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Never grow up?

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Summary: Small drabbles of multiple genres of what characters feel the first time they read about a boy who never grew up. Peter Pan/doctor who, PP/BtVS, PP/Lost, PP/Spiderman, PP/Superman, PP/Supernatural,

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Peter Pan
JediClaire + 1 otherFR13101,648046,1475 Jan 0729 Sep 08No

Chapter Five, Tara Maclay, Seventeen years old

Authors note: I wanted to write another Buffy one and I thought of Tara. We don't know much about her background except her mother died and her father told her she was a demon. I wonder if we ever will.

Chapter Five,
Tara Maclay, Seventeen years old.

The book was a just cheep paperback, with its pages yellow and lose and the cover bent. Tara still kept it next to her bed though. Her mom had given to her before she went into hospital and it was one of the few things she had left. She read it over and over again.

She didn't have much time to read books, with chores at home and on the farm, and her work at school and at the diner. She read one chapter a night under the covers, with a flashlight she had borrowed and tears dripping on the page. She only read one chapter because she was trying to to take as long as possible. As long as she read it, her mom wasn't so far away.

Peter didn't let anyone see his nightmares, except for Wendy. She wished she had someone to look after her like that, when the terrors came and the fear that He would find out.


A bit dark, but I doubt Tara had an easy life after her mother died. Took a while to type up, I had to do it all over again when I lost my work.
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