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Harry Potter and the Vampire Named Angelus

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Summary: Harry sings at a demon bar to get his future told by a demon. There he meets Angel, the ensouled vampire.

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Harry Potter > Angel-Centered(Past Donor)AomizuokoFR71721033,0157 Jan 077 Jan 07Yes
Disclaimer: I have no claim to the Angel show. Anything from this except for the song is not mine. I did however make up the song.
A/N: this is another one of those oneshot fics which I thought people could add onto. My idea here is that a character from which ever fandom you can think of sings at Lornes bar, and each story is collected by Lorne. As a pawn of the PTB however, lorne must do nothing but point people in the right direction. This idea is much like Xander's bar story called "Tales from the Barman..." written by many authors however origninated from the wonderful writer, Methos.

Methos, if you would rather me not post this, please send me an email right away. Thank you for giving me this idea and you are within your rights to demand that I take this fanfic down. I will respectfully do so if you wish. Hope to read more of your writing soon! Thanks!

Now, On to the story!

~L.A. Unknown Location~

The music was slow. Harry closed his eyes as he sat on the stool. The violin played a sad melody. He waited for the drums to begin. The microphone in his hands shook slightly- he was nervous. The demon had assured him that no one would hurt him, that this was a peaceful place. Then again, you could never really trust any sort of demon, no matter what their aura felt like.

Harry opened his eyes and glanced around. It was a dark place, most of the demons hid under the shadow. They all stared and waited for him to begin.

“Lost in the darkness.” He started when the drums did a low, quiet beat. His voice grabbed every ones attention. All had the same thought in their mind, he was the best singer out here.

“Lost in the pain,

Died long ago,

Though it doesn’t seem so,

Don’t why I’m here.

Still breathing,

Still speaking,

Don’t let them back in,

It hurts too much,

It hurts too much to let the pain back in.”

Harry’s voice grew higher and higher as he sang each verse.

“Oh Merlin,

Why’d you give me this wicked thing?

This destiny I will fight,

Again and again?

Oh Merlin,

Why must I suffer so?

What have done to deserve

This somber life?

Oh Merlin,

Oh Merlin,

Please let me free.

Oh Merlin

Oh Merlin

Please let me go.”

The violins stopped then and Harry stood up leaving the stage while the audience clapped for his perfect performance. As he stepped down Harry hit his nose on something hard. “Ouch” he muttered rubbing his nose and he looked up to see who or what he had run into.

“sorry” he mumbled and stared up at the supposed demon, only he wasn’t really a demon, he looked quite human actually.

“You okay kid?” the guy asked. Harry blinked and nodded looking into the guys eyes. There was something in them. A something that Harry knew all too well.

“Fine.” Harry said. “I’m Harry by the way.” He said sticking out his hands. He hesitated but then spoke again, “Harry Potter.”

The man took the hand and smiled when Harry winced at the icy cold skin. “Angel.” The guy said.

Harry blinked, why did the name 'Angel' sound familiar? He shrugged. ‘oh well,’ Harry thought. He sighed, “well guess I’ll see you around then.”

Angel smiled, “Maybe.” He turned and he walked away, as if he were never there in the first place making Harry blink again. He shook his head and walked the opposite direction from where Angel had gone to. He found Lorne within minutes.

“Hi sweet-cakes” the green demon smiled at Harry though he knew it was a fake one.

“So what’d you see?” Harry asked.

The demon avoided his eyes, “Oh, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.” He made gestures with his hands as he spoke.

Harry raised his eyebrows. “This was a waste of time.” He muttered turning to leave.

The demon stared at Harry, “You wouldn’t want to know sweet-heart. I’d warn you to stay away from Angel Investigations though.”

Harry blinked. “Okay…” he thought, accidentally speaking what was in his mind.

The demon smiled sympathetically at Harry and walked away. In the distance Harry heard the same guy from earlier call the demon ‘Lorne.’

Once again Harry sighed and he walked out. What a waste of time.


The End

You have reached the end of "Harry Potter and the Vampire Named Angelus". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking