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Maximum faith

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Summary: Dark long hair, a fondness for wearing black tank tops and leather jackets. An attitude problem. Emotionally crippled. Is that Max or Faith? Waking up in each others bodies they discover the difference between themselves. Multiple pairings.

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Television > Dark Angel > Faith - Centered(Past Donor)KiwikatipoFR182680,149710225,42711 Jan 0712 Feb 07Yes

Chapter Twenty Six

AN: A lot of time jumping takes place in this final chapter pay attention to the dates.
Max Guevara/ Faith Lehane
Date: 25th May 2021 (Three days after the Seattle based transgenics decided to flee to Canada.)
Location: British Columbia, Canada

The temporary internment camp on the outskirts of Vancouver, housed the transgenic refugees from Terminal City. A disused Canadian Military base hurriedly pressed into service. The Canadian soldiers keeping guard outside the wire netting perimeter fence, faced their guns reassuringly outwards, prepared for an unlikely commando raid by the United States military, to erase their embarrassing military experiments turned rebellious, from the face of the planet.

Faith, Alec and Mole met regularly with Canadian Political and Military Representatives and International Red Cross officials (now the nearest organization the world possessed closest to the defunct United Nations), the past couple of days trying to work out an arrangement satisfactory to all parties.

The Republics of South Africa and Australia each offered the transgenics a home. The transgenics knew taking up their offers risked exchanging one cage for another. The unexpected offer from Iceland well worth considering, if cold.

That’s who Faith first thought Max must be, when she walked into Faith’s tent. Another Republic of South Africa diplomat judging from her accent.

Faith crawled on her knees, reaching under her cot stretcher, shooing out a pesky squirrel on an adventure, that dashed underneath her bed five minutes ago.

“That’s one of the things that’s the bomb about being a transgenic, you never have to worry about catching rabies.” Max commented cheerily, sitting down on the cot uninvited.

All Faith could see of Max were microfiber boot leg black pants, good quality black ankle boots.

The cornered squirrel sprinted for freedom outside, Faith slid back up. Black coffee colored eyes met cappuccino colored eyes. Two sets of full lips tightened with stress simultaneously.

Faith thought for one bizarre second her mother sat in front of her. If her mother looked after her health and kept herself in shape, dressed in smart casual clothes, dyed her hair it’s original natural brown, instead of putting peroxide through it, this woman would be Faith’s mother’s doppelganger.

But her mother was over twenty years dead, so that made this woman…

Max ran her eyes over Faith appraisingly. “You let my hair get real long, ‘Mommy’. It looks better shoulder length. I’m Max. I’m your other transgenic daughter, the one you swapped souls with. I’m kinda a bitch people say, and I figure it was hereditary.”

Nikki Holtz
Date: 22nd May 2021 2:AM. (Ten minutes after the Seattle Transgenics decided to relocate to Canada)
Location: Seattle Washington

Nikki knew going to seek out Bullet once more extremely risky, but when your watcher wanted to come with you, saying she must speak to the woman in charge of the transgenics, it left a teenage slayer in love with no other option.

“Like going through the sewers is the best way, Nikki? Seattle resembles the town I spent my teen years in.” Nikki’s watcher carefully waded her way through the sewerage, her flashlight skirting the floor.

“We need to climb up here.” Nikki pointed with her hand to a metal ladder. “It’s slippery, watch out hey.”

“I’m a watcher, sweetie, it’s what I do best.” The woman in her mid thirties began to ascend the ladder. “Although your folks wouldn’t agree, seeing how you’ve been dating a freaking transgenic for the past four months behind my back. Sneaky Nikki.”

“I didn’t think you’d understand.” Nikki climbed up behind her.

“I understand teenage hormones believe me.” Dawn raised the manhole cover with ease. She worked out every day. She stared up to a rifle pointed at her face by a young man who resembled a lion.

“Hi, I’m Dawn Summers, I need to speak to Faith Lehane right away. It’s an emergency of apocalyptic proportions.” Dawn introduced herself.

Faith Lehane
Date: 22nd May 2021 2:27AM. (Half an hour after the Seattle Transgenics decided to relocate to Canada)
Location: Seattle Washington

It sucked that the Washington National Guard were moving their tanks through the streets of Seattle towards Terminal City. Asha had called Cale twelve minutes ago, giving him the thumbs up on the breaking bad news. Everything seemed hopeless. They would all die for sure.

Dawn Summers walked into the control room with Nik. She introduced herself as a Watcher. Faith’s hackles began to rise. Dawn pulled out two books from her carry bag. One a book of prophecy and the other a text to translate Ancient Minoan. Handy.

Dawn next delivered three bombshells to Faith. Firstly, Faith’s body was alive and inhabited by Max’s soul. Logan went white at this news. Secondly, Dawn knew who Faith was because she met her in Sunnydale when she was thirteen. Faith couldn’t remember her? Monks, memories, magic, Faith’s soul not existing on Earth when the monks did their spell, don’t worry about it. Dawn was Buffy’s little sister. Then came the third most horrible shock of all. Buffy died two years ago.

“But B. can’t be dead!” Faith folded her arms defensively, oblivious to Logan’s accusing stare, “I’ve kept having dreams where she told me what to do.”

“For the love of… your ‘dreams’ have been guiding us?” Alec choked in disbelief. “And I was just starting to feel bad I’ve always thought you were crazy.”

“I’m sorry, Faith. It must have been the spirit of the first slayer. And you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’ll explain later. Right now we need to get you and everyone else out of here.” Dawn could see the fortification procedures taking place in the control room. “People seem panicked.”

“The fucking National Guard's coming.” Faith flicked her hair back from her face in agitation. Her voice remained steady. “We’ve got enough ammunition to hold them back for six hours, and then we’re rubble and history.”

“You’ve got Runes of power.” Dawn walked up to Faith. “Let me?” She pulled back Faith’s sweater. Reading the inscriptions on Faith’s wrists and arms. “You can do anything pretty much if you concentrate Faith. You can negotiate with the head honcho. Just keep calm and don’t go all psycho on him. You’ve been doing that okay so far, from what I can gather.”

Max Guevara
Date: 22nd May 2021 3:00AM. (An hour after the Seattle Transgenics decided to relocate to Canada)
Location: Vancouver Canada

Max’s face bore dark rings under her eyes, a thumping headache pounded in forehead, she needed to go to the bathroom badly. She couldn’t tear herself away from the television set in Zack’s apartment.

Her cell phone vibrated. Connor safely in South Africa with Stephen, told her the National Guard arriving at the gates of Terminal City made the news there.

“I’m fine Con, yeah love you too.” Max eyes went back to the screen. It was her, Max when she was young, even wearing the same motorcycle jacket with the worn patch on the shoulder. How did Faith get Max’s clothes? Max found out from Zack two days ago she was alive. She learned it must be Faith in her body. Sandeman’s plan worked out after all.

If Faith could get the National Guard to lay down their weapons.

Max Guevara
Date: 25th May 2021 (Three days after the Seattle based transgenics decided to flee to Canada.)
Location: British Columbia Canada

Max entered the internment camp with Zack and Mia. Mind clouding Mia paved the way through any situation. Max on a mission to find a girl, an underhanded lying little …

“Nikki Louise Holtz! You come here this minute. ‘Jy gaan kak!’ As you and your friends used to say in Cape Town, you’re in deep shit young lady! ” Max folded her arms aggressively.

“Mum, what the bloody hell are you doing in Canada?” Nikki’s mouth dropped open in horror.

“Tracking down transgenics, you knew I swapped souls. Guess what? I used to be a transgenic. I didn’t ever tell you because I wanted you to keep out of it. Keep you safe. So imagine my unpleasant, freaking surprise, when I saw you on the news footage climbing on board a truck with them. Who’s that boy whose hand you were holding? What have you been doing? What’s the world’s most useless watcher been letting you get up to?”

“Letting me smoke dagga and tik. My boyfriend's a clutch plate of course. Why would I go out with anyone but a lowlife according to you?” Nikki counter defended like a true Lehane, albeit one of South African upbringing. “It’s not Ms. Summers fault, Mum.”

“Whatever Nikki, don’t take that tone with me.” Max wanted to hug her daughter with relief, but telling her off was far more satisfying. She’d break the little bitch down first, before she enfolded her precious beloved daughter in her arms.

Max Guevara/ Faith Lehane
Date: 25th May 2021 (Three days after the Seattle based transgenics decided to flee to Canada.)
Location: British Columbia Canada

“So how did you get the National Guard to agree to let you all through in the end?” Max asked her spiritual mother and biological daughter. Max’s voice rasped from having talked non stop for two hours.

“The Colonel had a guy from the regular military with him. A special ops guy. I recognized him. He was called Finn. I managed to persuade him to let us pass.” Sitting on the floor Faith touched her stomach protectively. “I told the military man I was pregnant with his grandson.”

Max raised her eyebrows. "Who’s the daddy, 494 Alec McDowell?”

Faith nodded mutely. She loved him and it was all gonna end, she just knew it. All been too good to be true.

“I spoke to him coming here to find you.” Max raised her eyebrows. She thought the guy charming but a wise ass. “I can tell he’s worried about me wanting to use the soul swapping device the Mayor left you. God, you’re both so young to be parents!”

“Whatever. Do you want to swap back with the Mayor’s device Dawn told us about?” Faith asked miserably. For that must be why Max wanted to see her today.

“And be pregnant again? No thanks, I’ll pass. My kids wouldn’t like it. My husband would, my old body, not the new baby.” Max chuckled. “I wouldn’t think you’d ever want to swap back. Even now you understand Sandeman put a slayer’s soul in my body to ensure the transgenics survived the upcoming plague. Once everyone finds out that only transgenics and the breeding cult are gonna be immune. And your DNA holds the key to an effective vaccine. You’re gonna be in more danger than a chubby six year old in a room full of hungry vamps.”

Max stood up. She stroked Faith’s hair maternally not patronizingly. “I get you hated yourself too. Wasn’t it great beyond belief, not to have to look at your own reflection in the mirror in the morning when you woke up?”

“How could you hate yourself? Everyone freaking loved you, Max. You were a good person. Not like me, I was evil, of course I fucking hated myself.” Faith stood up too. “I didn’t know my eggs were going to get used the way they did. That’s one crime I don’t have on my conscience at least.”

“Faith, you weren’t evil. Take it from someone now old enough to be your Mom. You were insane, and you couldn’t help that. Pryce was sorry he made everything a cluster fuck for you. He’s long dead by the way.” Max parted the tent flap to make their way out. “And I wasn’t a good person. God, if you knew what I did to survive.”

“Cat burglary doesn’t trump murder.” Faith contradicted her relative. Wes was dead?

“No I never murdered anyone, but I’ve killed people and I wasn’t insane.” Max shuddered. “Anyway, I need to find Logan now he knows the truth too.”

“Cale’s not speaking to me.” Faith led Max to a tent on the outskirts of the encampment. “He’s in there.”

Faith walked off to find Alec. She encountered Bullet along the way. “Come here stud!” Faith waited until the teenager got up close to her. She narrowed her eyes in the scariest way she could achieve. “You’re screwing my fucking granddaughter, pal.”

Bullet swallowed audibly.

Faith smirked and shrugged carelessly. “Hey relax bud, I think you’re okay you know that, but for your own safety you might wanna avoid Nik's Mom. She’s majorly pissed off with Nik. For lying to her about being in Seattle, staking vamps, in the first place. No wonder I never ran into any undead in Emerald City. Nik’s wicked good at slaying, huh?” Faith felt the glow of family pride warm the cockles of her heart.

Inside Cale’s tent, Max finally could tell the distraught Logan what she needed to, since she nearly died twenty years ago from her point of view. “I loved you, Logan. I truly did. I know you loved me too.”

And now Max could share with Logan, what she wanted to inform him since she ran into him in South Africa. “I hear you haven’t been with anyone in a year, there’s a neat chick called Asha who’s clearly into you. Get over me, Logan! God, if we were such destined soul mates we both would have left our spouses when we ran into each other in Cape Town. But we didn’t. You didn’t click with me instantly. And I love my husband. I’m not swapping back into my old body. Don’t use the memory of me to hide behind, because you’re too insecure about being physically intimate with a woman, because you’re handicapped. A person who loves you doesn’t care.”

“I’ve missed you, Max.” Logan began to smile. “You always did have the habit of speaking the brutal truth. Still kick ass?”

“Uh huh.” Max flew into his arms. He hugged her back hard. “I missed you too, Loges.”

That evening another mysterious meteor shower illuminated the skies above the northern West Coast. But an observing Max sitting on the grass with a repentant, red eyed Nikki, resting lovingly against her didn’t care.

Faith leaning against Alec, sitting beside Max, didn’t care either. So it presaged the end of the world was nigh, who gave a crap?

Mother and daughter both got through these occasions always. There were people who could help them get through it this time too.

Max would fall back on her family she’d always been seeking, to support her through this apocalypse. Her adoptive siblings Zack and Syl, she’d told Zack to get over her too.

Her oldest friends O.C., Sketchy and Logan. Anne and Rondell who were still alive, married and living in Mexico. Anita in South Africa.

Max’s wonderful husband Connor, the person just like her she’d spent her youth searching for. Her two children Nikki and Stephen.

And Max finally found her real mother. Although Max foresaw she would need to be the mentor, in her new tentative relationship with the still emotionally fragile in some ways Faith. But that was okay, no big dealio. Maturity bestowed unexpected blessings, Max glad to pass on the wisdom.

Max wasn’t alone anymore, hadn’t been for years and it was awesome.

Faith cared about lots of people, and lots of people cared about her. She loved Alec, and Alec a total winner returned her affections. They were going to have a son. Now that there were people Faith discovered she would happily die for, she realized she’d never found a better reason to live, the world didn’t owe her anything.

Faith raised her eyes to the stars, wondering fleetingly if Buffy knew how the memory of her helped make Faith a better person. Faith kinda suspected B. would.


Gwyneth Paltrow moment.

Thank you so much to everyone who reviewed and recced.

And a big special thank you to Belisarius who very kindly informed me about Afrikaanis slang. Any mistakes are mine not his.

The End

You have reached the end of "Maximum faith". This story is complete.

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