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Misplaced and Confused

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Charmed Obsessed". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Charmed Ones are in the future, away from their time and completely confused. Will they be able to put it all aside to save the future?

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Disclaimer: This story is based on my own ideas and the TV shows Charmed and Angel. There is no material that may be copyright. And I understand that I do not own Buffy/Angel or Charmed.

Piper felt a tiny tingle, and then an upset stomach followed. She tried to open her eyes, but she couldn’t, too tired, the spell had taken a lot out of her, more than she had expected.

“That was not what I had in mind!”
“You okay, honey?”
“You took a pretty hard fall”
“I did… what?”

Piper forced herself to open her eyes, she sat at the dining room table, and surrounded by them, dozens of them, all over the place, her eyes could not escape. Where was she?

Paige Matthews awoke on the sofa, in the living room, the spell had not worked, and she had been teleported to the… living room?

“Last rime I try to travel through time.”

Paige tried to move her hair away, but it seemed a mission, what had made her hair act so…


Paige looked at her hair in the mirror, all of it, right down her back to her hips. The spell had backfired, she was a… what was she?

Paige ran up the stairs of the Halliwell Manor, all seemed well. She moved pass the hall and into her bedroom. It had changed. The bed cover was maroon, and it had a leather sofa to one side. The rich mahogany loured her. Where was she?

“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, you just caught me off guard.”

Paige left out a sigh as she saw a familiar face, her husband, Angel stood beside her, and maybe he could answer her question. Paige began to scan the room once more; maybe Angel had changed the room while she had been asleep.

“Where’s everybody else?”
“Nichole’s in the dance studio with Julie-Grace and Jessica, Matthew and Rachel are trying to put Aaron to sleep; the little guys got the flu. Jen’s gone out with Chad, Marissa’s at school and Alec and Hayley are at dinner Stephanie’s gone out with Prue…”

Paige looked confused.

“Prue? How did…”

Paige stopped herself. That was the most important question. What was her tomboy daughter doing dancing, who was Julie-Grace? Why was her three old, Matthew helping put some women’s son to sleep, who was Jen, Chad and Marissa? What was going on?

“Where’s Michael?”

Paige knew that her son would be able to help her, magical problems were his expertise, but to Paige’s amazement, Angel looked at her confused. Angel began to go downstairs, reluctantly Paige followed, and she knew that more surprises awaited her, but she was determined to unsolve this mystery.

“Hey mom! I was wondering when you’d be back! Dad, there were no files in the office and Spike said that he doesn’t no which ones they are.”

Paige knew what it meant, it all made sense, finally. The spell had worked, she was in the future looking at one of her daughters, she was beautiful and Paige could barely contain herself as she stared at her daughter.

“Mom you okay?”
“I’m fine”

Paige looked longingly at her little girl. She was too petite to be Nichole, Nichole had bigger features. She was not Jessica, too girlie. So who was she?

“I just need to speak to Piper and Phoebe, where are they?” Paige asked.
“There probably in their rooms.”
“Thanks, Marissa”
“Very funny, mom”
“I was joking… Jen”

Jennifer. She was beautiful, a reflection of Angel, completely. Jennifer pointed to a door in the manor that led to the coat room, how could Piper and Phoebe’s rooms be through there? But this day had already bought so many surprises; Paige decided to go with it.

As Paige entered through the door, she saw four girls dancing in what looked like a dance studio. The lead dancer was dressed all in white, she looked like a pro, she could really move and Paige seemed impressed. The second girl had piercing blue eyes and long blonde hair. The third girl looked so much like Faith, the resemblance was uncanny, she thought it was Hayley, but knew it couldn’t be, there was something different.. And the last girl reminded Paige of herself, the dark hair and brown eyes.

“Alright you guys take five,” the lead girl said. “Hey mom! I was about to go and call Alec and Hayls for dinner, I’ll be down in a minute.”

Paige realised that she must have been one of her daughters, without thinking, she called out a name hoping it was the right one.


The girl turned around, Paige took a sigh of relief.


Paige felt delight and happiness run through her, delighted, she ran up the stairs and followed in Nichole’s direction.

Nichole entered her little brother’s room; ever since he began dating Hayley, the room had turned around, for the better. There were no clothes on the floor, no magazines rammed in a corner, no books tumbled on the bed, and it was clean. But through all the tidiness, Nichole could not see her younger brother anywhere. She heard a sudden giggle come from the bathroom, two sudden giggles. Without thinking twice she headed for the bathroom.


Nichole rushed back out, her hands on her eyes. Following her, came her younger brother, Alec. He wore a towel around his waist and that was it. His hair was wet and he slipped his hand through it.

“You know Nicks; it wouldn’t kill you to knock!”
“I’m sorry and believe me if I knew I would never have walked into see…EURGH!”

Hayley too came rushing out of the bathroom. She felt uncomfortable, and came over and stood besides Alec.

“Alec, I know it’s none of my business…”

Nichole turned her attention to Hayley, and then back to Alec. She was not one to allow outsiders to hurt the ones she loved. But Hayley was no outsider and she had not meant to hurt Chris.

“Never mind”

It wasn’t enough to over shadow her true judgment, both Alec and Hayley knew what Nichole thought, she felt angry at them, but didn’t show it.

“Dude, I was wondering if you…”

Matthew, Nichole’s twin brother and Alec’s ‘coming in at the wrong time’ older brother entered the room with his wife, Rachel.

“What up, bro?”

Matthew could not stop the laughter; he knew that Nichole had yet again put her foot in it. Rachel took a step back, but that did not stop her from getting a quick peak.

“Does anyone in this family knock?” Alec asked.

Just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, his mother, Paige walked in.

“Guess not,” Hayley muttered.
“I’m gonna go and do… anything that doesn’t involve me being here”
“Sounds good, mom, I’ll join you,” Nichole suggested.
“Everybody out, now,” Alec ordered.

Matthew headed out of the room, followed by Rachel, Nichole and Paige. Alec shut the door behind them and turned to face Hayley.

“God, I wish we could just move out!”

Downstairs in the family room Piper sat with Phoebe. They waited Paige’s arrival. Saying that a group meeting was urgent was an understatement. It was a dire emergency. Paige came down the stairs, her hand enjoyed the smooth and delicate feeling the wood unveiled. As she came down the last couple of stairs she heard the doorbell.

“Another surprise?”

As she opened the door, Chris walked straight past her, as if she wasn’t even there. Wyatt came over to his aunt and gave her a long hug.

“Don’t mind him,” Wyatt said.
“Chris, can I talk to you?” Paige asked.

Chris stopped at the top of the first floor and began to come back down.

“Where are you going?”
“I thought about what you said and your right, Alec is my cousin and I know he would never intentionally try to hurt me, so I’m gonna go and tell him that I’m okay with it.”

Paige let out a sigh of relief, she gave her nephew a hug and released him quickly, so he could go and tell Alec the big news. Chris began to go up the stairs; he felt a feel of happiness go through him, as he knew he was doing the right thing.

As Chris passed the stairways that led up to the attic he entered the doorway to the mid-section of the house. To his right, he entered his cousin, Alec’s room.

“Dude, I’ve been thinking, and…”

Chris stood still, frozen, dead still, like all the times he had seen his mother use her powers to freeze demons. Still. Alec and Hayley sat on the bed, sharing a passionate kiss. They realised Chris’s presence and drew away from one another. Chris could not stay in the room any longer and he ran down the stairs, recklessly.

Paige was so happy that in that spilt moment everything had gotten fixed, she realised that now it would be time for her to leave. The regret ran through her, the chance she had been given to meet and bond with her children. A chance she could not allow herself to reach out and grab. Magic was not for personal gain, she knew that better than anybody. Paige headed for the family to join her sisters, who looking for the spell to take them back to their time.

Chris came rushing down the stairs and ran into the family room, where the rest of the family had gathered at the sound of a piercing alarm.

“What’s going on?” asked Paige.

She was unaware of the current situation and looked completely bewildered. Her last thoughts had been pleasant, in regards to Chris, but the distraught look on his face made her think otherwise.

“Someone sounded the bell,” Nichole explained to her mother.
“Mom, are you okay? You’ve been acting weird for the last couple of hours.”

Paige thought of the perfect cover story, it would explain her weird behaviour without letting it slip that she come from the past to save the future.

“I don’t know? I think I have amnesia, I mean I remember most things, but it’s just…I don’t even remember when we bought Miss Nobles house and…”

Paige’s words trailed off; as she saw Alec and Hayley enter the family room. All fell silent; the family had found it hard to adjust to Hayley being Alec’s girlfriend.

“Someone had sounded the bell, so I’m guessing there’s some business that needs to be sorted out, so let’s go!” Angel said.
“I sounded the bell,” said Alec. “Look I am so sick of everybody looking at us as if we’ve done something wrong. Chris, I get your hurt, I do, but I don’t know what more I can do, you have to try and move past this!”
“Are you done? Well now, it’s my turn. You think that I’m just supposed to forget everything, well I was gonna do that, but I can’t while were living under the same roof, I can’t worry about walking in on something, so I’m going to leave, it’s the best thing for everybody.”

Chris looked very upset and Paige knew it was time for her to speak. Though she was unsure of what she could say to resolve the situation, she let the inner mother take over.

“Okay, that is it! I need to speak now! Chris you’re not going anywhere, one thing I know, amnesia or not, is that this family needs and depends on each other, and I’m guessing that’s why we bought the new house. Heritage is important as Grams always said, and I know she’s very happy that were altogether, but this continuous back-biting, fist fighting and hurting one another has got to stop or we are going just drift apart.”

Paige turned to Hayley and Alec.

“I never for once looked at you as if you have done anything wrong, I mean could Phoebe help that she fell in love with Cole? Could Piper help that she loved Leo and not Dan, I mean Wyatt, Chris would you be here right now if she made the wrong choice by not following her heart?”

Paige looked around at her family, and realised how proud she was of what a great family she had.

“I’m sorry Aunt Paige, but I can’t let this go, I really am sorry.”

The next morning Paige woke up early, she turned to see Angel still asleep so she went over to her youngest daughter, Marissa’s, room next door. Marissa was fifteen; Paige didn’t really know her as it was another five years until she would be born in her time. She went over and started to stroke her daughter’s hair, at that moment Marissa woke up.

“Hey, mom.”

Marissa turned over, she tried to keep awake, but it was too early for her to wake up, especially on a Saturday. Paige gave her a kiss on the head and turned to leave.

As Paige reached the family room she saw Piper and Phoebe waiting for her, she realised it was time they had the long awaited group meeting of their own.

“Hey! You’re awake,” said Phoebe.

She was very happy at the fact that she was the mother to four beautiful kids. However, she was upset at the fact that she had not yet found the man of her dreams.

“You know Paige, I am really jealous of you, you have it all and you Piper, I mean I love my kids to bits, but sometimes you need more…I mean I see you with Angel and you with Leo and I just think, I want that,”

Phoebe had gotten very emotional.

“Phoebe, I know your upset but we need to focus on the bigger issue, like the fact that we need to get back to our time AND the fact that we have not accomplished what we came here to do…”
“I thought we would get out futures selves’ memories…”

Paige stopped as Piper nudged her and pointed towards the door.

“Mom what’s going on?”

Paige felt a jolt of pain; she reached for her chest as she hit the ground. Piper and Phoebe lay motionless, frozen. Still.

“We’re waiting.”
“Alright, Leo!”
“We came…well we sort of… what happened was… we came from the past, and…”

Phoebe waited for the shrieks and ‘oh my Gods’ but nobody spoke.


Paige could barely finish when Piper cut in.

“Can’t mess up our future”
“Well it’s a little late for that!”

Paige turned to her family looking at her waiting for an answer.

“Paige, they are listening and if they find out who we are they will send us back before we can do what we came here to do,” Piper explained. “Did that make sense?”
“Frighteningly, yes,” Wyatt answered.

Piper gave her son a slight smile.

“We can’t let them find out, remember what happened with the rudabaiga?” Phoebe reminded.
“The what?” Paige asked.
“Never mind”
“Look you guys, we were warned about a future evil by Alec and Hayley, well not them, but them from about two months from now. Let’s just say this evil is a result of this continuous bickering between the lover birds over there!”

Piper took a deep breath, and then looked over at Phoebe for some assist.

“We need to fix this. Before things get out of hand,” Phoebe said.

Nichole looked over at Phoebe, she half smiling.

“Let’s just say, you don’t have to worry about being alone, if you know what I mean.”

Nichole had a grin on her face and Phoebe looked on, completely puzzled. At that moment, Phoebe watched as Leslie, walked in and came towards her.

“I missed you so much, where are the kids?”

She realised that he was the father to her three children. She looked at him and thought about the day they had fist met, it wasn’t considering she had met him for the first time, yesterday.

“Okay, not to cut this reunion short, but we have a lot of work to do so…”

Piper looked at Phoebe. She froze the room, Leo, Angel and Leslie froze.

“Does he know about…you know?”
“He’s okay with everything,” Wyatt assured them.

Piper unfroze the room.

“That’s not fair, Piper!” Angel said.
“She froze us?” Leslie asked.

Leo nodded, as he knew from experience how it felt. On many occasion he had felt his wife’s wrath, being frozen and even blown to little orbing pieces. Paige looked around and decided that it was time to clear things up and find a solution to their problems.

“So if your not mom, who are you?” Matthew asked.
“I am mom; it’s just the Matt I know is three years old.”
“Okay, work with me here people. London equals past and San Francisco equals future, and evil equals… Yellow. Got it. Good!” Piper said.
“We are from London and we came to San Francisco to stop Chris from turning yellow,” Phoebe explained.
“O My God!” A young girl shrieked.
“Julie-Grace,” Piper said.
“How did you know that?” Paige asked.
“I think I’m getting my San Francisco selves memories.”
“It will take time, twenty years of memory, it’s a lot,” Leo explained.
“Paige, give it a go,” Piper said.

Paige moved over to the young man. He was very tall, six foot five or so. He had beautiful blue eyes and a dashing smile.

“See!” Piper said.
“Piper, I don’t need a spell to recognize my son!”

A sudden shriek put everyone on alert.

“Melinda!” Leo cried.
“darklighter!” Piper called.

The darklighter came straight for them; he looked around, as if he could smell the whitelighter blood. He grinned out of his dark lips, his yellow teeth showing.

“Mom, stand back!” Matthew ordered.

Paige was a whitelighter, even half was enough to be killed by the poison of a darklighter’s arrow. It hit, all four of them, piercing threw their bodies. The pain was excruciating, it hurt.

Piper looked at the darklighter and blasted him straight to hell. His body looked as though it was about to erupt. Piper felt no remorse, he was a beast and he had hurt them, the three of the, laying on the floor lifeless. She ran to her son, Chris, who had been hit.

“Chris! It’s gonna be okay, just don’t move.”

Piper scanned the room in search of her eldest nephew, Michael. It confused her, where was he? She couldn’t worry about that not, she turned to her nephew, Matthew.

“Matt, I want you to orb all the kids out of here. GO!”

He had developed into a powerful witch as well as a powerful whitelighter. With the wave of a hand the entire family disappeared.

“Hayley, you too”
“I’m not leaving Chris or Alec…”

Hayley turned to Alec, who on the floor with an arrow through his stomach. The blood stained his blue t-shirt.

Piper ran over to her husband, Leo and son, Wyatt who were unconscious on the floor, they had too been hit by the darklighter; Piper was wearing a white shirt over her grey t-shirt, she took the shirt off and put it around Leo’s arm to stop the bleeding. She realised that without Leo, they would all die.

Two hours had past by, and Chris’s condition was worsening. Hayley came over to him and held his hand.

“Chris, I’m really sorry!”

She buried herself in his lap and started to cry.

“It’s okay; I think I can move on.”

Chris began to fade into what seemed to be a coma. Hayley knelt over and gave him a kiss. She had never meant to hurt him, the last thing she wanted was for him to dying thinking otherwise.

Hayley then went over to Alec and sat down beside him. She began to cry as she realised that she was losing her best friend and her boyfriend and there was nothing she could do to prevent it. The thought was too much for her to handle. Alec began to fade away, but he looked worse than Chris did, he looked like he was dying…

“Alec you can’t die, please. Don’t leave me.”

Hayley began to cry even more as she realised she was losing him. She couldn’t let him go, not now, not like this.

“ANGEL! ANGEL” she screamed.

Angel ran downstairs and came into the family room.

“Where is Paige?”
“I don’t know she just orbed out without saying anything.”

Angel had searched the entire house for his wife, but she was nowhere to be seen. What would have made her orb away when her son was near death? Piper came over and looked over at her nephew.

“We have to call her!”

She knew that if Alec wasn’t healed soon, he would die…

The room in the Halliwell manor began to feel cold, the sound of death, it was haunting. But Angel knew that it wasn’t an option. Death was not an option. He came over to his son and held his hand.

“Alec, you have to hold on, you hear me?”
“Dad I’m dying, I…where’s mom?”
“Oh God, please don’t let him die,” Hayley cried.

Hayley could not stop crying; she could not believe this was happening.

“Alec, you can’t die, you can’t leave me alone”.
“I love you,” he said

Alec felt his eyes fall, the sound of a little boy pulled him away, where was he going?

“NO! This can’t be happening,”

Hayley knelt down and rested her head next to Alec’s.

“I love you too.”

Phoebe and Paige returned a few minutes later with a very familiar face. Piper and Angel got up and went over to them. Paige came over and saw her son on the floor.


Angel tried to explain but Paige didn’t want to hear. Her baby boy was dead and all because she wasn’t fast enough.

“NO! NO! How could this happen?”

Angel tried to hold her back but Paige was frantic, she tried to break free, Angel forced her back and rested her head on his chest.

“Shh, it’ll be okay,”

Angel knew that things were far from okay, he’s son, was… It was too hard to believe, surreal, such a feeling, a parent out living their child. He turned to see his father-in-law at the door. Paige had calmed down and Angel went and put her on the couch. Sam Wilder, Paige’s biological father, came through the door and rushed over at the sight of his grandson on the floor.

“I thought that if I was quick enough than dad could heal them all,” Paige sobbed.
“Paige,” Angel sighed. “You can heal.”

Paige looked up in shock. How was that possible? It was obvious, their powers grew as time passed, twenty years was enough, how could she have not realised, she could heal.

Sam put his hand over Alec’s lifeless body but it was no use. Paige went over to her son while Sam went to heal Leo, Wyatt and Chris.

“I’m really sorry.”

Paige put her hand on top of Alec’s. She picked him up and held him as if he were a baby. She put her head next to his and rested her eyes.

“Where am I?”
“I think you know.”

Alec knew where he was, the place all souls went after they died, the place that Alec had been when he was young, and the near death experience. Heaven…

“What are you? My guide?” he asked.
“You gotta go back, dad.”
“Mom needs you.”
“You’re my…”
“Son. You could say that.”

Alec looked at the young man, he was eighteen at least. The dark brown hair and brown eyes, he looked just like Hayley.

“You gotta go back; you gotta be there, for the coming storm.”

Angel stood beside Piper and Phoebe. Nobody knew what to say, they could barely mourn, the feeling that Alec would suddenly awake.

“Paige” Piper said
“Paige, look,” Phoebe said.

Paige felt the tingling, the warmth, the glowing began. She put her hand over Alec’s wound and began to heal.

“What coming storm?” Alec asked.
“Their calling, you need to go.”

Alec began to turn away, but it was there, the question. He had to ask, he needed to know.

“When’s your birthday?”
“Nice try, but I can’t say that.”

Alec frowned, but he knew that he was right. Knowledge of the future could change it for the worst. He began to turn away.

“Let’s just say its sooner then you may think.”

The boy gave Alec a last smile and began to fade away with the rushing mist.

“Alec!” a voice called from the distance.

“Alec!” Paige called.

Alec could smell the scent, the very familiar smell, the scent of his mother, Paige. He felt his eyes sting, as he struggled to open them. A sudden burst of energy and Alec felt the life force return to him. He jumped up catching his breath.

“I thought I had lost you,”

Paige held him tight, afraid to let go, afraid that he may disappear if she left him go. She put her hands through his hair. Alec could feel the warm tears running down to his face.

“Mom, don’t cry, I’m back.”

Chris walked over to Alec and stared into his eyes. Alec was surprised, as he didn’t see sorrow or anger but love and forgiveness. They both embraced in a long hug, the common ground had been rebuilt, and they were the best of friends, once again.

“I am so sorry,” Chris said.

He turned and pointed at Hayley, Alec realised that Chris was finally okay with everything, and so he walked over to his girlfriend and looked into her big brown eyes. He gave her a kiss and then held her close.

“I love you so much, baby.”
“I never wanna lose you again.”
“I’m here forever.”

Hayley moved over to Chris, she was unsure of what to say. He had found it in himself to forgive them even after the deceit. That’s what had made her fall in love with him, even if she didn’t love him as her boyfriend, she would always love him as a friend.

“Thank you.”

Piper watched as the rest of the family orbed back, they had been alerted by the Elder’s about Alec’s return. But did that mean they knew about the Charmed Ones identity, after all they had done to cover their tracks.

“Do they know?” Piper asked.
“I covered,” Matthew assured.

Matthew knew that this happiness was beautiful; he knew that it was time for him to share his beautiful news, as well.

“Everybody, we have some news.”
“What? Rachel’s pregnant again,” Nichole laughed.

The room went silent, was it bad thing that he said? I think not. So what would account for the uneasy silence?

“Congratulations!” Piper said.
“Thank you,” Rachel said.
“God, I love you all so much.”

The Halliwell family gathered together in their beautiful home. The family that Piper had always longed for, she had found it, or had it found her? But it was there, and all she could think of was how she had to leave. All was well, and it came time for the Charmed Ones to return home.

The End

You have reached the end of "Misplaced and Confused". This story is complete.

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