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The Other Sister

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Summary: The Goa'uld threat is spreading rapidly, feeling a bit outgunned, SGC starts looking to increase it defenses from home. The Initiative is willing to drop a name for a price; but what happens when it is Sam's sister? Response to the Problem Child Challenge

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Stargate > Buffy-CenteredheathenseyesFR151247,05025376135,5769 Jan 0714 Apr 13No

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: I own nada of either the SG or Buffy verses.

Intro: The Goa'uld threat is spreading rapidly, feeling a bit out gunned, SGC starts looking to increase it defenses from home. The Initiative is willing to drop a name for a price; but what happens when it is Sam's sister? Response to the Problem Child Challenge


The burly bounty hunter, Aris Boch, smiled wryly at the people before him. "I thought we were on the same side. I gave Carter a sample of the roshnah so that she could find a way for us to be free of the Goa'uld drug."

"Sure we are," Jack rocked on his heels, "but you did shoot Carter...." One hand rested negligently on the butt of his P-90 as he spoke, the distrust of the other man evident in his eyes.

"For some reason I have the feeling that you all don't really trust me still."

"Gee, I don't see why you would feel that," sarcasm dripped from Jack's honeyed tone as he began ticking off reasons with one hand, "though, it could possibly have to do with that whole trapping us thing, then almost blowing up part of my team, shooting Carter-"

"Hey, I only stunned the capt-" at the look that Carter shot the hunter, Boch quickly corrected his statement, "Major, I mean."

"Shut up, I'm monologuing," the colonel frowned, "where was I... oh, yeah, shooting Carter, recapturing us, which I knew you were going to do so you can't even say that it's because you’re such a great blah blah blah, and you having been a pain in my ass today. No to mention that you blew up the U.A.V., which was the reason we originally had to come out here, and, my personal favorite, let's not forget that you have been working for the Goa'uld for several years."


"No. Boch, we're being all nice and letting you use the gate first to go where ever you were thinking about going to. Granted the decision could have something to do with the fact, and I'm sure that Korra would be happy to agree, that we would rather you didn't see the addresses we plan on dialing," the hunter didn't make a move towards the dial and stood smiling at the glare Jack directed towards him. "Go on, scoot."

Jack made shoeing motions with his hands and Boch's smile widened. He was tired of the Goa'uld employed bounty hunter and the itch he felt between his shoulders blades around the other man.

Stepping forwards Boch dialed the address and the group watched him warily as he walked towards the glowing orifice. He stopped just before the gate and turned back to his watchers. "I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other again. Major Carter, I hope you have some good news for me when we do." With that he waved and stepped through the gate.

"Okay, kiddies, are we all ready? Yes? Good." Stepping forwards Jack had made it five feet from the dialing device before he stopped and swore. "Damn it, we forgot about the memory chip!" Turning back to his team he found Carter already starting back up their earlier trail.

"I've got it, sir." Carter said.

"I shall accompany MajorCarter, O'Neill, I find myself needing some, as I believe you would say, fresh air."

As the Jaffa left, Jack shook his head. "We should tell him that the whole fresh air thing doesn't really work when you’re the fresh air," he said to no one in particular and turned towards the Tok'ra. Jack raised a questioning eyebrow as he noticed the man leaning again a near by tree. "Hey there Korra, you're lookin' kinda green around the gills. You hanging in there ok?"

"I am well, Colonel O'Neill, but shall rest while they are gone." The dark man's head dropped in exhaustion and his eyes fluttered closed.

Jack regarded him for several moments before looking at Daniel. "I think we’ll just let him nap."

Daniel sighed as he kneeled down and took out the notebook from his backpack, jotting down a couple of notes about what Boch and Korra had said about the bounty hunter's people. An entire race resistant to Goa'uld blending; incredible.

An hour later, Daniel was still kneeling on the ground. Taking notes down about the hunter's enhanced physiology made him think about what Sam had spoken to him about nearly a month ago.

Sam has a sister, a sister who had claimed to be a Slayer.

He couldn't quite place why the name bugged him so much, why it kept pulling at his memory. His notebook was gripped loosely in one hand while in his other hand the pen that he was holding stood in danger of falling. His eyes unfocused as he stared into the depths of the forest while he made an attempt to organize his thoughts. They were a rather jumbled mess with only one actual focused thought; the Slayer. Where had he heard it before? The Slayer, the Slayer, the-

"Slayer," the word was whispered so softly that Jack paused mid-poke, his finger hovering inches away from the distracted archaeologist's shoulder. Even though the Colonel was less then a foot away from the younger man the word had been spoken so quietly that he had almost missed it. Almost would have said the younger man had simply sighed; almost.

"Kill who?" The question broke Daniel out of his reverie. Shooting startled look at Jack, Jackson hurriedly pushed his notebook into the pack and stood, making an attempt at nonchalance as he dusted the dirt from his hands.

Daniel hadn't been aware that he had even said the word aloud. The word... the name... the Slayer. He ground his teeth in frustration. Since a month ago, when Sam had confided the small tidbit about her past, Daniel had made numerous attempts to research the name and each time he hadn’t been able too for one reason or another. Had he been religious, he would have said that something was trying to stop him. But, since he wasn’t religious, he wasn’t even going to think it. Yeah, sure.

"Come on, Danny," Jack prompted. The Colonel had been disgruntled to find out that Danny had been ignoring him while he had spoken to him about fishing and fishing baits when he had first noticed that Daniel wasn't longer paying attention to him, or at least more then normal when ever he talked about fishing. The archeologist off in his own little la-la land once again. However, it was the first time that the Space Monkey had suddenly started talking about killing people while in la-la land and had been unsettling to say the least. "Kill who?"

"What?" Daniel was making an attempt to ignore the Colonel and scanned the trees for signs of Teal'c and Carter.

"You said slay her."

"What are you talking about, Jack? I didn't say anything." Sweat had started beading Daniel's brow and he could feel it trickle down his back as his nervousness increased, this was really the last conversation he wanted to have with Jack, especially when Sam could show up at any moment. What she had mentioned her sister calling herself, the Slayer, had been nagging at the back of his mind, and he was itching to find out why. However, Jackson found himself incredibly unwilling to tell the Major that he was pretty certain that he had read something about a mythical being before, one called by that very name, and especially not when it might mean that the poor girl hadn't been insane. Daniel really didn't think that Sam could handle that, or at least, not right now.

"Yeah, you did."

"No, I didn't."

"Did too."

"Did not."





"You did," Jack shook his head in disagreement, having the air of a man who, for once, was entirely in the right.

Daniel looked frantically around, he swore he could hear footsteps, glancing at his watch his eyes widened and he breathed out in relief.

Jack shot him a look, but, continued. “You said sla-"

"Wow, look at the time, if we don't hurry up, you'll miss the Simpson’s."

"Who cares about the..." Jacks words trailed as realization set in. Taking a look at his own watch he swore as the alarm chose that moment to chime. "Damn it, I'm supposed to be making popcorn right now. Where the hell are Carter and Teal'c?"

He looked around, scanning the foliage for a sign of the missing team mates.

"Knew I should have gone with her, she's probably found some plant that she has to just have a sample of... Oh, God, she's probably cataloging something right now!" Daniel fought to hide the smile tugging at his lips at the worry he heard in his friend's voice.

Apparently, the archaeologist hadn't done a good enough job of distracting Jack though as the Colonel turned back towards him and glared at the younger man.

For his part, Jackson did his best to look innocent, and failed miserably.

"Danny boy, you have to have a lot more practice before I fall for that 'I don't know what you're talking about' look." Glancing away Jack scanned the line of trees surrounding them, smiling as he saw Teal'c and Carter. O’Neill shot an amused look at the younger man. "And don’t even try the puppy dog eyes or the innocent look. I'm not forgetting about this, you just have a temporary reprieve."

"A reprieve from what?" Sam asked catching the tail end of his sentence, in her hands there was a small memory chip, nearly the size of her palm, looking incredibly charred.

"Six hours for to retrieve a frickin' piece of plastic." The colonel groused, glaring at the burnt data chip.

"Sir, the engineer said-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know what the geeks, no offense Carter, said. Hammond told me before sending us on this little jaunt. Get the memory chips and they can make the U.A.V.'s better, they can make them stronger, and for only 4.95 in shipping and a forty thousand monthly payments of 12.95, you too can own a flying thingy that goes all klabowie when hit close range by a missile."

"Well, sir, it's not a total waste. We did meet Boch." Sam said optimistically.

"And we saved a Tok'ra." Added Daniel, happy for the diversion.

"Yeah, great. We meet a bounty hunter who was intelligent enough to destroy the U.A.V. to lure us here in order to use us to capture another Goa'uld, who was actually a Tok'ra agent, and then Teal'c gives himself up to take the Tok'ra's place. No offense, Korra, I'm sure that your a great guy and all, but, I'm exactly to pleased about almost losing a member of my team because Sokar wanted you."

"I take no offense, Colonel O'Neill, and thank you and your team for rescuing me."

"So, what brought you out all this way anyhow?"

"I am unsure of whether I am allowed to speak of it." Korra's eyes flickered towards the sky and he absently rubbed at a small scar on his arm; Jack rather thought he appeared a mite nervous, though whether it was over being almost turned over to Sokar or sharing the information the Tok'ra had learned, the Colonel couldn't tell.

O'Neill threw his arm around the taller man and smiled broadly, when ever in doubt... think of something really quick. "Oh, don't worry; I'm sure that when we get back to the SGC that you can share all the gritty details with us before you head back home. After all, you have a lot of injuries and it would only be neighborly and all if good old doc Frasier took a look at you, which means that you'll have plenty of time to talk to me."

They began making their way back towards the gate when Sam remembered that her question hadn't been answered.

"So, what did we miss?"

“Oh, nothing much, just Danny talking ‘bout death and dismemberment. You know just another apocalyptic Tuesday.” Jack said as he started walking towards the gate. He had made it several steps before he realized that no one was behind him. “What?”

“You said apocalyptic.” The shock was evident in Daniel’s voice, the feeling reflected in Sam’s surprised brown eyes.

Jack gave a long suffering sigh. “Yes, I know some big words, no, I don’t just sit around and watch T.V all day and now, I would like if you all could get moving so I don’t miss the Simpson’s.” With the remark, Jack turned with out another word and walked off, disappearing through the brush that led to the gate.

“Danny?!?” Came an impatient shout a moment later. “Will you hurry up and dial the damn thing!”

There was a moment of silence and Daniel started mentally counting down in his head; five, four, three, two, one…


“And there he goes.” Carter said, smiling.

Daniel looked over at Carter who was looking at a small vial in her hands. “Hey, isn’t that…”

“Yes. It’s incredible,” Sam said as she held the small vial aloft, in the fading light the liquid contents gave of a soft blue nimbus. “Boch’s race is entirely humanoid in appearance, but completely resistant to symbiosis with the Goa’uld. God, what I would give to find out how they differ from us and what makes them incompatible to the Goa’uld physiology.”

“Well jeez, Carter, would you like us to go back and see if we find Boch out and can him knock out, perhaps you could dissect him real quick.” O’Neill said as he stood before them, tapping his foot as the two trailing figures drew closer. Teal’c already standing a safe distance from the gate, evidently ready to leave as well.

“Sir, they are completely inhospitable for the Goa’uld as hosts-“

“I’ll break out a flag. Come on people, let’s get a move on.” The colonel tightened the straps on his pack and looked expectantly and the archaeologist. “Gonna dial that thing up any time soon?”

Jackson rolled his eyes but started dialing in the sequence, ignoring Jack who was leaned over and looking over Daniel’s shoulder as he punched the symbols in.

“Jack,” he finally said, stepping back and causing the colonel to stumble back, “I’m not dialing it if you keep looking over my shoulder.”

The blond man shot him and innocent look and Daniel sighed as he entered the last symbol. Jack had been right, he was going to have to practice that look some more, he hadn’t mastered it nearly as well as O’Neill.


**Whew!! That was a pain to write. For all of those who wanted longer chapters, I must say, I think I hurt myself with this one, it's the longest I've done to date and now I have some serious finger cramps. Hope you enjoyed. Please review and let me know what you think.

And just in case any were wondering, I'll have Buffy entering soon. Though she won't be meeting the group just yet as the mystery unfolds.

Anyway, thanks. Hope every one enjoyed and please review, they make my day.
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