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Moments of Gold

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Broken Roads". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Story two in the Broken Roads series.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John WinchestershibbydibberFR1522,7136274,5069 Jan 079 Nov 07No

Who was that weird little man?

A/NOH-KAY hi everyone. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to update. I've just finally gotten the inspiration back to write more of this story and let's hope that the inspiration keeps coming, yeah? I'll be graduating after this quarter. YAY no more college for me! So, I should be able to focus more on writing for fun after that. Reviews are wonderful, so are suggestions. Constructive criticism is the best! I've spent so much time here, on LiveJournal and GreatestJournal reading fiction and roleplaying that I got away from fanfiction writing solo! Bad me! I've become far too dependent on someone else helping me write half the story. Anyway kiddies, here's the next chapter. I'd originally thought I'd have Buffy remembering more before the first meeting but when I was writing this chapter I got on a roll and it just...happened. Sometimes you just have to go where the words take you. I'll quit rambling now before I go into a full-on Willow-ramble. Oh, and keep in mind that I wrote this all in one sitting, without a beta, so any errors are purely unintentional.

I own nothing except my computers and a hefty college loan. The characters and personalities do not belong to me I'm only borrowing them for a short while. This is strictly for the amusement of myself and others, thank you.

It was after 11 pm the next evening when Dean pulled the Impala up to the curb in front of 1630 Revello Drive. It didn't look menacing, but this could always be some sort of trap to lure hunters into dangerous situations. As soon as the thought flashed in his head Dean dismissed it, why make them travel so many miles, Demons weren't big on drawing out their kill that far. Reaching out to none-too-gently wake his little brother with a shove, he nodded his head at the house they were now parked in front of. "Looks like we're here. You wanna do the honors?" he questioned, quirking a thumb at the sleeping girl in the back seat. Sam reluctantly agreed then. Dean wanted to check out the place and he didn't do well with needy emotional girls. That was Sam's forte.

Walking around the back of the Impala, Dean opened up their weapons stash and took out his favorite gun, tucking it into his jeans. When he closed the trunk lid he saw Sam helping the girl out of the back seat, helping to steady her a bit since she was still pretty groggy. It was clear that she hadn't slept much before they came into contact with her, because she'd nearly slept the entire drive here.

Once all were on the doorstep, Dean reached out and did the honors, ringing the doorbell. For most 'normal' people, 11 at night was far too late to come calling. If his suspicions were correct though, these people were more active at night anyway. People tied with the supernatural usually were. After a few moments the door was opened by a small, petite blonde boy who looked at them confusedly until he saw the young girl.

"Oh, hello. I would ask who you are but it's pretty obvious that you've brought us a potential. That is of course unless you're just trying to trick me into thinking that you've got a potential with you so I'll open the door. I'll have you know that I am backed by the most powerful slayer alive and if you hurt me, she'll hurt you way worse." Sam, Dean and the young potential watched the man in front of them start to lose coherency as he continued to babble. Who was this weird little man?


Walking out of the kitchen where Buffy was busy patching Xander and a few of the potentials up (and giving lecture), Willow made her way toward the door. She'd heard the doorbell but hadn't heard anything after that in several minutes. When she found Andrew babbling, holding onto the door in a white-knuckled grip she shook her head and drew closer, taking in the sight of the two men and young girl. "Andrew, breathe. Now is not the time to be going over your conspiracy theories."

Andrew stopped then and turned to look at her and then back to the group in front of him. "No funny business, Willow is a very powerful.." he trailed off, stopping suddenly when she smacked a hand over his mouth, giving him a look.

"Why don't you go see what you can find on SciFi?" Once he was on his way to the TV, still muttering however, Willow turned back to the group in front of her, smiling a bit sheepishly. "Uh...Hi. I'm Willow. What can I do for you?"

It was Sam who spoke first, "We came across this girl here, she insisted that we bring her here. " He left out the part that she was being chased by some guy with symbols carved over his eyes. It wasn't exactly pertinent information, yet. Willow nodded then and stepped back , pulling the door open wider with her in silent invitation for them to enter. All three did and Willow shut and locked the door behind them. Could never be too careful. "Kennedy!" she called out, smiling when her lover showed up quickly. "Why don't you take our new potential around, get to know her, show her the ropes while I talk to these guys?" Kennedy nodded but looked warily over the two men, a clear warning in her eyes. Willow was hers, hands off.

Dean turned his head to catch his brother's eyes, raising an eyebrow. Okay, this place just got weirder and weirder, didn't it?. Snapping out of his own thoughts he caught the tail end of Willow's speech. "...but anyway, C'mon, I'll take you in to meet her, I'm sure you've got a lot of questions." Dean nodded like a puppet and secretly hoped that Sam had been listening because he'd totally missed all of that.

The sight that greeted them on the other side of the kitchen door though had his heart dropping into his stomach and his mouth going dry. Fighting the urge to reach out and grab onto something, Dean could only look on as someone who couldn't possibly be alive, stood between a young man's legs as he sat poised on the kitchen table, leaning in to blow on the cut when the peroxide stung. Sam frowned at the sight of his brother and turned his head, eyes squinting as he took in the blonde woman. She bore a very striking resemblance to "..Mom?" came the barest of whispers from Dean beside him. That's when Sam blanched too.

The woman that Dean could only describe as the spitting image of their mother before she died turned and raised an eyebrow, looking from them to Willow. "...Wills...what's going on here?" she questioned, the men in front of her looked like they'd just seen a ghost. And why did her heart lurch? Why did they seem familiar? Dean's knees threatened to buckle. Christ, she even sounded like her! This just couldn't be!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Moments of Gold" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Nov 07.

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