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Forever To Touch You

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Summary: A BtVS/POTC: DMC xover. After a spell backfires on her, Buffy and Dawn; Willow is sent back in time to the eighteenth century where she comes face to face and soul to soul with the legendary Davy Jones.

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Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Wheldon and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest belongs to Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer. The story title doesn’t belong to me either. It’s from the song Iris by the wickedly amazing Goo Goo Dolls. Please don't sue me, I'm completely and utterly broke and it's for entertainment purposes only.

Timeline: Post-Chosen, BtVS and during Dead Man’s Chest, POTC

Pairing(s): Willow/Davy (something new!!), Willow/Tara (a little bit), Buffy/Jack, Buffy/Spike (a little bit), Dawn/Elizabeth (friendship), Will/Elizabeth

Author’s Note: I apologize for the long delay. I’ve been busy as usual but for a different reason. For of all, I’m working on another fan fiction story that required a lot of my attention plus I had a really bad case of writer’s block but don’t worry, I’m not abandoning this one. Also, seeing the trailer for At World’s End renengized my interest in POTC. Anyway, the new fan fiction that I’m working on in addtion to this one is a crossover between BtVS and the CBS drama Criminal Minds called Everybody Wants To Be Loved. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend that you do. Anyway, enjoy the latest chapter of Forever To Touch You and please review. Remember, no flames. I will ignore them and I don’t have the patience for them.

Summary: Buffy and Dawn are reunited after they found each other on an island populated by cannibalistic natives only to be captured by them along with Will.

~This is not the reunion I had in mind.~

That was the thought that ran through Buffy’s mind as she took into her rather unfortunate circumstances. Both of her hands and feet were tied to a long wooden post carried by two of the natives. She turned her head to see that Dawn and an unconscious Will were mobilized the same way. Despite that she can free herself and escape, Buffy knew it was futile to do so because of what would happen in the aftermath and decided not to try it again. As the natives carried her, Dawn and Will to a remote part of the village where a makeshift throne was with a man sitting on it; Buffy looked up to see that the man sitting on the throne was Jack. She also saw the concern in his eyes for her and at that point, she attempted to smile at him reassuringly but failed miserably because the pain in her hand from where she was attacked the last time.

Then Buffy heard Will say beside her. “Jack? Jack Sparrow?”

“That’s Jack Sparrow?” The Slayer heard Dawn hiss behind her. “I expected him to be a little older.”

Will must not have heard Dawn because he laughed gladly and said. “I can honestly say I’m so glad to see you.”

~Jack definitely knows him.~ Buffy thought when she saw a flicker of recognition in the pirate’s eyes but he quickly hid them as one of the natives walked toward him and spoke in a language that the Slayer didn’t understand. Then she saw that Jack made a gesture with his hands pointing toward her. At that point, two of the natives walked over toward her; one of them carrying a cutlass. Buffy immediately tensed up waiting for the native with the cutlass to make a move. He did by raising it high above his head and letting it land on where her feet were tied up freeing them. Then the native walked over to where her hands were tied up and did the same. Confused and bewildered, Buffy landed on her feet but then she realized what Jack was trying to do.

~He’s acting like a chief. He’s a prisoner just like Dawn, Will and the Black Pearl crew.~

As she was being led to Jack’s side at the makeshift throne, Buffy knew that there was more to what was going on than it met the eye and she wasn’t liking it at all.

~God help us.~

The Slayer turned to face Jack and saw the look in his eyes that told her to go along with him. She watched as Jack got up from his makeshift throne to talk to another one of the natives. I hope Dawn and Will figure out what’s happening otherwise this is going to be very hard to explain with these guys around.

While Dawn was able to understand what was going on, Will didn’t and he said. “Jack, it’s me. Will Turner.”

“Will, it’s okay.” Dawn whispered to Will. “I think I know what Buffy and Captain Sparrow are doing.” To herself, she muttered. “I hope.”

The former Key watched as Jack spoke to the native in the same language that he had spoken earlier. Not very well, I don’t think. Then she saw him turn around to walk toward her and Will. Her eyes widened when she saw the compass hanging from the pirate’s belt. That’s the compass that Beckett wanted me and Will to extract from Captain Sparrow!!

At that point, Jack walked back toward his makeshift throne but stopped to speak to another one of the natives. After a minute or so and as the natives started shouting in their native language, Jack walked back toward Dawn and whispered in her ear words that confirmed the former Key’s suspicions.

“Save us.”

At that point, Will started shouting some words after Jack and Buffy but Dawn didn’t pay attention to his words and instead, she kept her eyes fixed upon her sister hoping that she knew what she was doing.

~Or else I’ll seriously go kung fu on her ass.~

Later …

“I hope you’ve come up with a plan to get us out this, Jack. Otherwise, I’ll have to kill you before they eat you.”

Jack couldn’t help but wince at the words that Buffy had spoken as she gave him one of her famous death glares. Despite the short time that they had known each other, Jack couldn’t help but find himself very attracted to the Slayer. He loved everything about her. Her courage, her ability to lead and her ability to get herself out of sticky situations like the one in the prison where she and Jack found the cloth drawing of the key. Although, she never admitted it to him or anyone of the crew, Jack was sure that Buffy was feeling the same way about him.

But one thing that Jack didn’t like about Buffy was that she can be pretty scary when she’s angry or frustrated like right now as they were sitting in their makeshift thrones trying to come up with a plan to escape before the natives began their feast.

Jack tried hard to ignore the death glare Buffy was giving him as he spoke. “I’m working on it, luv.” He said. “Just right now, try to go along with it. I’ll get us out of this in no time at all.”

Buffy didn’t look convinced nor reassured. “This isn’t very reassuring.” Jack saw that Buffy hadn’t tried to take off the necklace of human toes that was given to her and the pirate some time earlier which was a good thing. She had tried to take off when it was first put on her but the pirate convinced her to leave it on to keep the façade up and not to insult the natives.

~She wasn’t happy when I told her to keep it on but what choice did either of us have?~

As he turned to face the fire pit which was being piled with wood, Jack turned to Buffy. “I think, I got me a good idea to escape.”

Buffy turned to Jack. “How?” she asked in a hopeful voice.

“Watch and see, luv.” Jack replied with a grin. Once he turned to face the natives, Jack wiped the grin off of his face and replaced with a demanding look.

“Oup! No no!” He shouted. “Oi! No no! More wood! Big fire! *Big* fire! I am chief! Want big fire! Come on!”

As he turned to face Buffy, Jack saw that the Slayer had a look on her face that clearly said. ‘What the hell are you doing?’ he gave her a reassuring smile and mouthed ‘trust me’. Then he turned back to the natives to shout more orders.

“Oi! Maboogie snickel-snickel. Tout de suite! Come on! More wood!”

At that point as he went back to his throne, Jack bent down to whisper in Buffy’s ear. “Okay, luv. Now!! Go!” Then he took off running toward a foot long bridge.

Buffy didn’t need to be told twice. She quickly got up and took off after Jack hoping that whatever he had in mind would work. After a few minutes, the Slayer and the pirate ran through some huts. Then standing over the edge of a rock wall embedded with human skulls, Jack and Buffy both stopped at a nearby pile of bamboo poles. After examining one, they both went inside a hut which from what the Slayer could see was filled with supplies from a silver tea pot to spices from the East India Trading Company. She was so engrossed with everything she was seeing that she almost did hear Jack say to her.

“Time to go, luv.”

Buffy turned to see that Jack had a coil of rope over his shoulder and holding a can of paprika with the EITC symbol on the bottom of the can. Then just as they walked out of the hut, Buffy felt her heart give a horrible jolt when she saw the entire tribe of natives waiting quietly staring at her and Jack. At that point, the pirate halted at the sight of them.

“Oh, shit.” Buffy muttered in frustration. So much for our escape attempt.

“Oh, bugger.” Jack said daring not to look at the Slayer. Then he dropped the coil of rope to the ground and to the confusion of both the natives and Buffy, he opened the can of paprika and sprinkled it on his armpits with his shirt.

“Little seasoning, eh?”

Buffy turned to Jack with a mixture of anger and confusion. “Jack, what the hell ..?”

Jack didn’t let her finish asking her question because at that moment, he did the only thing that he could think of doing. He grabbed Buffy by the shoulders and kissed her squarely in the mouth.

The Flying Dutchman
Meanwhile …

As she stood outside onto the deck staring out into the sea, Willow could hear the sound of Davy’s organ playing a song that was filled with pain, heartbreak and anger and it brought tears to her eyes. Ever since she was brought aboard the Flying Dutchman, she learned more about Davy than she would have in her high school English class so many years ago. But she discovered something she never thought would happen again in her life since Tara’s death and her split from Kennedy. She had fallen in love again this time with Davy Jones, the notorious captain of the Flying Dutchman. Every time she tried to think of her friends, Davy’s crystal blue, pain-filled eyes always occupied her thoughts and her heart would break whenever she thought of him and the woman that caused him so much pain and heartbreak.

With the tears still in her eyes, Willow let the memory of three days earlier run through her like a slideshow in her mind.


Willow kept her eyes closed and her mind blank of all thought as she mediated. It had too long since she had attempted to do this since she was sick and Davy was always in the room with her. It had taken her close to a few more days before she screwed the nerve to reveal to the Captain that she was a witch out of fears that he would throw her overboard once she told him but to her surprise and relief, he didn’t and he promised that he wouldn’t tell any of his crew her secret. She felt her constration slip a little bit when she heard the door to the cabin open and close and felt Davy’s presence in the room. For some reason, she found his presence very soothing and just as she felt him trying to leave the cabin again, she spoke softly and gently.

“Don’t go.”

It was at that point that she felt confusion and uncertainty from him. “I don’t want ta disturb ya.” Davy said just as softly.

Willow felt a smile creep onto her face as she spoke. “Your presence is soothing.” She replied. Her eyes still closed, she let the soothing presence of the Captain swirl through her with her magic and she shivered with joy at the feeling of it all. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder and she opened her eyes to see Davy standing in front of her with an expression of uncertainty on his face. His crystal blue eyes looking deep into her green ones.

“Willow …” Davy started to say but was cut off when the Wicca placed a finger on his lips to silence him.

“I know what you’re going to say, Davy.” She said suddenly sounding a bit sad. “You don’t have to say it and before you say that you can’t, let me say something to you. I know that you’ve been hurt so badly that you think that you can’t love again. You don’t need a heart to feel emotion but you don’t have to suffer in silence either. It breaks my heart to see you in so much pain that you can’t be human for just one day. I’ve seen two sides of you. The cruel and sadistic side that you’ve shown to your crew and a kind, compassionate and loving side that you’ve shown only to me. That, Davy, is the side of you that I’m beginning to love.”

Willow felt the tears run down her cheeks as she saw the look of shock and disbelief on Davy’s face at her words and pain in his eyes as if he was reliving a painful memory from his past. Possibly from the first time he had fallen in love. The Wicca had seen two sides of the Captain of the Flying Dutchman. A cruel and sadistic side that he had shown to his crew and a kind, soft and compassionate side he had shown only to her and in the short period of time that she had been with Davy, Willow was starting to see the heartbroken man behind the monster that he was told in stories as. Seeing the pain in Davy’s eyes made the Wicca wish that she could persuade him into talking to her about his past so she could do something, anything to ease his pain and sorrow.

Later …

Willow woke up to the sound of Davy’s organ playing at the end of the room. It was the same song that he had always played and every time she heard it, she always had tears in her eyes. As she got up from the bed quietly, she felt the emotions that were swirling through him as he was playing the organ. Pain, despair, heartbreak and sorrow of a love lost. She wasn’t sure that he knew that she was coming closer. If he did, he gave no sign to indicate that he did.

What she saw on his face was something that she had seen before in someone else in her life. The look of a soul tormented by the past and by heartbreak.


Then as suddenly as it had started, the music stopped and Davy turned to her. It was so sudden that Willow quickly backed away from him but as she did, she slipped and fell backwards toward the floor. Then she felt an arm going around her waist and she looked up to see Davy’s face peering over hers. His arm and hand felt cool around her waist and hips. As Davy carefully helped her onto her feet, Willow felt her knees shaking and they were shaking so badly that she had to hold onto the side of the organ for support.

Then Willow’s cheeks turned into a dark shade of red when she saw that Davy’s arm was still around her and she said to him in what she hoped was a steady voice.

“Captain, I’m so sorry for disturbing you.”

The Wicca saw confusion creep onto the Captain’s face at her words. “Sorry for disturbing me?”

“Yes.” Willow said. “I mean, I didn’t do it on purpose. Your music is so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time that my curiosity got the best of me. Then again I was always called …”

Willow stopped when she saw a smile creep onto Davy’s face and felt her cheeks grow hot. She wasn’t sure if it was embarrassment or relief that she was feeling at that moment but as she looked deep into the Captain’s crystal blue eyes, she saw a mixture of emotions there. Pain, fear of another heartbreak, desire and love. It both excited and frightened her but in her heart, she was sure that she was feeling the same way about him and she wasn’t sure why.

~It feels so familiar to me and I don’t know why. It shouldn’t feel familiar but it does.~

Then before she knew what she was doing, she leaned forward toward Davy and gave him a soft, small kiss on his cheek. As she leaned back, she saw the surprise on his face and once again she felt the familiar stab of embarrassment and regret.

“I’m sorry.” Willow immediately said. “I shouldn’t have …”

But she was cut off when Davy placed a finger on her lips to silence her. Then he took her hand and placed it on his face on the spot where she kissed him. The way he was looking at her made her slightly uncomfortable but she couldn’t tear her gaze away from his face. It looked like that he couldn’t tear his gaze away from her either. Then before she realized what she was doing, she leaned forward toward Davy and kissed him again this time on his mouth. To her surprise, she felt him kissing her back and three tentacles of his beard started stroking her hair. At that point, Willow wrapped her arms around his neck deepening the kiss pouring all of her emotions that she was feeling for him into it and as she did, she felt a tentacle caressing her cheek gently.

Then as quickly as it began, it ended when Davy pulled away and the Wicca saw the pain on his face and in his eyes as he was pulling away. She didn’t need to ask why he had stopped. He was still haunted by the memory of the woman he once loved and of the pain it had caused him to become what he was now. Willow could feel her heart breaking for the creature standing before her and for the second time in nearly a week, she felt very sympathetic for him.

~Oh, Davy. You need to let her go. You need to move on.~

“This can’t go any further.” Davy said in a voice that sounded hollow to the Wicca and that indicated to her that he didn’t mean them.

“Why?” Willow asked as gently as she could.

“Yeh won’t be able ta understand.” Davy replied in the same hollow voice that Willow heard him use earlier. Tears welled in her eyes as she kept her gaze on him.

“Then talk to me, Davy!!” Willow exclaimed in a steady voice. “Is it because of your lost love? Are you so afraid of another loss that you would shut down before you feel an ounce of love and joy?”

Anger flashed in Davy’s eyes at the Wicca’s words. “Don’t try to understand what I’ve been through!!!” He shouted. “Yeh have no idea what she did to me when she left me!!!”

“How can I when you won’t open up to me?” Willow screamed at him with her own anger flaring up. “I’ve only known you for a couple of weeks but it doesn’t take a genius to see how much you’re hurting. I’ve been there too. My first and only boyfriend was a werewolf who cheated on me with another woman. I was devastated when he left me. Then came Tara. I loved her just as much as I loved Oz. We had our fair share of arguments and broke up only to reunite. We were going to give our relationship a second chance before she was murdered and when that happened, I lost control just like you did.”

Tears ran down Willow’s cheeks as she continued her story with her body shaking with sobs. “Only, I didn’t carve my heart out of my chest. I extracted a brutal and terrible revenge against her killer. I found him and frayed him alive. I became the very thing that I helped Buffy fight every night since we met. I killed another man just to become more powerful then I tried to destroy the world when the pain of it got too much. But then another friend of mine, Xander, he found me and he stopped me by telling me that he loved me. I almost lost myself that night only to come back from the brink of destruction and mayhem.”

“I was hurting so badly after Tara’s death that I felt like dying.” Willow said choking on her sobs. “I didn’t think that I would love again. Even when I tried to move on with Kennedy, I didn’t think that I could love someone else like I loved Tara but then when I met you, I …”

Willow could no longer hold back her tears and she started sobbing uncontrollably. As she was crying, she felt Davy’s arms wrap around her trembling body and she cried harder as she gripped his coat tightly in her shaking hands.

“Davy … Davy …” Willow choked out over her sobs letting all of the emotions that she had pent-up inside of her for so long burst forth into a river of tears. The old, old grief that lived inside of her since Tara’s death, her break-up with Kennedy and her newfound feelings for Davy weighed heavily on her soul and her heart which she could feel breaking inside of her as she cried in the Captain’s arms.

Davy felt something deep inside of him hurt more than anything in his long life as Ruler of the Ocean Depths as he held a crying Willow in his arms. With each choking sob, he felt like a knife had stabbed him in the gut. Tears welled in his already wet eyes as Willow cried even harder and what she said next made him want to break down and cry with her. It took a lot of self-restraint for him keep from breaking down in front of the Wicca but her words struck at him the same.

“I love you, Davy Jones.”

As he held her and felt her tears wetting his coat, Davy squeezed his eyes shut letting the tears he had been fighting back run down his face and the feelings that he had been fighting since Willow was brought aboard the Flying Dutchman go over him like a tidal wave. Feelings of love and passion for the young woman in his arms. It was something he hadn’t felt for many years, not since his true love left him and he had carved his heart out to escape the pain of loss and love. It was indeed possible to feel emotion without a heart.

“I love yeh, Willow Rosenberg.” Davy whispered. For the longest time, he held Willow in his arms not wanting to let go or to leave her alone. There was a lot that Davy could say but nothing he could do to ease Willow’s pain and unresolved grief over Tara’s death, her remorse over the terrible revenge she had extracted on the man who killed Tara and the painful break-ups she had suffered in the past.


As the memory of the events of three days ago ran through her mind and she heard the organ playing a new tune, the tears that Willow had been fighting back now swam down her cheeks. The music sounded beautiful despite the pain and heartbreak in it. Then Willow began to sing softly mixing her words with the music that Davy was playing on his organ as if she was sending him a message through his music.

Anytime you feel like you just can’t hold on
Just hold on to my love and I’ll help you be strong
But you’re so afraid to lose and baby I can’t reach your heart
I can’t face this world that’s keeping us apart
When I can be the one to show you
Everything you missed before
Just hold on now, cause I could be the one to give you more
Let you know

Anytime you need love baby I’m on your side
Just let me be the one I can make it all right
Anytime you need love baby you’re in my heart
I can make it all right

As he was playing his organ to a new tune that he hadn’t played in years, Davy’s sensitive hearing caught wind of Willow’s voice and he could tell that she was singing. Tears welled in his already wet eyes as he heard the words to the song she was creating though his music. The words to her song were very beautiful and yet sounded like it had a message. A message that Davy knew was meant for him only telling him that she truly loved him and wanted to be the soothing balm over his broken heart and his soul. The next words that she sang nearly caused Davy to stop playing and break down completely but he kept playing fighting back tears.

I look into your eyes and I feel it coming through
And I can’t help but want you more than I want to
So baby take all of your fears and cast them all on me
’Cause all I ever wanted was just to make you see
That I could be the one to give you
All that you’ve been searching for
Just hold on to my love and baby let me give you more
You know, anytime

Willow let the tears that she was fighting back run down her cheeks ignoring the stares she was receiving from most of the crew who were gaping at her because of her voice and stared at the door of the Captain’s cabin sadly and with love in her tear-filled eyes. She walked over to it slowly singing as she did. Her dress and hair blowing in the wind.

Anytime you need love baby I’m on your side
Just let me be the one I can make it all right
Anytime you need love baby you’re in my heart
I can make it all right

As she reached the door to Davy’s cabin, Willow started to finish the remains of the song she created through Davy’s music unaware that he had stopped playing his organ as she was singing.

And now there’s no way out
And I can’t help the way I feel
’Cause baby you’re the fire and I’ll be waiting right here
You know my love is real

As she uttered the words of the song, Willow suddenly realized that music was no longer playing from the organ and from inside the closed door, she could hear the sound of someone crying. With fresh tears in her eyes, she carefully opened the door and then closed it behind her. Her heart breaking with each sob radiating from the Captain’s body. Willow could barely resist the urge to break down and cry with Davy but she fought it back wanting to be strong for him. Shaking in sheer emotion, Willow laid a hand on his arm. At that point, Davy turned to face her. His crystal blue eyes red from crying and filled with an odd mixture of pain and love. Willow placed her hand on his face to wipe away the tears that were falling from his eyes.

“Willow.” Davy started to say in a hoarse voice but Willow placed a finger on his lips to silence him. He was surprised that he was able to control himself as she touched him. He so wanted to kiss her and lose himself in her. This was something that he hadn’t desired for in a very long time and as he looked deep into Willow’s green eyes, he felt the tears coming on again. Then he felt Willow wrap her arms around his neck holding him there and at that, he felt his control over his raging emotions slip and he broke down crying once again.

“I love you, Davy.” Willow whispered. “You’re in my heart.”

“I love yeh, Willow.” Davy choked out over his sobs. There was nothing else that Willow could do for the Captain at that moment so she did the only thing she could do. She just held him until he couldn’t cry anymore tears.

Anytime you need love baby I’m on your side
Just let me be the one I can make it all right
Anytime you need love baby you’re in my heart
I can make it all right

I think I might have been a little fast on the romances between Jack & Buffy and Willow & Davy but I couldn't think of anything else to write for this chapter. If you have any suggestions on how I can make this chapter better then by all means, e-mail me and I'll take them into consideration. Anyway, please review and again no flames. I will ignore them and I don't have any patience for them. The song that Willow sang to Davy (and the title of the chapter) is 'Anytime' by Kelly Clarkson.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Forever To Touch You" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Apr 07.

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