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Just Got More Complicated

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Summary: There's a new assistant Medical Examiner at the Boston Coroner's Office.

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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own anything Buffy/Angel related, or even Crossing Jordan, though lord knows I wouldn't mind a couple of hours alone with Nigel, but that's another story.

Author's Note: Okay, total AU world here. Pretty much, everything past Angel Season 1 episode Five by Five generally didn't happen, but they did find Fred, no Connor, and Cordelia didn't have to get part demon to handle the visions. Any other AUage will be explained by the dialogue. As relates to CJ, it takes place in Season 5 before Loves Me Not (in other words, she and Woody haven't gotten together yet), but I kinda fudged the dating a lil bit...prolly about 2009 or shoot me, 'kay?

Jordan Cavanaugh walked into work whistling. Pollack had awoken her with coffee and kisses, which had lead to more then kisses, not that she was complaining. She swung into the lab to ask Nigel how things were progressing on their current cases and he chuckled at the look on her face.

"Enjoy yourself, eh, luv?" he chuckled.

"Oh yes, definitely. So what's on the menu for today?" she quizzed him.

"New assistant medical examiner," Dr. Garrett Macy informed them, indicating the dark haired woman beside him. "This is Faith Wilkins. She just transferred here from LA, where she was interning with the coroner's office there. Faith, this is Dr. Nigel Townsend, our main criminologist; Dr. Maresh, but we call him Bug- he's our entomologist; and this is Jordan Cavanaugh. Jordan, she'll be your shadow for the next two weeks until she gets the hang of how things work here, since she's probably used to the faster pace of the West Coast," he informed her.

Faith chuckled as Garrett left for his office. When Jordan looked at her questioningly, Faith explained. "I actually grew up in Boston; moved away when I was 15, but now I'm back," she said with a smile. "So, what do you want me to do, because Dr. Macy already showed me around a bit." She glanced over at Nigel, a smirk on her face. "My friend Willow's more of the computer geek then me, but she taught me a thing or two. I could give you a...hand if you wanted," she said flirtatiously as Nigel grinned.

"Would so enjoy it, luv, but I've got a backlog right now. Maybe I could show you the ropes later on."

"Sounds good to me," Faith responded as a tall brunette man walked into the lab.

"Hey gang. Hate to break things up so early, but we've got a vic on Massachusetts Avenue in Chester Park. Could use your help," he said with a smile, which widened when he caught sight of Faith. "Hello. You must be new here."

"Sure is, Woody. This is Faith, the new assistant medical examiner. Faith, this is Woody, my- he's a detective with the Boston PD," Jordan explained brusquely.

Faith frowned at Jordan's about face, but decided to leave it along for the time being. She was here to help Angel out for giving her back her life. The Scoobies could always use more law enforcement contacts, but her record, even just the unsealed portions, was enough for rejection from most local departments. So she just smiled at Woody as she and Jordan headed for the van.


They got to the scene and Faith started taking pictures of the scene. The victim was a young girl, probably no more than 22. Shell casings were everywhere and she noted that the victim had been shot at least 6 times, but they would have to wait until the autopsy to determine the trajectory of the bullets.

"Well, Jordan seems busy, so I'll tell you what I know so far. Victim's name was Katrina Wise, age 24 from Baltimore and apparently up here for law school. I'll call her parents in a minute to find out what else I can," Woody told her.

"Not that I mind, as long as we get the information, but shouldn't you be telling Jordan all this? She is the senior ME on scene."

Woody looked uncomfortable, then angry. "What the hell is he doing here? Hey, Pollack, what did I tell you about crime scenes?" he yelled, getting up and marching over to a man standing on the other side of the crime scene tape.

"Look, Detective, I just came by to inform my girlfriend that I'll be out of town on assignment for a few days. You think you could make sure she knows?" JD asked with a grin.

Faith finished up with her part of the scene, put her equipment back in the van, then leaned up against it to watch the show. If she'd known it was going to be this entertaining...and she'd thought that the British computer guy would be the most luscious one to drool over. Just then, Jordan stormed over, arms full of equipment and samples, dumping them in, but being careful not to disturb them. "Nigel said he'd be along in a minute; he's finishing up with some tests first. I called him to let him know we were done with the initial scene processing."

"Okay, sure. So, um, what's with you and Woody? I only ask because of the fact that he told me the basics on the victim," Faith explained, filling the other woman in. "Well, that and then he had to hassle Pollack, who said to tell you that he'll be out of town on assignment for the next few days."

"Why is he messing with JD again?" Jordan said, exasperated.

Faith eyed the white knuckles as Jordan drove them back to the lab. "Uh, J, everything all right?"

"Huh? Oh yeah. Sorry, just trying to figure this case out- I tend to do that a lot, or so I'm told." She turned to look at Faith. "She had her whole life in front of her. Why would someone want to shoot her?"

"I wish I knew. If I could, I'll help Nigel out when he gets back and just let you and Dr. Macy handle the autopsy...unless you want me there?"

"No, go ahead and help Nigel with the research," Jordan said absently.


Woody came into the lab a couple hours later to find Faith bent over one of the computers, face pursed in concentration.

"Hey, Jordan said you might want these," he said, making her look up and rub at her eyes.

"Sorry...too much time staring at the screen. What's this?"

"Background check on our victim," he explained as Nigel walked in.

"Hey, Woody. Faith. Katrina Wise's life in black and white?"

"Yup. Very interesting life for someone of her age," Woody commented as Faith started scanning the content of the folder. Nigel has put a hand on her shoulder so he could read too, so he was the only one who felt her start from something she'd just read. Wanting to know what it had been, he browsed through the dossier.

Name: Katrina Anne Wise

Birthdate: June 7, 1984

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

And on it went, mentioning her schooling and that she was on scholarship from a law firm called Wolfram & Hart, based out of LA, but they had offices all over the country, including one right here in Boston.

"So she was a law student? Where was she for her senior internship?" Faith asked, though she'd already guessed the answer.

"Wolfram & Hart's branch office here. Why? You have any dealing with them?" Woody asked eyeing her a little suspiciously.

"Something like that," she said with a smirk. "A friend of mine who helped pay my way through college and med school was a PI who had ins with them. Just recognized the name."

"Ah. Well, I'm back to the perps and paperwork at the precinct. Just wanted to drop this off and be sure to tell Jordan I said hi."

"He could talk to her himself once in a while," Niles muttered behind her.

"Huh? Oh, those two? How long have they been tiptoeing around each other?"

"Years," Niles said dryly, then zeroed in on the fact that Faith was still preoccupied with whatever so concerned her about their latest victim. But it was soon going to get even more interesting after they got the autopsy results.
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