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Never grow up?

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Summary: Small drabbles of multiple genres of what characters feel the first time they read about a boy who never grew up. Peter Pan/doctor who, PP/BtVS, PP/Lost, PP/Spiderman, PP/Superman, PP/Supernatural,

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Non-BtVS/Ats Stories
Literature > Childrens/Teen > Peter Pan
JediClaire + 1 otherFR13101,648046,1475 Jan 0729 Sep 08No

Chapter eight, Peter Parker, Nine years

Never Grow Up?

Chapter Eight,
Peter Parker, Nine years old.

When children are a certain age, they are attracted to things with their name, things like Films, toys and books. Some people believe that children are more likely to read books if the hero has the same name as them. It is no surprise then that Peter Parker had a copy of Peter Pan. He didn't read it, however, until Mary-Jane Watson got a part in a school play as Wendy from Peter Pan.

He hadn't expected to like the story. He thought it would make him think about things he would rather forget, like his parents. He read it because he wanted to understand the story. He did like it though, because the Peter in the book was alone, like him, but he still found people to help him.

He also liked the flying.
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