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Never grow up?

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Summary: Small drabbles of multiple genres of what characters feel the first time they read about a boy who never grew up. Peter Pan/doctor who, PP/BtVS, PP/Lost, PP/Spiderman, PP/Superman, PP/Supernatural,

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Peter Pan
JediClaire + 1 otherFR13101,648046,1475 Jan 0729 Sep 08No

Chapter 6, Maria Jackson, Thirteen years old

Authors note: I have posted some of these on and one of the reviewers said they pictured Luke Smith as Peter Pan. Once my plot bunnies heard that it was inevitable.

Chapter 6,
Maria Jackson, Thirteen years old.

Luke had been reading this past week. Not bad for someone who is only two weeks old. He had asked her for some of her books when he had started and she had given him some of her Jacqueline Wilson’s and some old paperbacks, including a copy of Peter Pan. She didn’t think much of it. Then, when he was giving her books back, he asked her a question. ‘What do you think about when you read it?’

What did she think? When she had read it the first time, it wasn’t the fairies or flying that had stuck in her mind. She had thought about thimbles. She had only read it for the first time a year ago.

After he had asked her, Luke gave her the books back and had smiled at her. There was an Oak leaf in his hair.


I think I might be shipping them all the way to Cathy here. Do you like, you hate? Please tell me.
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