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Little Slayer: A Ficlet Series

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Summary: A small series of crossovers with a certain popular British comedy program. *Slash implied*

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Television > Surprise CrossoversBelisariusFR181592017236 Jan 076 Jan 07No
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any copyrighted material.

Author's notes at the end of the chapter.

Rupert Giles looked up as the door to his office opened. He put on a professional smile as the young man entered, and rose to greet him. Dawn was doing field-training as a Watcher, and he’d rather eat a Fyarl than appoint Andrew as his new PA, which left only one option…

“Hello! I’m Rupert Giles, please have a seat and we’ll get started right away.”

The young man shook the outstretched hand with a smile, and sank daintily into the seat, flicking his neatly trimmed hair out of his eyes with a snap of his head and primly crossed his legs.

Giles returned to his own seat, surreptitiously wiping his hand on the leg of his pants. The handshake had felt rather suspiciously like a caress. He pushed the silly notion from his mind, and looked down at the paperwork in front of him.

“Sebastian Love is it? I must say you were rather highly recommended by our contacts inside the Prime Minister’s office, but one thing which isn’t clear is your reason for leaving, could you fill in the blanks for me?”

Sebastian smiled coquettishly, and said, “I’d love to fill you… in on the blanks.” He continued while Giles smiled hesitantly at the odd pause, “we had a long and wonderful relationship together, but it was clear in the end that he just wasn’t as committed as I was. All I can say is that we parted amicably and I will cherish him forever” he said, sadly.

Giles continued to smile politely, but on the inside he was confused by the young lad’s odd way of saying things. Giles again pushed such thoughts to the side; perhaps he was simply trying not to badmouth his former employer. Oh well, this meeting was nothing more than a formality really. Sebastian’s credentials were impeccable, and almost all of his references described him as ‘passionate;’ the Council needed people like that in this difficult time.

“Well, allow me to welcome you to the Watcher’s Council, Mr. Love. I do hope you’ll enjoy working with us, and if there’s anything you need to know please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Sebastian leapt from his chair with a happy squeal, and clapped his hands together while he bounced slightly from excitement.

“Oh smashing!” he cried.

Giles too rose, and offered his hand to the excitable young man to congratulate him. Sebastian had other ideas, however, and threw himself half over the desk, to grab Giles in a hug. Giles chuckled uncomfortably and tried to gently extricate himself from the young man’s grasp. He eventually let go, but not before planting a soppy kiss on Giles’ cheek.

Giles stood stunned and speechless as Sebastian, apparently oblivious to the other man’s discomfort, bounced happily out of the office. He paused at the door to look over his shoulder and say, “The beginning of a relationship is always so exciting, don’t you agree?” before blowing him a little kiss, giving a little wave and finally skipping out the door.

Giles kept standing for only a few seconds, before diving into his personal files, desperately searching for Andrew’s cell number.


Notes: My head is a scary place to live in... I couldn't get this damn idea out my brain.
The crossover is of course, Little Britain, and for those who don't know; Anthony Stewart Head was a frequent guest star as the Prime Minister, who appeared oblivious to the fact that his PA Sebastian was madly in love with him.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Little Slayer: A Ficlet Series" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Jan 07.

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