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Fountain of Life

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Summary: Amanda meets up with two of our favorite vampires - set sometime before Angel gets souled the first time.

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Highlander > General(Site Founder)JinniFR1512,377021,29111 Jun 0311 Jun 03Yes
Title: Fountain of Life
Author: Jinni (
Rated: PG13
Genre: BtVS/HL Crossover.
Disclaimer: The copyrighted characters within this story remain firmly in the hands of their individual copyright holders.
Distribution: WLS, WLF, NHA, BMP, TTH, TNL
Author’s Note: Just a little idea my muse was kicking around.


The museum was quiet, one dead guard on the floor near the entrance where he had been unlucky enough to happen upon two determined men.

Or, at least, he had thought they were men. They had seemed like men at first until –

His sword had been useless against their lightning quick speed and he had fallen where he stood, neck snapped – eyes staring dully at the ceiling overhead.

“Dru wants something nice, Angelus. Not some paltry trinket.” A voice floated through the dark, closed museum.

“And we’ll find her something nice, William. Calm yourself.”

The shorter, blonde haired man turned to his companion, a steely glint in his eyes. “You know what’ll happen if she doesn’t like it, right?”

“Another night of her risking our safety running about killing everything in sight?” The dark haired man made a face. Even he had taste, it seemed. The Scourge of Europe was a scourge, but not a scourge that killed a child in the middle of a hundred other people with torches. That was just stupid.

But that would be exactly what Drusilla would do if they didn’t find a ‘prezzie’ for her that was worthy. Some fancy little bauble that would shine and sparkle for her. Just like her eyes, he’d tell her – even though she wouldn’t care for the compliment. She only had eyes for William right now. He was her Childe, and a new one at that – only a few months old. And, for that time, he was what she woke each night for.

“How about this?” William held up a vase that was easily a few hundred years older than he was.

Angelus made a face. “She’ll break it and then whine about her ‘prezzie’ being broken, William. Find something harder to break.”

The younger vampire shrugged, tossing the vase over his shoulder. It hit the wall, shattering into a million little pieces with a tinkling sound that rang throughout the empty museum.

“Let’s find something then, shall we?”


In the back of the museum the sound of the vase breaking was just the merest whisper – but to the silent, black-clad woman that stood near one of the display cases, it was like thunder amidst the silence. She cursed, backing up to stand in the shadows. The guard would be coming to investigate, she was sure of that. The question was – could she make it back to the window she had come in through and away from the museum itself before he got all the way back here?


“Looks like you might die tonight, Amanda,” she laughed to herself. It wouldn’t be the first time. Or the last. It was the price one paid to get their hands on some of the most exquisitely beautiful artwork in the world. She already knew of buyers for half of the things she had her eyes on for taking tonight. And the other half could either be a part of her own, private collection – or gifts for friends. Perhaps Duncan would like a one-of-a-kind belt buckle, worn by some king somewhere before it was taken off of his dead body – or stolen from his still living one.

Moments ticked by, creeping slowly as time always does when one wishes it to pass by quickly, and yet no guard came. Amanda eased out of the shadows of the room, glancing around curiously. She could hear movement and voices nearby, but they did not sound like that of the guard.

With stealthy movements honed by years of training and practice, the thief slipped silently over to the doorway of the room she was in, poking her head cautiously into the room beyond. There was no one there, either. The process was repeated one more time – and that was when she saw them. Two of them. Apparently thieves like herself, though they lacked in good taste. The smaller of the two, a blonde that some would call handsome, was destroying many of the items he picked up – years of history being trashed right before her very eyes.

This wasn’t her problem, though. If they chose to behave like common street thieves, then so be it. She wasn’t common and she would not be acting like it. These articles were priceless, and even those that weren’t worth her time to take were still treasures that the rest of the world deserved to be able to see and behold.

“Until such time as you finally decide they’re worth your time, right?” She whispered to herself, backing away from the room and scrambling back to where she had left her pack. The night was wearing on too long. Time to get what she had come for and be gone from this place – preferably before those two in the front realized that she was there with them.


“There’s someone else here.”

William looked up from the necklace he had been considering, raising his eyebrows. “Another guard?”

Angelus shook his head. “It’s a woman. And she moves too silently to be a guard.”

“A thief, then?”

A cruel smile slid over the dark haired vampire’s face, just seconds before his demon came out to the fore. “I’m feeling a bit parched after all this browsing – what say we go introduce ourselves to the maiden?”


The last piece was in place, her ‘shopping’ done for the night. Amanda smiled, bundling up the pack as small as she could without damaging the items that were inside of it. She pulled the ropes tight, adjusting them until she was sure that her precious cargo would be secure.

“What have we here? A lovely young lass, lost her way?”

“And her dress, from the looks of it.”

Amanda stiffened, her back to the voices. It was the two men from the front of the museum. She stood slowly, mindful of the sword that was still sheathed on her back, over top of the black body-stocking she had fashioned for herself for escapades like this. She turned, hands in front of her as if to say ‘I’m defenseless’ – only to find herself staring into the eyes of two of the accursed creatures her own teacher had warned her about more than once. Creatures of the darkness she had called them. With faces like the great ridges of mountains and glowing demonic eyes.

She backed up a step, instinct taking over. Cruel and vicious, her teacher had told her. They had no souls to keep them in check. They were things of nightmare and legend. Vampires. She shuddered, something that did not go unnoticed by the two that were watching her.

“Aw, c’mon now, pet. We won’t hurt you – much.”

Amanda reached for her sword, not even having a chance to unsheathe it before one of them had grabbed her arm, wrenching it backwards with a force that made her dizzy. She stumbled, falling into the second vampire. His breath was pungently disgusting; reeking of a smell she knew all too well – stale blood. She cringed, unable to resist the show of weakness it presented.

But, when first one set, and then another set, of sharp fangs descended into her flesh – she did not scream.

They didn’t deserve that much pleasure.


“William! We’ve been here for hours. Choose something for Dru and let’s be gone. That girl was a good snack but I need a full meal.”

William looked up from the display case he had just smashed in. “Fine, fine. But if Dru doesn’t like what we pick out because we were all hurry-hurry, don’t blame ---“

He stopped, mouth still open as he beheld the site behind his Grandsire. “I thought we killed her.”

Angelus turned to look at what had caught William’s attention, staring in amazement at the slowly rousing thief they had killed not even twenty minutes before.

“We did.” He agreed. “Mayhaps there’s more to this scantily clad trollop than meets the eye.”

Said ‘trollop’ glared up at him, inching slowly backwards.

“She doesn’t even look like we touched her. No marks.” William commented, forgetting Drusilla’s present for the moment. “You think –“

“Only one way to find out,” Angelus shrugged. He lunged for her, grabbing onto her arm before she could get away. His fangs sank into her flesh, drawing a pained gasp from her lips. He pulled away, smirking as he licked blood-coated lips. “She’s full again. I think we’ve found a better treasure than anything in this old place, my boy.”

William arched an eyebrow, his own lips curling into a grin. “So knock her out and let’s get out of here. Dru’ll like having someone to dress up all pretty-like anyway.”

“You hear that, girl?” Angelus snarled, yanking her back by the hair. “You get to come home with us.”

Her mouth opened, eyes deadly dark with fury. But she never got a chance to say a word as Angelus took that moment to use William’s advice, knocking her out with a quick knock to the head.


This was not happening, Amanda told herself silently. She didn’t want to open her eyes for fear that her captors would, once again, realize that she was awake and ready to be used as a never ending fountain of blood. They were disgusting animals! Using her like this. It was worse than being –

Alright – maybe it wasn’t as bad as being a whore. Or just as bad. Yes, ‘just as bad’ covered it nicely. Whore or dinner, it was all the same. They just wanted her body.

She slowly opened her eyes, unsurprised to see that she had been tied up. To a bed, nonetheless. Tilting her head to the side she could see dolls and, on the nightstand, a tiny toy tea set. It was a child’s room, she could only guess. They had probably killed the family and taken the house as their own. That’s what murdering scum such as they did. It was how they ‘lived’.

Without her sword there was little chance for escape. Amanda doubted they would grow foolish enough to allow her to have a weapon of any type. Nothing sharp or pointy. And they had figured out about her Immortality already – even if they didn’t know the specifics of it. They would never believe now that she had died or committed suicide. They would, sadly enough, just wait for her to wake up.

A door opened nearby, and in the darkness she could see that it was the one for this room. She struggled against the bonds that held her, unwilling to go blindly into their mouths again without some sort of fight.

“You’ll hurt yourself like that, little doll.”

Amanda blinked, sitting up as best she could to look into the room. There was a woman, dressed in flowing white, standing at the foot of the bed. Her long, dark hair was held back by clips on either side, and she had dark, haunted looking eyes.

“I’m not a doll.”

The woman tilted her head to the side, a small smile curling at one corner of her mouth.

“No, you aren’t, are you?” She settled onto the edge of the bed, her eyes never leaving Amanda’s face. “You make my head hurt.”

Amanda raised an eyebrow at her. The woman wasn’t an Immortal – she would have felt her enter if she was. But she wasn’t human either.

“Yes, you make my head hurt. I told daddy to take you back. To take you away. But he wouldn’t do that. He said you’re my prezzie. That you’ll feed me forever and always. Like a fountain bubbling up from the ground.” She made a face, standing to look down over Amanda. “But the stars say that I can’t keep you. You will keep going and going and going. . . and my head will just keep hurting.”

Amanda bit the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing at the obviously deranged vampire. This was the ‘Dru’ she had heard the other two mention more than once, she guessed. And ‘Dru’ hardly seemed able to take care of herself. She was rubbing at her head now, a pained expression on her face. Perhaps at one time the creature had been bound for her own Immortality. That had been taken away by the Dark magic that flowed through her veins now. That was the only explanation the Immortal could come up with for why being near her made Dru’s ‘head hurt’.

“You have to go,” Dru hissed suddenly, yanking at the ropes. “While they’re gone. You have to go. Get away. You hurt me!”

“Whatever you say!” Amanda nodded furiously, rubbing at her wrists as they were freed. The bonds holding her legs down gave way under the female vampire’s irate tearing, and within seconds Amanda was out of the bed and running towards the door. She didn’t have her sword and knew better than to even hope that they had taken it with her when they had taken her from the museum. It was a treasured item to her, but she could get another.

At least now she was free.

She didn’t spare a backwards glance to Dru, running through the house and out into the night air. The others could be back at any time and she wanted to be far, far away when that happened. Maybe London would be a good place this time of year. Or the States. Somewhere far from here and these creatures.

She stumbled out, into the roads, taking only a second to orientate herself before she fled with all the speed she could manage. Her flat was waiting, and with it money and a change of clothes. She would travel in the morning, with the sun to protect her.

And, she vowed as she slipped through the nighttime streets, one day she would seek out those two and exact her own brand of revenge on them for the pain they caused. Not tonight. Or tomorrow. Maybe not for a decade or three, when the emotional scars of being ‘eaten’ time and again faded. She wasn’t in a hurry, though. Her revenge could wait.

She had all the time in the world, after all.

~*~The End~*~

The End

You have reached the end of "Fountain of Life". This story is complete.

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