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The Red Witch, and the Hellsing Vampire

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Summary: The Slayer Council, and The Hellsing Organization must work together to control the vampire Freaks. What Happens when Willow meets Sir Integra, and the vampire Alucard? Well, lets say their world is turned up side down.

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Chapter One Hellsing and the Slayer Council

Disclaimer:  I own nothing of the ideas, or of the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, nor Hellsing.


Note:  I’ve read a few of the challenges, ( thanks to everyone for the ideas ), and have come up with this…I hope you like it.  This story takes a few years after the defeat of the First, and a year or so after the end of Angel.  This story is based on the Hellsing Anime, and not the manga comics.


The Red Witch, and the Hellsing Vampire Chapter one:  Hellsing, and the Slayer Council


 “Hey Willow…your ten o’clock appointment is here to see you!”  Dawn Summers called out to the witch as she stepped in the Council’s main library.

Willow Rosenberg lifted her head from the book she had been reading, and she stared up at the young woman standing before her with an unfocused gaze.  She blinked a few times to clear her vision, and said, “Yeah?”

Dawn grinned down at the red head.  “You forgot, didn’t you Willow?  Even when you promised you wouldn’t, you did anyways.”

The witch blushed scarlet, and then smiled self-conscious.  “Yep, I guess I did forget.  Where’s the representative at?”

“The guys still in the lobby, waiting for you.” Was the reply to the question.  Dawn tapped her fingers on the tabletop.  “He’s a little early, so don’t worry.  You got ten minutes.  I’ve sent tea up to your office.”

“Thanks Dawn, that’s perfect.”  Willow praised the younger woman.  Dawn was the perfect assistant.  She ran the every day on-goings in the building, while the others were kept busy running the Council.  Willow stood, and pushed the book she’d been reading to the side.  She would get back to it later.  “What about Giles, and Buffy?  Are they still at the meeting in the city?”

Dawn gave a nod of her head.  “Yeah.  Buffy called half an hour ago.  She said the two of them would be back later this afternoon.  The meeting is taking longer then anyone would have thought.  She told me to tell you thanks again for doing this.  She knows how busy you are, ever since Ken…”

Willow sighed, and went on to reassure the other girl.  “Don’t worry Dawn.  It’s been months since Kennedy left.  You guys have been a big help, and I’m sorry if I kept to myself too much.  I know I’ve been worrying you, but I’m okay now, alright?”

“Alright.” The younger woman replied with a warm smile.  After Buffy, Willow was her second favorite person on this earth.  After Kennedy had left, everyone had been scared for Willow, especially Dawn.  She was glad the witch was getting back to her old self.  “So, you don’t mind taking on this assignment?”

“No, it gives me a chance to get a break from the Council for awhile.  I just wished it wasn’t because of this freak vampire problem that’s been growing.”  The two of them grew silent as they left the library behind.  The problem, artificially spawned vampires; beings embedded with a microchip in the brain, were a growing problem for everyone.

Giles; as the head of the New Slayers Council, and along with Buffy; as the head Slayer, were now in London, at a meeting with some people representing the Queen, and those of the Government of England.  Right now, Willow was going to meet with the person the Hellsing Organization had sent, so that they might discus solutions to the problem.  All parties concerned were hoping the New Council, and the Hellsing Organization, would be able to work together to eliminate the growing freak population.

“Hello…I’m Willow Rosenberg.”  Willow introduced herself to the tall, elderly, though refined man standing in the main lobby of the Council building.  She held out a hand, and offered him a polite smile.

The stranger stared back at her, his light blue colored eyes wide, with what appeared to be supreme shock.  He blinked a few times, completely ignoring the hand held out to him.  His gaze moved from the top of her head, to the bottom of her feet.  His expression turned to a frown.

The witch stepped back, and asked in concern, “I’m sorry, is there something wrong?”

The elderly man slowly shook his head, and then returned her earlier smile.  “My apologies, Miss. Rosenberg.”  He stepped closer, and took her hand in a firm handshake.  “I was not expecting you.”  It was not exactly a lie.  “I was under the impression I was going to meet with a Mr. Alexander Harris?”

“He’s been delayed with a situation in the U.S.”  Willow explained with her head cocked to the side.  She observed his aura.  He was spooked for some reason, and it had nothing to do with the absence of Xander.  “I’ve been briefed completely on the Freaks, and the microchips.  I speak for the Council on this matter.  Will that be a problem Mr…?”

The elderly man bowed his head to her, his lips turned up slightly at the corners.  “Please address me by my given name…Walter…and no, there is no problem, expect I must beg your pardon.  The meeting, regrettably will be delayed.  Sir Hellsing wishes to extend her apologies.  She would like to be present for this meeting, but she was detained from joining us at this time.  Could we reschedule a new time today, perhaps for five this afternoon?”

The red head gave a nod of agreement.  It would give her a chance to learn more about the Hellsing Organization.  “I don’t see why not Walter.  Mr. Giles and Miss. Summers will be out for most of the day, but they will send me a report on their meeting.  I will be able to brief Sir Hellsing on the details later.”

Walter smiled again, his eyes warm as he stared at her.  “I must head back now.  Would you mind if we had the meeting at the Hellsing Manor Miss. Rosenberg?”

“No, of course I don’t mind Walter.  I’ll be there at five this afternoon.”

“Thank you Miss. Rosenberg…until then, have a good day.”

Willow led Walter back to the front doors of the Council building.  She stepped outside, and waved goodbye as his vehicle disappeared down the lane, to the main road.

“Wow, that was fast.”  Dawn commented from the open doors.

Willow turned on the steps, facing the younger woman.  “I know Dawn…actually, there was no meeting.”  She explained; her hands crossed behind her back as she rolled on the heels of her feet.  “He asked to reschedule our meeting.  Apparently, Sir Hellsing would like to be present, and could not make it at this time.  What a waste of a drive.”

Dawn scoffed at that bit of reasoning.  “Why didn’t the guy just call ahead?” she pointed out on a huff.  “All he had to do was pick up the phone.”

“I don’t know…” the witch replied with a thoughtful look on her face.  She recalled the look of Walter’s aura; the shock the man felt.  “…something’s up.”

“Yeah, he did seem really surprised to see you, ya’ know, and I don’t think it had anything to do with Xander not being here.”  Dawn remarked as she tapped her chin with a finger.  “Do you think he might know who you are, you, the big Wicca?”

Willow dismissed the conclusion with a shake of her head.  “No, there’s no way he could have.  I made sure that all mentions of the Scooby gang were deleted.  Our records are clean.  Anything else that might be out there, Riley has classified.  Anyone who wants to know about us, has to ask permission from the Heads of the New Slayer Council first; which is the Scooby gang…No, something else about me spooked him…me, personally.  Too bad I only found out this morning I would be taking this case, I haven’t had much time to research…and what I found is not much at all.  I spend some time this afternoon on the computer, and see what else I can dig up.”

Dawn frowned, eyes narrowed.  “I just didn’t like his reaction to you.  It was, like, just rude.”

Willow grinned.  “Yeah, I know.  Don’t worry, I have an appointment at the Hellsing Manor for five o’clock today.  I guess I find out the reason for his rudeness then, won’t I?”


Sir Integra Hellsing glanced up from the papers she was working on, and she frowned at the second brisk knock at the office door.  She had left strict instructions that she was not to be disturbed.

“Come in!”  she snapped; and then her brow rose with surprise at the sight before her.  There, standing past the threshold of the office, stood the family retainer.  “Walter?  What are you doing?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but did you not have a meeting at the New Slayers Council?”

Walter, being the Hellsing butler; among other things, bowed to the lady before entering the room.  He carried a thick file under his arm.  “I did Sir Integra.  I took the liberty of rescheduling the meeting for five this afternoon, here at Hellsing Manor.”

“Really?”  she questioned with a sharp look.  “Why is that?”

He walked up to her desk, and held out the file to her.  “We have a little problem Sir Integra.”

“A problem?” she asked as she opened the file.  On the top page was a picture of a young red haired woman.  The girl looked familiar.  She pulled the photo out, and looked at the sheets of paper in the file.  Most of the information gathered in the file was blackened; as if the Intel was classified.  Why would such a young woman have a thick classified file such as this?  “What problem?”

“The picture is of Miss. Rosenberg…”  Walter told her.  He waited a beat, then he continued, “or should I address her as Miss. Willow Hellsing?”

Sir Integra’s gaze zeroed back to the picture again.  Oh god, that’s way she looked so familiar!  She almost chocked with the shock as she cried out, “What!?”
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