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A Whisper in the Night.

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This story is No. 7 in the series "The Seattle Slayers.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow receives a phone call asking for help. Lesbian relationship, including scenes showing a happy well-adjusted family life. Also some Ghosts, Vampire Slaying and magic.

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Television > Ghost Whisperer(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR15615,1221158,0109 Jan 0717 Jan 07Yes

Chapter Six.

Chapter Six.

Jim slammed on the brakes of the ambulance, nearly putting his partner Bobby through the windscreen. The woman smashed into the front of the vehicle and bounced off into the darkness leaving the girl who had thrown her into the path of the ambulance standing alone in the middle of the road with blood oozing from her face.

Jim flung open his door and jumped down from the cab.

“What the hell do…”

The words died in his mouth as he noticed the vehicle that was resting on its roof next to him belonged to his wife.

“She’s over there.” Eve pointed into the darkness as a police car pulled up behind the ambulance. Jim looked from Eve into the dark.

“Go to her!” Exclaimed Eve pointing.

Jim ran into the night in search of his wife as Bobby came around the front of the ambulance and moved towards Eve.

“I’m okay,” Said the Slayer as Bobby tried to treat the cuts on her face, “Miss Willow’s still in our car, she’s unconscious.”


Kennedy replaced the cork in the empty bottle and put it on the kitchen counter.

“That ought to do it.” She said, she looked up at her trainee Slayers, “Someone going to help me get her into the car?”

“CAR?” The three girls said in near perfect harmony.

“Yes,” Replied Kennedy, “Her car,” She nodded towards the heavily drugged woman.

“You hid her car in our garage?” Asked Shannon incredulously.

“Yeah,” Explained Kennedy, “Miss Willow has our car, and I knew I’d need to dispose of…” She gestured towards the woman.

“Oh-yeah.” Agreed Tina.

“I see.” Said Shannon.

“Dispose…” Said Sally wistfully.


“How do you feel?” Asked Eve as she sat beside Willow’s hospital bed.

“If it wasn’t for all the nasty little men,” Willow groaned, “With their hammers using my head for an anvil…I think I’ll live.”

Willow forced a smile, and then she noticed the dressing on Eve’s face.

“Are you okay sweetie?” She asked concerned.

“Vampire slashed my cheek with her nails,” Eve replied putting a hand to her face, “I’ll heel. Other than a few bumps and grazes…I’ll be fine.”

“Good,” Willow sighed with relief, “What about Melinda?”

“Concussion, cuts, bruises, no bones broken,” Eve listed the woman’s injuries. “She’ll look and feel like hell for a while but she’ll survive.”

“And the vamp?” Whispered Willow.

“Disappeared.” Replied Eve.


Erin felt herself fly through the air and then slam into the road surface. Rolling to her feet she turned to look for the Slayer. For a moment the headlights of the ambulance blinded her. She could hear people shouting and running about, she saw a police cruiser pull up behind the ambulance.

“SHIT!” She hissed.

Now there were too many humans around for her to safely make her kill, especially with a Slayer nearby. She trotted further into the darkness before turning again to observe the scene. They would take the injured to the hospital she mused to herself.

“I wonder what time visiting hours are?” The Vampire giggled insanely as she ran along the road heading for Grandview.


Erin drove the pick-up into the parking lot of Grandview’s Mercy Hospital and parked in a darkened corner of the lot. Getting out of the vehicle she threw an old blanket over the body of the pick-ups previous owner and walked towards the rear of the hospital.

Entering the building by a service entrance she started to sniff out her prey.

It was only when she was in the light of the hospital corridors that she noticed the state of her clothes. She looked down at herself.

“Darn!” She exclaimed, “An’ this was one of my favourite outfits.” She whined.

Walking a little further she caught sight of a nurse who looked about her height.

“Excuse me nurse!” Erin called; there was no one else about.

“Yes?” Replied the nurse, turning towards Erin.

“I…I…” Erin collapsed onto the floor.

The nurse ran over and knelt down next to Erin, the Vampire reached up as the nurse bent over her and snapped the woman’s neck. Springing to her feet again the Vampire dragged her latest victim into a nearby janitor’s closet.

Five minutes later Erin re-emerged from the closet dressed in nurse’s scrubs and clutching a clip-board, she had also taken the opportunity of scrubbing her face and hands clean. She stopped at a junction where two corridors met and took a deep breath in through her nose. Just there on the edge of her senses she could smell the Ghost Whisperer.


Eve dozed in the chair by Willow’s bed when something started to tingle at the back of her brain. She shifted uneasily in her chair but the feeling would not go away. Moments later her eyes sprang open.

“Vamp.” She whispered.

“Wha?” Mumbled Willow coming slowly awake.

“Vampire Miss Willow,” Gasped the girl, “I’ve got to…”

“Go on then.” Instructed Willow pointing weakly towards the door.

Eve lept from the chair and headed out into the corridor. Looking up and down the passageway she saw only hospital staff. She turned to her right and walked along the corridor until she stood outside Melinda’s room. Eve looked through the glass panel in the door.

She saw Jim asleep in the chair next to Melinda’s bed; the Ghost Whisperer herself seemed to be sleeping soundly. The feeling at the back of Eve’s brain was so strong now she could hardly think of anything else.

“Slayer?” A voice whispered from behind her.

Eve turned to see the Vampire dressed in a nurse’s scrubs standing a few feet away from her.

“I’m never going to get to eat that Whisperer am I?” She asked.

“Not while I’m here.” Replied Eve taking a step towards the Vampire.

“I don’t suppose we could come to some sort of agreement?” Asked the vamp.

“’Fraid not.” Said Eve taking another step towards the bloodsucker.

“Didn’t think so,” Replied the vamp almost sadly, “Okay let’s do it!”

Erin put on her ‘game-face’ and lept snarling at Eve. Eve gave way before the vampire’s attack and using Erin’s momentum hurled her down the corridor. There were screams from the nurses at the nurse’s station further down the passage when they saw what looked like on of their colleagues fly by.

Erin the vampire slid along the polished floor until she was brought to a halt by colliding with a wall. She jumped to her feet and was just about to renew her attack on the advancing Slayer when…

“What the hell am I doing?” She said to herself, “Slayers not going to stay here forever. I can eat the Whisperer anytime!” She shrugged her shoulders, turned and sprinted off down the corridor with Eve in hot pursuit.


If Erin had needed to breath she would have been panting by now, she was more than a little lost and she knew that the Slayer was not far behind her. Plus to complicate matters the police had been called and were at this moment searching for both her and the Slayer.

“If I’m lucky they’ll shoot the Slayer.” She smiled to herself, “Hmm, all this running’s made me hungry…time for a little snack.”


Willow looked up to see the Vampire sneak into her room. She opened her eyes fully and pushed herself upright. The Vampire carefully locked the door behind her; and then turned to see Willow looking right at her, a slightly annoyed look on the redhead’s face.
“Not your night is it vamp?” Asked Willow from her bed.

“What?” Asked Erin surprised, she shook her head and went back to her normal face, “I’m not a va…” She began but Willow interrupted her.

“I know what you are,” Said a rather jaded Willow, “But I’m guessing you don’t know who I am.”

“Look lady,” Said Erin impatiently, “I don’t care who you are…look I’ll make this painless.” She turned back into her vamp face, “Second thoughts…no I won’t.” She started to advance on Willow.

“I’m Willow the White,” Willow announced bringing the vamp to a halt, “You know? Maker of Slayers?”

“Hot damn!” Cried Erin, “This town is just so full of surprises!”

“Not so good for you,” Willow explained, “You see with this crappy headache of mine I can only do little spells…but you’d be amazed how effective little spells can be.”

Erin looked around in confusion; she sniffed as little wisps of smoke rose around her.

“Hey what’s burning?” She asked looking around.

“You are dummy.” Replied Willow.

Erin’s scream was cut off as she was engulfed in flames as she turned to dust. Seconds later Eve burst into the room.

“Miss…!” She cried as she took ineffectual swipes at the smoke that curled up from the floor.

“Eve sweetie,” Moaned Willow, “Can you sweep up the vamp dust then shut the door. I need to get some sleep.”


It was a sunny afternoon about a week later that the little group made their way through the cemetery. Jim pushed Melinda across the grass in a wheelchair while Eve hovered protectively around Willow. They stopped by a fresh grave marked only with a simple wooden cross. A tag on the cross simply stated ‘Candice Kane, 1987-2007’.

“We’ll have to make sure we get her a proper marker,” Said Willow as she fingered the bunch of flowers she carried, “No Slayer should die un-mourned and un-remembered…those days have passed.”

“She’s here.” Said Melinda.

“Hi guys.” Said Candy, “I just wanted to say…y’know, thanks before I go.”

“Can you see the light?” Asked Willow.

“Yep.” Replied Candy.

“Then walk into it Sweetie,” Said Willow wiping at a tear on her check, “The Goddess will see you on the other side.”

“See ya’” Said Candy as she vanished.

Willow placed the flowers on the grave then looked up at the sky; she noticed both Jim and Melinda bow their heads.

“Don’t do that,” She said, “The Goddess prefers it if you look her in the eye, keeps you ‘n’ her honest.” Willow smiled as the Ghost Whisperer and her husband looked up.

Willow raised her arms to the sky.

“Great Goddess, maker of all life,” She intoned, “A warrior comes to you, straight and true as an arrow shot into the sun. Welcome her and let her take her place amongst our people. She is Candy, our sister.”


Candy stepped out of the light and looked around.

“Hi Candy!” Said the Goddess holding out her hand to the girl.

“You ‘The’ Goddess?” Asked Candy as she studied the red-haired warrior goddess standing before her.

“That’s me, come on,” Said the Goddess leading Candy along a grassy path that ran though a forest, “Fancy a beer?” She asked.

“Any cute guys ‘round here?” Candy asked nodding.

“Let’s see what we can find.” Replied the Goddess with a grin.


“I won’t be coming back with you.” Announced Eve later that night as they all sat in Jim and Melinda’s front room.

“What!” Exclaimed Willow, “You don’t have to worry about what Miss Kennedy will say or do I’ll…”

“No it’s not that,” Eve paused for a moment marshalling her thoughts. “You’re going to need someone to take over from Candy, an’ I’m nearly eighteen, an’ I can drive so I was thinking that I’d stay on here. I can use Candy’s old van, travel about a bit.”

“But Eve sweetie we’ll miss you an’ how will we contact you an’ such.” Pleaded Willow.

“She’ll be okay,” said Jim, “You can contact her through me an’ Mel,” Melinda nodded her still bandaged head, “And there are such things as phones y’know.” Jim smiled.

“But who’ll look after you?” Asked Willow realising she was losing the argument.

“That’s always been the problem,” Said Eve tiredly, “I don’t need anyone to look after me. My parents always understood that, but…but since I’ve been a Slayer there’s always been someone looking over my shoulder. Honest I do better by myself.”

“She’s always got a bed here,” Said Melinda, “Whenever she wants it.”

“Okay,” Sighed Willow bowing to the inevitable, “But I insist that you finish school first, no argument.” She paused thinking she was making a terrible mistake, “Then you can go off by yourself, deal?”

“Okay,” Said Eve, “Deal.”


In a corner office of the federal building in Seattle, NID Agent West looked at the photo of an attractive young woman. He looked at his partner Agent East and raised an eyebrow.

“Well?” He asked.

“Still nothing,” Replied East, “She can’t remember anything after she was five!”

“So,” Said West, “She was found in her car down by the docks, with no indication how she got there.”

“There was one thing.” East handed his partner a hand written note in a plastic envelope.

The note was written in a clear round hand, it said; ‘The next one you send, ends up at the bottom of the harbour. XXX.’

“The three kisses at the end are a nice touch.” Commented West, he stood in thought for a moment, “Okay from now on no individual contact with those YSWA people. No one goes near them without full back up.”

“Y’know,” Said East, “That didn’t help the last time.”

“I know,” Agreed West, “But it gives us an excuse not to do anything.”

“Why can’t we just leave them alone?” East wanted to know, “It’s not as if they’re a threat to the country, in fact they seem to be doing more good than harm.”

“You know how our master’s are?” Said West moving towards the door, “Can’t stand not to have that sort of power under their control.”

“British seem to manage.” Pointed out East as he followed his partner.

“Yeah well they’re British,” Explained West as the two agents hurried to the lift, “They do things differently.”

The two agents left the building and got into a waiting car. Fifteen minutes later the office they had been using exploded.


Tara yawned hugely as she sat on a sofa in the living room; today had all been too exciting for such a little girl, Mommy had come home! She could hear Mommy and Other-Mommy talking in the kitchen.

“You gave her HOW MUCH?” Cried Mommy, “THE WHOLE BOTTLE!”

Tara smiled as she heard other-mommy say something in reply, for some reason Tara’s big sisters had all run off to their rooms not long after Mommy had come home. Tara did not mind, Mommy was home now so everything would be alright again. No more bad-things at the window and no more strange people poking her about.

She yawned again as she fought a losing battle with her eyelids; they insisted on closing. She felt Woo-pert climb up on the sofa beside her and put his soft furry arm around her. She snuggled up to the toy bear twisting her fingers in his fur, putting her thumb in her mouth she drifted off to sleep.

Woo-pert gave a big yawn, and settled down next to Tara. The light behind his big amber eyes faded as his systems went to ‘Low Alert’. Once he was asleep he was just a big furry Teddy Bear, a little battered here and there, but Tara loved him.



The End

You have reached the end of "A Whisper in the Night.". This story is complete.

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