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The Red Witch, and the Hellsing Vampire

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Summary: The Slayer Council, and The Hellsing Organization must work together to control the vampire Freaks. What Happens when Willow meets Sir Integra, and the vampire Alucard? Well, lets say their world is turned up side down.

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Chapter 52 Blood bonds and other connections...

Disclaimer:  I own nothing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, nor Hellsing.


Note: Sorry for the wait everyone, but Go-Me, I quit smoking!  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done!  The reason I could not write was I could not sit down at the computer without wanting to light up!  It took over a month to get over the urge, but now that I can handle an hour at a time, I can up-date some of my stories.  Now to the main event!  Hope you like!


Chapter 52:  Blood bonds and other connections…


“So, when do we start?”

Alucard had a sly look on his face as he pulled his Jackal out of his coat.  He slowly pointed the end of the gun at Xander’s feet, his eyes bright with amusement.  He sensed the others at his back, watching and waiting.  A feral grin spread over his pale face as he pulled the trigger, his smile growing as the ground at the one eyed Watcher’s feet exploded from the impact.

“We start now!”  He exclaimed with glee as he squeezed off five more rounds in his gun, his actions making Xander shift rapidly from one leg to the other as the young Guardian jumped to avoid the shots fired.

“Jesus!  Are you trying to kill me?”  Xander yelled back, his face flushed with anger.

“Perhaps”, Alucard mused as he began to reload his gun.  “I suggest you run now Young Harris.  We will give you a one minute head start.”

“We?”  Xander wondered, his gaze flickering from the No-Life King to his strawberry blond haired childe standing between them.  Seras shrugged her shoulders, wearing an apologetic look on her face.

“You have thirty seconds left,” she advised as she checked the time on her wristwatch.  “It is almost ten o’clock.  If ya’re caught before midnight, ya’ve failed the test.  Go!”

“Alright then!”  Xander agreed, letting out a deep breath.  He shot a glare at his best friend before he took off running into the forest behind them, heading towards the vampires’ training grounds beyond.

“No warning, hu?”  Buffy wondered with a bemused look on her face as she watched her friend ran past the tree line.  She could feel Xander’s scent disappear and was impressed he was able to hide his presence.  He had learned a lot since Sunnydale.

“What fun would that be, hum?”  Alucard replied with a wicked grin, sending the blond haired Slayer a snappy salute with his gloved fingers, and a slow wink of the eye to his mate before he and Seras began their hunt.

“Don’t worry Buffy”, Willow assured her friend as she joined their arms together, and they began to follow the two vampires into the forest.  “Al’s just testing Xander.  He needs to know Xander’s strengths, and what he is capable of, if he is going to train him.  He won’t hurt him.”

“’Kay,” Buffy mumbled back in replied, her ears twitching at a low high-pitch sound coming from the distance.  Her gaze widened with disbelief.  “Wait!  Is he…whistling…?”

“Ah uh.”  Willow confirmed with a quiet laugh, a fond smile on her face as she listened to the mental musings of her mate.  “It’s ‘Aerosmith’s Janie’s Got A Gun.’  Alucard finds it fitting somehow, why, I don’t really know…”

Buffy shook her head, a reluctant grin spreading over her face.  The Hellsing Vampire was insane, but her kind of crazy.  “That’s just…wrong.  Who listens to ‘Aerosmith’ anymore anyway?”

Willow just laughed.


“I see,” Sir Integra replied to Captain Pip, a thoughtful frown on her face.  “Hum…continue with your mission Captain.  Report if you learn anything further.  Goodnight.”  She spoke before closing her cell phone.  She stared out of her office window with a narrowed gaze, looking up at the dark, cloudy sky. 

The news was daunting.  Nearly forty-five Section XIII agents were in London.  What was the Iscariot planning?  The Hellsing Order as well as the Council, were very well aware the Iscariot were following the girls, the young slayers, but was it true what Miss Summers believed?  Were the Iscariot hunting the teenagers?  …and for what purpose?

“Sir Integra?”

Integra turned and gave a faint smile to her retainer.  “Section XIII is on the move”, She frowned in displeasure.  “I do no like waiting Walter.  Those girls…they risk their lives daily and now…”  Her lips twisted with disgust and her face filled with resolve.  “Damn those Iscariot bastards!  If they hurt them, I swear they will regret being born.”

Walter said nothing as he poured the tea, giving a nod of his head in agreement.  Sometimes, words were not enough.


“Ah lass, this is just a splendid sight,” Captain Pip exclaimed as he stared in wonder at the weapons stored along the walls in the training gym.  “May I?”  He asked as he fingered the hilt of the broadsword hanging over the bench near the doorway.

“Knock yourself out.”  Faith replied with a half shrug from her seat on the bench as she worked on the piece of wood in her hands, her fingers working quickly with her craving knife.  She was proud of this stake.  It was heavy, solid, and had great balance.  She had a few more ‘words’ to press into the wood, and then it would be finished.

She felt the Wolf tense at her sides, and she glanced up, surprised to see Pip holding the sword tip towards her face.  Her dark eyes narrowed in warning.  “You might want to take that way Cap, before I brake your…”

Pip laughed but back away all the same.  “Just a duel darlin’, that’s all I ask.”

Faith rolled her eyes.  “Not now.  It’s patrol time.”  She stood, folding up her knife and putting it in her back pocket, before giving a pleased nod of the head as she inspected her work.  It was good.  She glanced up, a smirk on her face as she tossed the stake towards the Captain.  “Here ya’ go Wolf.  It’ll save ya’ from having to waste all those bullets of yours.”

He caught the piece of wood, his flashing ember eyes locked on hers.  A tiny smile tugged at his mouth as he gave a bow of his head in thanks, his hands holding the stake to his heart.

“Glad ya’ like,” Faith returned with a sassy grin in return, happy he liked it.  She turned on her heel, pleased when he fell into step behind her.  “Come on, the girls are waiting.”

The Captain glanced over his shoulder at Pip, a knowing look on his face.  The triumph was clear in his eyes as he left the man no option but to follow in his wake as they moved.  The girl wanted nothing to do with the Hellsing Solider.  Instead, she made a point to show preference to him, and not Captain Pip.  She had even given him a ‘gift of protection’.  It was done.  The second phase…A pleased grin grew wide on his face as he followed his Dark Slayer down the hall, her scent filling his senses, and calming his beast.  He had chosen well.  Now was the time to prove his worth.  Gods willing, his Faith would choose him in return.


“Why am I doing this again?”

Spike nudged his arm against the young woman’s shoulder.  “Now ‘niblet’, ya’ know the Watcher won’t be caught dead using this thing.”

“Wills would be so much better at this”, Dawn spoke with a shake of her head, sending a slight glare over her shoulder at Giles, whom sat at his desk, hiding a smile while drinking some tea.  For a few minutes, she searched Wolfram and Hart’s Website, and then her brow rose as she indicated someone else doing the same thing.  Her face cleared with understanding.  “Ha!  I see…You want them to think I’m Willow.  They'll eventually trace this back. Double lives and all that…hehe.”

“How far are you in Dawn?”  Angel asked as he looked down at the computer screen before the young woman, trying to see what she was doing.

An impish grin spread over her face.  She hit a few buttons on the keyboard, and then she was inside the Mainframe of Wolfram and Hart.  “The question is how far I am not in?  By the time we’re done, they’ll have no clue what hit them.”

“Well now,” Spike exclaimed while rubbing his hands together with glee.  “Let’s see what kind of damage we can come up with!”


“Nice one Dawnie!”  Willow erupted with laughter, her eyes bright with excitement as she stared down at her laptop computer screen.  She sat crossed legged on a stump of a tree trunk, in the middle of the forest surrounding the Hellsing Manor.  The little clearing she and the Slayer stood in was illuminated by one of Willow’s light spells, so it was not too difficult to see.  The witch watched Dawn’s progress for a moment more, and then she attacked her keyboard, a proud smile for the younger woman spreading over her face as she moved on to the second part of the plan.  “I like!  Let’s try this next.”

“What did she do?”  Buffy wondered, bent over Willow shoulder to gaze at the monitor screen.

Willow giggled the sound low and full of amusement.  “Your sister sent a neat little virus to the Wolfram and Hart’s employee’s computer terminals.  Every time one of them turns a computer on, starting tomorrow morning starting at nine am, the song ‘Hit me with your best shot’ will start, and their access to the computers denied.  I pretty sure Spike had something to do with the choice of song.”

“Cool.”  Buffy said in appreciation.  She stared at the laptop with eager eyes.  “What are you going to do Wills?”

A truly evil grin curved the witch’s mouth.  “I’m going to back that virus with another.  Once they think they’ve purged Dawn’s virus out of their system, mine will kick in, the one I’m going to hid in their ‘Log In’ program.  I think I’ll stick to the ‘Song’ theme we’ve got going on.”  Willow’s fingers flew over the keyboard for a bit, and then she began to explain.  “Once they turn their computers back on, the song ‘You can’t touch this’ will start blaring from their sound system, and the computer Mainframe will lock down.  It won’t keep them out for long, but gives us just enough time tomorrow to hack their back up files.”

Buffy eyed the witch, brow arched.  “Convenient how your cousin Rowan will be at Wolfram and Hart’s right after this kicks in, to offer assistance.”

“I Know!”  Willow exclaimed, wide eyed with wicked delight as she closed her laptop, and jumped up from the tree trunk.  “It’s totally immoral.  I’m an evil, evil, deceitful little person…I don’t know how I’m going to live with myself after this.”

“I’m sure you’ll find a way.”  Buffy replied dryly with a shake of her head, inwardly laughing at her best friend’s antics.

“Come on”, Willow urged as she pulled her bag over her shoulder and began the trek back to the Manor, a spring to her steps.  “I have this sudden need to see Al.”


“I hate you guys.”  Xander spoke softly from his bent position on the ground, his chest heaving with exhaustion.  There was no way he would be able to move another step.  Alucard and Seras were hard taskmasters.  The last two hours had been hell.  “I really, really hate you guys’ right about now.”

“Too human”, Alucard spat, disgust clear in his voice.  Seras gave a snort of laughter as Xander offered the No-Life King a one-finger salute.  The master Vampire hid his amusement, though he did disappear into the shadows, all the better to sneak up on the young Guardian.  Seras did the same.

Xander gave a grunt of pain as he rolled forward to the balls of his feet and then sprung up, using a bit of the vampiric power he was beginning to sense within him, one hand reaching up to grab a tree branch.  He hovered in mid-air, waiting, and with his gaze fixed on the clearing below.  He did not have long to wait, but the attack came from above, which he had not been expecting, though he should have, but he was too tired to think clearly.

Arms reached out to his middle, hard, and he lost his grip on the wood above his head.  The two of them began to fall to the ground below.  Xander curled his hip, and flipped the being over just before they hit the dirt.  Both of them let out a moan of pain at the contact with the ground, but Xander managed to keep his wits about him, and shoved the edge of the knife he gripped tightly in hand against the slim throat under him, sweat pouring off his face as he glared into Seras’s eyes.  His breath caught in his throat as he felt the tip of a hard surface poking him in the back of the head.

“Shit.”  He cursed loudly.  He had not even heard the other vamp.

“Pathetic”, Alucard taunted with gleaming eyes as he stepped away, watching as Xander stood and then helped Seras to her feet.  He noted the grim line to Xander’s mouth, and the muscle jumping in his jaw as the boy refused to look back at the vampire.  Already the Guardian’s fire was returning.  He will do well.  Splendid…his mate has chosen well for her first childe, acting on instincts, or no.

“Your past exploits with the Council mean nothing Young Harris.  You are weak.”  He hid his smirk as Xander shot him a heated glare.  “You will train with Seras nightly until told otherwise.  You will also consume blood provided by Hellsing.  A cup every other day.  Don’t even think of drinking that garbage Angelus and William take in daily, it will only weaken you.”

Xander’s face went hard as stone.  “I will not.”  He denied.

The Master Vampire moved, his motions a blur.  In the next second, his gloved fingers were tight around Xander’s throat, and Alucard had the young watcher held in the air.  “You will obey me”, Alucard hissed, his blood colored eyes darkening with rage.

“Fuck you”, Xander spat back in response, his knee coming up to brace against his weight against the vampire holding him.  His one eye began to glow an eerie green, and suddenly, an unseen force pushed against Alucard and sent him flying back, as well as pushing Seras away a good twenty feet away.

“Good, good…”  Alucard mused as he landed harmlessly a few feet away, his gaze now bright with anticipation.  He watched as Xander stood slowly, his stance posed and ready to attack any threat.  Now, this was the Primal Spirit…the Guardian he knew was there somewhere.  “This is what I want Young Harris.  You strong, and not weak.  You are part vampire, one of my blood…”

A low growl erupted from Xander’s chest.  “I will not kill humans!”

Alucard cocked his head to the side, a mocking smirk widening his mouth.  His long fangs flashed under the light of the moon.  “I never said you had to young Harris.  I am fully aware the Guardian aspect you carry will not allow that to happen, but there be options...”  His voice became low.  

“Bag blood,” Seras said with a shrug.

“…or the offerings of a mate”, Alucard added with a gleam in his eyes as he thought of Willow.

Xander frowned at that.  “What do you mean?”

Alucard rolled his eyes.  To be so naïve.
“He means himself Xander.”

The three turned and eyed the red head walking towards them, the blond Slayer right on her heels.  Willow walked right up to her friend and placed the palm of her hand on his shoulder.  The young Guardian stared down at the witch with a puzzled expression on his face.

“Xander”, she spoke softly, her eyes warm.  “I’m a vampire, you understand that, right?”

His brow creased.  “…but you’re alive…you don’t need to…”  He protested.

She shook her head at his reasoning.  “I do, at least now.  I’ve changed too much, just as you have.  Even though I don’t need to drink everyday, I still have a need.  Alucard as my mate takes care of that need.”  She gave Alucard a stern look before turning back.  The Master Vampire could have handled the situation a little better in her opinion, but she understood his reasoning for pushing the limits.  Xander could be stubborn as the best of them, but there was no way in hell she was going to explain vampire blood play between mates to her male best friend.  “It’s just a cup, and not every day Xan.”

Xander crossed his arms over his chest and stared up into the sky, letting the silence settle upon the small group as he made his decision.  “I get it, I really do”, he assured the others as he shared a look with his best friends, before glaring at the Master Vampire.  “Alright, we’ll do it your way for now Fang-man.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Red Witch, and the Hellsing Vampire" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Mar 09.

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