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First Days of School

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This story is No. 7 in the series "The Cradle Will Fall". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Whoever said first days of school was fun lied. It's a look at each year of first days for the trio who dropped in on Anita.

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Anita Blake > General(Past Donor)lckybrFR71215,48825530,0565 Jan 0714 Sep 09No

First Day

Here is another it's so cold my fingers are freezing :P


First Grade, bad day

(Faith’s POV)

It all started off good enough ya know? I was sitting on the top of the monkey bars gazing down at Delia who was determined to make it all the way across without falling when IT happened.

The seer was almost to the middle when some second grader just decided to push her off.

Willow looked up from the sand castle that just wouldn’t stay and I could tell her eyes narrowed.

Delia looked up at me and I could see the tears shinning in her
eyes, she held her right wrist to her overall clad chest then looked behind her at the boy who pushed her.

He sniggered then grabbed hold of one of the bars nearly kicking the seer in the process.

She ducked out of the way and then crawled to safety.

Willow was on her feet now, arms crossed over her chest, red hair blowing in the wind.

I unfolded my legs and easily slipped in between the bars and fell to the round landing in a crouch. My knee gave a small protesting twinge as I straightened but I ignored it.

“Are you okay?” I knelt next to Delia. She nodded with a sniff.

“It’s just sore, I don’t think its’ sprained or anything.”

Willow squinted in the morning sun; she was looking at the jungle gym.

“Hey you!” the witch yelled stalking towards the bars. The kid
stopped letting his grip slip and landed on the floor. He had two
buddies leaning against the slid and all of them towered over us
by at least a foot. What can I say we were small for our age?

“You pushed my sister and made her fall!” the redhead had her
hands on her jean clad hips.

The boy glared, “She was in the way, and I was tired of waiting in line.”

“Oh yea?” she asked, the boy straightened up “yea, what you
gonna do about it?”

For a moment I thought about warning him but in the end I just
crossed my arms over my chest and waited.

Not a second later Willow kicked out and caught the boy on the
shin, he cried out almost reaching to rub the spot she had kicked him at.

Then catching himself he roughly pushed her back, the witch fell
on her butt in the sand.

I charged forward and pushed him back harder then I meant too
because I laid him out.

His two friends helped him up and the three of them came after

Someone grabbed one of my pigtails and pulled. I slapped the
face I could see and then head butted my attacker from behind.
The hands let me go.

Willow was pulling the hair of the kid who had pushed her. I
looked up and found myself suddenly with a face full of sand.

I screamed blinking my eyes furiously but it was no use. My eyes watered I couldn’t even open them.

Someone was yelling at us to stop, I was in the sand still rubbing at my eyes so technically I wasn’t doing anything.
Through the tears and sand I caught sight of Willow, she was in
the sand too her nose was bleeding.

She whispered something under her breath and the kids we were fighting suddenly found themselves with pants around their ankles.

“OOhh look he’s got care bear undies!” Delia shrieked with
laughter, a teacher pushed her way through the crowd.

I recognized her as the third grade teacher, she glared down at
me and I frowned.

“I didn’t do it.”

She opened her mouth to say something and suddenly Willow was in tears holding her nose, on bloody finger pointed at the kid in the care bear undies.

“He broke my nose! Look at the blood!” she held her hands out
and the teacher grimaced, “I’m going to die aren’t I?!”

“No you aren’t.” the woman said helping the witch to her feet.

“I’m going to tell my mom!” she cried dramatically, “You know her don’t you?! Anita Blake!”

I fought backa giggle as Delia helped me to my feet.

“I hope you realize, “I shot a murderous look at the bullies, “That my daddy is a vampire and he will find you!”

“Yea, “Delia sneered, “You DO know what vampires do right?”

The boy didn’t look certain, “I ain’t scared of no vampires.”

The seer’s eyes flashed white and the boy gasped, “But I bet
you’re scared of something.”

I rubbed my eyes again, “Think Anita will be terribly angry at us?”

Delia shook her head, “Not when she sees Willow’s nose.”

I nodded, “Good point.”
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