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Time For A Hero

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Summary: Jack has dreams about another world, and falls in love without knowing it. Oneshot fic, a Pirates of the Caribbean X-over

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Movies > Pirates of the Caribbean > Dawn-Centered(Past Donor)AomizuokoFR71518161,4567 Jan 077 Jan 07Yes
Disclaimer: I am making no money off of this story. If I was, why would it be here?

A/N: Hi all, as I will not be updating this story I urge one or all of you to take on this plot. I thought it was a good idea, and a good stand alone but I also felt like it was missing something. If any of you can think of better ways to tie Jack and Dawn together, in a oneshot fanfiction with any langths of words than I give you this story in which you may add any chapters. Please be sure to warn people what kind of content is in your part of the story and be sure to read other chapters so that the same thing is not repeated twice. Also this may be used as a basesis of another full langth story that you may wish to write but please, link to me. Thank you

Jack was dreaming again, it was the same dream he’d had since he’d come across the map to the key.

She was jumping, into hell. Or maybe it was heaven; he couldn’t really be sure where she was going. The girls companion, the blond, tried to take her place but the other girl, the one who he knew to be named Dawn- who he knew also to be something called the Key- wouldn’t let her. She said something about the Slayer being needed, about how hard it was to live on her world. The words spoken were too mature for a girl her age.

Jack was helpless to stop the girl, and for some reason he didn’t really want to. He somehow knew she’d be safe, and happy.

Time and again Jack wondered why he cared about this young girl, who haunted his dreams, who died every night. Sometimes Jack found it impossible to keep his mind off of the girl- she was from another world, she was hurt, but she was happy, she was with family.

Sometimes Jack could’ve sworn that the dream was real, that he was there fighting the good fight along with the lot around here.

He saw her jump again, an odd smile of relief gracing her lips though that relief seemed to be cast out as soon as it appeared her mouth opened into a wide ‘O’ as she screamed silently. He saw her hit the ground, he saw people come up to her and start to cry. He saw something he didn’t see in the last dreams he had about this odd world.

The blond one looked at him; he did not know what she saw. Three simple yet powerful words were spoken to him, “Take care of her” her voice was strong and confidant.

Jack was startled by the fact that she’d even seen him, let alone spoke to him. Usually the girl, the one he knew to be the Slayer and the little girl’s older sister, would ignore him completely as the others did, but now they were coming towards him, and his heart began to pound. Jack could feel something was wrong.

They were closing in on him; he was backing into the tower’s steps. They were all speaking the same words all at different time. There was too many of them, the voices grew louder repeating the Sisters words.

“Take care of her”.

The blond man starred at him with haunted eyes. He stared into Jack’s soul. “She needs you.” He said then everything disappeared and Jack returned to the cold, empty black that was his mind.

When he woke up Jack was startled to see the girl passed out on the floor. Her maroon dress ripped, her skin was pale and her eyes closed. He knew who she was. He thought she was someone he made up, like that world he’d just been in not a minute ago, but he knew that she was lying on the ground beneath him. He knew she was important.

She was the key, and he was to be her protector.

The End

You have reached the end of "Time For A Hero". This story is complete.

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