bow.  “Buffy, Lady of Buffdom.  I completely renounce spandex.”


“I don’t!”  Dawn chimed in.  Everyone turned to look at her.  “Was that out loud?”



A wave of dizziness hit Xander for a moment.  Steadying himself he swept the area with a critical gaze.  A gaze unlike one would expect from Xander Harris.


An old fashioned noblewoman ran past him; screaming about demons as she ran away from a parked car.  Closing in behind her was a red headed hooker screaming for Buffy, apparently the noblewoman, to stop.  As she ran through the car it became obvious that there was more to the hooker than meets the eye.  All around him small demons of greater variety than he had ever seen ran amok in the streets.


All in all, it was time for the Moon Knight to get to work.



“That’s everything that happened to you last knight?”  Giles asked the two girls seated at the other side of the library table.  Buffy and Willow nodded.


“Yep, that’s when you stopped the spell and Spike ran away like his coat was on fire.”


“And neither of you ran into Xander last night.”


“No.”  Willow said worriedly.  “Not since we split into our groups at the school.”


“I’m sure there is nothing to worry about.”  He said trying to reassure the girl.


“I’m not so sure about that Giles.”  Buffy commented, worry evident in her own voice.  “I may not be up on my comics but I got the impression that this Moon Knight wasn’t of the minimum violence variety of hero.”


“You can say that again.”  Came a quip from the door.  All three turned to see Xander limping towards them, his left eye swollen shut, holding his ribs with one arm while the other swung limply as he walked.


“My god! Xander!”  Willow exclaimed as Xander sat down, seeming to almost sigh in contentment at what little comfort even the hard wooden chair could provide.  “What happened to you?”


“Moon knight may be just a normal human guy but he can take a licking and keep on ticking.  Xander Harris, not so much.”  Suddenly seeming to realise something his good eye focused and swept over the other three at the table.  “Uh, you haven’t heard anything about anyone being admitted to the hospital with gunshot wounds have you?”


“Gunshot wounds?”  Buffy asked confused.  “You didn’t have any guns last night.”


“Yah, Moon Knight borrowed some from a guy dressed as a soldier.”


“He shot somebody?”  Giles asked.


“Well after the third Batman ‘interrogated’ him,” They could almost hear the air quote in there.  “He started getting annoyed and well… kneecapped the next one.”


“He kneecapped Batman?!”  Willow exclaimed incredulously.


“Just one of them.”



Things progressed as they did in many universes over the next several months.  Xander recovered and the Halloween incident became a distant memory for the gang.  The Judge was assembled and blown apart.  Angel went the way of Angelus and joined with Drusilla and Spike.  Then Buffy got sick and wound up in the hospital.


This is where Angelus walked with purpose down the hall towards Buffy’s room.  He walked right into the room, ignoring the empty chair resting next to the door outside.  Seeing Buffy sleeping and unaware Angelus couldn’t help but grin.  “Too easy.”


“Visiting hours are over.”  Startled Angelus spun around to find Xander standing in the doorway with one of those terrible vending machine coffees in his hands.


Angelus recovered from his shock smoothly.  “Well, I’m pretty much family.”


“Yah, why don’t you try coming back during the day?  Oh, gee, no I guess you can’t.”


“If I decide to walk over to that bed, do you think for one microsecond that you could stop me?”  Angelus sneered.


“Maybe not.”  Xander admitted, a serious look on his face.  “Maybe that security guard down the hall couldn't either. Or those cops... or the orderlies... But I'm kinda curious to find out. You game?”


“Buffy's White Knight. You still love her.  It must just eat you up that I got there first.”


“You're gonna die. And I'm gonna be there.”


“Don’t count o—ahh!”  Angelus screamed as the Xander’s scalding hot coffee was thrown in his face.


Xander shoulder rushed the distracted vampire.  He was able to knock Angelus back the few steps to the back wall and through the window.  Normally he would have considered this a great success and be doing a Scooby dance by now.  Unfortunately for him Angelus still had the presence of mind to grab hold of him.


As the two tumbled towards the ground Xander only had time to think ‘oh shit’ before the pain came.  Then there was nothing.

  The first thing Angelus was aware of as he came to was the pain.  Groaning he slowly picked himself off the ground trying to remember where he was.  It all came back to him when he saw the broken and dead body at his feet.  Angelus laughed and gave a broad grin as he limped off.  “Not what I had in mind, but it will do.”



Xander was confused.  The last thing he remembered was throwing Angelus out the window and then he ended up here.  Wherever here was anyway.  There was blackness everywhere.  The sky, the ground, it was impossible to determine where one began and the other ended.


“Where am I?”


“I guess you could call it a cosmic waiting room.  I brought you here.”


Xander spun around to find himself with a familiar dark haired boy.  “Jesse?”


“No.”  The Not-Jesse grinned.  “I’m just using a form you would be comfortable talking with.”


“So who are you then?”


“We’ve never met in person, but you felt my touch in a roundabout way on Halloween.”


“Khonshu?”  Xander asked and the Not-Jesse nodded.


“I’ve been idle in this world for a long time, but I could always sense my followers.  So imagine my surprise when one pops out of nowhere on Halloween night.  I haven’t had such a devoted follower in a long time.  A real avatar.”


“What’s this have to do with me being here?”  Xander asked confused.


The God wearing his friends face smiled patiently.  “As I’ve said, I’ve been idle for a long time.  It’s time for that to change.  You want the job?”


“You want me to be your avatar?!”


Khonshu nodded.  “You’ve led a good life.  You can pass on to your final reward.  Or you can agree and return to life as my avatar on Earth.”


“Angelus needs to be stopped.”  Xander said resolutely.


Again, Khonshu nodded.  “He’s killed innocents night after night, tormented and now tried to outright kill your friends.  So what are you going to do about it?”



Xander groaned as he pushed himself up, semi-mindful of the broken glass.  As he stood he looked off in the direction Angelus had went only moments before.  In a low voice he almost growled out a single word.




The Fist of Khonshu had risen and Sunnydale would never be the same.

The End

You have reached the end of "Knighted in the Moonlight". This story is complete.

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