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Moments of Gold

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Broken Roads". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Story two in the Broken Roads series.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John WinchestershibbydibberFR1522,7136274,5189 Jan 079 Nov 07No

Pancakes and Pleather

A/NThanks for the amazing feedback! I'm glad you all liked it. As you will notice, this story skips ahead in time a bit to when the Potentials come into the picture. It's a big jump but I did this for two reasons. The first because I'm not good at depresso-girl Buffy. The second because I didn't see anything wrong with the series as it had already been written. When Buffy crawled from the grave and was having all of those issues with being alive again, she at first didn't remember much. Then her memory pushed down all things Winchester because it was less painful. The memories will return, have no fear. Again, feel free to send plot-bunnies my way and keep in mind that this chapter wasn't beta-ed so whatever's there I just didn't catch. Thanks and keep reviewing!

I own nothing except my computers and a hefty college loan. The characters and personalities do not belong to me I'm only borrowing them for a short while. This is strictly for the amusement of myself and others, thank you.

Buffy awoke to the clatters in the kitchen and the sound of all of the girls milling about and chattering in her home. Well...their home. Groaning, she rolled over and buried her head in her pillow. Yet another day of fighting and nitpicking with the potentials and the scoobies. Taking a deep breath she focused and then, there it was. The smell of....pancakes...blueberry and...non-burnt bacon! Sitting up, Buffy discarded her comforter and decided that someone was going to die if there wasn't any food or coffee left for her when she made it downstairs.

Stretching, she pulled her golden locks atop her head once more and yawned. "Time to wake up, Summers." She'd shower later as had become habit for her. It was easier to get a shower in the middle of the day than the beginning or the end, simply because there were so many girls needing the bathroom. Sure, she felt marginally gross until she did get her shower but it was the price she had to pay for hot water these days.

Padding over to her bedroom door, Buffy opened it and started to step out but h ad to jump back, two potentials were running full-tilt down the hall. "Hey! No running inside!" she called after them, shaking her head and grumbling to herself. "Teenagers" she muttered, finally stepping out and shutting the door behind her. There were girls everywhere but Buffy was still able to keep her own room, thank God. She'd go crazy otherwise. Everyone probably knew that though so they left her alone.

Finally finding the courage to step outside, Buffy closed the door behind her for privacy and headed downstairs to the kitchen which was surprisingly empty. A glance out the window told her that most of the potentials were already outside, preferring to hang out there rather than in the cramped house, especially on such a nice day. Shrugging to herself she walked toward the kitchen's island and took in all of the food that was laid out. Upon hearing her best friend's entrance to the kitchen, Willow turned around and smiled happily.

"Oh, hey! Yeah, I was just about to come get you. The potentials have already eaten but I made you a fresh batch.."

In a better mood than usual, Buffy bounced ever closer to the red-headed Wiccan and pulled her into a tight hug, but not so tight as to squish her too hard.

"You're the best, Wills!" Willow, though completely stunned by this happy, energetic and grateful. Not that she was going to complain, she loved seeing her friend this way. It was far better than her being depressed.

Kennedy, who had just entered the kitchen crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow at the picture. She wasn't really jealous, she knew that Buffy was as straight as an arrow, even if she tended to prefer to get her nookie on with the undead. Clearing her throat a bit she tapped her toe. "Summers, you trying to steal my girl?" She asked challengingly.

Buffy laughed and pulled away from Willow, glad to see the redhead with a healthy blush on her cheeks. Kennedy was the best thing to happen to her best friend since Tara was taken from them so very suddenly. Following the Wiccan's orders she made her plate and sat down to dig in. There was nothing like a plate of pancakes on a lazy morning, and yet...something was missing.


Elsewhere in the country..

"Dude, SAM. Would you STOP fidgeting?" Dean growled. They were flying down the highway in his prized Impala, his baby, listening to good music and all his baby brother could do was fidget and shift in his seat. "Do you have to go potty, Sammy?" he questioned with a raised eyebrow. When Sam fidgeted it meant that something was wrong, Dean wasn't sure he could handle anything else being wrong other than still not being able to keep in touch with their father. Stubborn and Winchester went together and it all started with that man. He was convinced that they'd be safer without him. Shyeah right.

Sam looked sheepishly over at his older brother and ran his fingers through his hair, dropping his hand to rub absently at his neck. "I don't know man, I'm just feeling...odd. Like something's gonna happen, maybe." Dean bit back a groan. God, he hoped that Sam's feelings weren't correct. He loved the hunt but when Sam started picking up on things it usually meant that it was big. The biggest thing they'd come in contact with lately was THE demon and that was what had their dad running and over protective. The thing that had taken their mom away from them. Dean still remembered her, poor Sam only had a faded picture of her with burnt edges.

Dean turned his head to speak to Sam when his brother swore and grabbed onto the dashboard. Returning his gaze to the road, Dean swore too and slammed on the breaks. Taking in the scene in a split second he swerved to miss the clearly terrified girl and hit the robed figure following her. When the Impala came to a stop, Dean nodded to Sam and they both grabbed a gun from the backseat. One could never be too careful. "Get the girl." Dean said simply to Sam, not watching as his little brother ran to catch up with the girl, he had eyes only for the now stirring hooded figure.

"Hey wait!" Sam called out, speeding up his pace so that he could more easily gain on her. It wasn't too much of a problem, she was shorter so her strides were shorter than his too. Reaching out he grabbed a hold of her wrist. "Hey..Easy! I'm not going to hurt you." He spoke when the girl started to hit at him. Realizing that the guy holding onto her wasn't the one that had been chasing her she stopped, biting at her lower lip to quell the tears threatening to spill down her cheeks.

"Is...Is he dead?" she asked, looking up at her savior with hopeful eyes. He shrugged and started leading her back to the Impala. "If he wasn't, he will be. My brother Dean is good for that sort of thing." Sam took a moment to look the girl over. She was dressed like a supreme badass in pleather pants and a revealing crop-top and yet her body language and facial features screamed that she was innocent and terrified. Odd.

Dean stepped closer to the lump of a person and nudged it with his shoe, sending it over onto its back. Kneeling down, gun still at the ready he took a closer look and was shocked by what he saw. "What the fuck?" the man's eyes had clearly been removed, replaced by strange burnt-in symbols. Now this was a whole new level of freaky. Hearing his brother's approach with the girl he looked up, wanting answers. "What the hell is going on here?" he queried, looking between his brother and the crying girl. She shrugged and hugged herself closer. "I don't know...all I know is that I need to get to Sunnydale, California...1630 Revello Drive. "

Sam gave Dean a pleading look. He wanted to investigate whatever this was farther and the last thing he wanted to do was to leave the young girl to fend for herself. Dean considered the prospect for a few moments. This shit was creepy and it wasn't like they'd gotten any more 'subtle' coordinates from their father lately. Not saying a word he got up and nodded to his brother, signaling that they would take her. He wasn't sure what the hell they were getting themselves into but he was sure they would find out soon enough.
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