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Drink and Be Merry

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Summary: Before the Curse, Angelus and his family traveled. One night, Angelus thought that he'd found the perfect childe to be...

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Angel on His Shoulder

"Would it surprise you very much to know that my husband underestimated you terribly?" Heather called.

Logan turned, giving her a half smile and a small wave. "I'm not surprised at all."

"Apparently you were running for over two hours before he had you sparring with highly trained soldiers!" Heather frowned, and muttered, "I'm going to have some words with him about that later..."

"I may not be the fastest man out there, but I've got stamina," he paused, and tried to imitate a flirtatious grin that he'd seen someone using. "And if you ever decide to dump him, I'd be happy to show you what I can do with it."

Heather laughed, smiling as she admitted, "I don't think that's very likely, Logan."

Logan shrugged, not surprised by her words, and only a little disappointed. She was pretty, and smart, but if she'd been fickle enough to leave her husband just like that, what guarantee would he have that she wouldn't leave him just as easily? "A guy can hope."

"On matters that have nothing to do with my marriage, do you think you'd be willing to spar with some of the soldiers more often?" Heather twisted her fingers in her hair, "Nobody's going to force you, and I'd understand if you didn't want to do it..."

"I..." Logan paused, and thought about her question. "I can see why it might be good - they could use the challenge, and I could use the chance to work through some of my issues. On the other hand, if things get fuzzy, I could hurt them. Badly."

Heather clasped her hands together, not quite looking directly at him. "Is that a yes or a no?"

"It's an I can understand the question and want to think about it. Right now I'm not sure if there's more in favor of yes or more in favor of no," Logan gave a shrug, "Since it isn't urgent, I want to be careful about it."

"That does seem to make sense," Heather admitted.

Logan nodded, "I don't consider myself crazy. But I've got some problems in my head. One of the biggest is that my past is... I can't remember. And I've got more than a bit of a temper."

"You wouldn't be the only person here with a temper," Heather chuckled.

Logan let the claws slide a few inches out of his left hand. "I've put gouges in stone with these before. Imagine what they could do to flesh and bone."

She winced.

"Which is why I don't want to lose my temper in a training exercise," Logan finished.

"We just want to help you, Logan," Heather promised.

Logan nodded, wanting to believe her. "Sometimes it just takes a while."

end part 1.

Logan wrestled with the idea of regularly sparring with the soldiers. Fighting... with soldiers. He had all sorts of ideas of how that could go horribly wrong.

But maybe it could help him. Help him work on controlling his temper. Help him learn or maybe relearn human speeds and reactions.

Angel was a great help, but he wasn't human. When it came to fighting, or even just sparring, that made a huge difference.

As the day progressed into night, Logan's frustration only grew. His thoughts felt like a noose, keeping him from breathing right. Logan shook his head, stomping a little as he headed away from all the cabins. He found himself walking along the lane, towards the gates of the facility. Towards the outside.

He wanted out. Out of the facility, away from all the eyes and observations. Just to make sure that he could leave.

Leaving wasn't a problem - the gate wasn't latched or secured in any way, and the weight wasn't enough to prevent him from opening it enough to leave. He felt much better as soon as he was on the other side of it.

It wasn't until he was wandering along the street that he realized he didn't know much about this town. Didn't know where anything was, who the people were, who to talk to for problems. He didn't even know where the closest bar was!

"This seems familiar," Angel's voice held a bit of laughter. "Let me guess, you're looking for a bar?"

Logan grinned, "Of course I am. If I'd already found one, I'd be inside drinking, wouldn't I?"

"Ah, so you have money to go drinking on now?" Angel smiled at him, stepping out of the darker alley where human eyes probably wouldn't have seen him.

"Damn, I knew there was something I forgot," Logan scowled.

Angel laughed.

"Glad that someone's amused," Logan grumbled.

"I've got some money," Angel was still chuckling. "I can buy us both something to drink."

"Both?" Logan looked at Angel, wondering just what kind of bar the vampire had found.

Angel shrugged, "I can buy us both alcohol, and pick up a little bite from a drunk or a would-be mugger later."

"Ahhh," Logan nodded, deciding that Angel's plan made a lot of sense. It wasn't quite nice, but it would work.

Over a bottle of whiskey, Logan explained Heather's suggestion of sparring with the soldiers. He didn't go into detail, but he did mention having some concerns about it going very bad.

Angel listened. He didn't dismiss Logan's fears, didn't offer blind assurances that everything would be fine.

After several long minutes of quiet, Angel suggested, "Not to diminish your concerns, but this is something you need to deal with. You have to get to the point where seeing a man in a uniform doesn't make you angry, doesn't make you lose your temper. It might be good to work on that in a time and place where they can patch them back up later. Maybe start with once or twice a week, and never start out when you're already angry?"

"You're tellin' me I need to deal with my issues," Logan didn't quite growl.

"You need to deal with your issues before they control you," Angel paused. "I have my own issues that I'm working on. You were a big help. I've made progress, but there's still a long way to go."

Somehow it felt better knowing that Angel had his own issues to struggle with.

"I'll tell Heather tomorrow," Logan sighed.

"Good. Now, that big fellow with the ugly jacket is glaring at you. Do you want to ignore him, or to get into a bar fight?" Angel had a rather toothy grin.

Logan laughed, "What kind of question is that, Irish? I'd rather have a good fight than sit here brooding like a lump."

end part 2.
End Drink & Be Merry 10: Angel on His Shoulder
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