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The Family You Choose

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Summary: Sam Carter's little sister who she hasn't seen in years and hasn't thought about in nearly as long, just came back on her radar.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Buffy's Real Family(Recent Donor)dreamfallFR1368,9971320360,03411 Jan 072 Nov 14No

Chapter Four: Super Soldiers

The Family You Choose

By: Dreamfall

Rating: FR13/PG13

Disclaimer: I own neither Stargate: SG1 nor BtVS.

Spoilers: Takes place post Season 7 for Buffy, and early Season 6 for Stargate: SG1, which makes it June of '03 for both.

Author's Note: My Stargate canon is neither fresh nor complete, so forgive any lapses I may make. The challenge caught my attention, and I went 'ooh, I could have some fun with that', even though SG1 isn't really one of my fandoms.

This chapter really, really didn't want to be written. And yet in wound up being so much fun *laugh* hope you guys like.

BTW, given as how people are weighing in fiercely on both sides of the 'should Buffy forge a relationship with the Carters' debate, it's pretty apparent that some people are, necessarily, gonna be disappointed by the end of this. I apologize in advance. Although I'm not actually willing to say what conclusion it will reach at this time.

Challenge BuffyCharmed's The Problem Child Challenge.

Chapter Four
Super Soldiers

“So,” Jack’s voice broke the silence after several seconds of everyone staring at the door after it closed behind their guests. “That’s your little sister.”

Sam shook her head, the gesture one of confusion rather than negation. “I don’t understand.”

“Did I miss something?” Jacob asked uncertainly. “Because I have no idea what’s going on.”

“Join the club,” Jack said with a hint of a grin. “I like her.”

“That’s because you’re the same mental age,” Sam snapped.

“What did she tell you?” Daniel interjected, tone thoughtful.

“What? Nothing.”

“She said she liked you better when she lied to you, and that she already told you.”

“She said she already did,” Sam corrected. “As in, she’d already lied to us.”

“I don’t think so. Admittedly, the language was imprecise, but in the context, I believe that the ‘already did’ related to telling you what happened, not to lying to you. Plus, saying she likes you better when she lies to you implies that she has told you the truth and got a negative reaction. So....” He smiled. “What was that truth?”

“I don’t—“ She shook her head, trying to clear it, and looked over at her father. “I can’t—can you think of anything?”

“I haven’t even spoken to her in seven years!”

He blinked, and it was Selmak who continued, “At which time she had been diagnosed with schizophreniform disorder because she said that she was gifted with superpowers to fight unnaturally strong creatures with yellow eyes.”

Sam gasped, but then shook her head. “No way. The description was not consistent with Goa’uld. She said vampires. With malformed faces and fangs.”

“Vampires? There are legends and stories of vampire-like beings from almost every culture—“

“Daniel. They weren’t vampires.”

He sighed. “No. But then, the ancient gods weren’t gods, either. That doesn’t mean they weren’t real.”

“You’re suggesting bloodsucking aliens beamed down and attacked Sam’s kid sister?”

“Well... Since we have nothing else to go on...”

“Do we not have the Initiative?”

Daniel blinked quickly, and Sam turned to Teal’c. “What?”

“Major Davis mentioned the Initiative one time, and Buffy Summers twice more. Might it not hold some further meaning?”

“I’m an idiot,” Sam announced, pulling out her laptop. Then she paused. “Am I allowed to look this up, sir?”

“Nobody said otherwise,” General Hammond stated. “We were only told not to look up information about Buffy Summers. Carry on, Major.”

Eagerly, she began typing. Soon, though, she was glaring at her screen in frustration. “There’s almost nothing there.

“How so, Major?”

“It’s blacked out,” she said absently, still typing, then paused to scroll through a screen partially filled with information. “I’m just getting bits and pieces.”

Daniel and Jack moved over to stand behind her, looking down at the screen, and Jack pointed. “Mission was to control the HST threat by bridling it or destroying it.”

“Which would be more helpful if we knew what the HST threat was,” Jacob pointed out as Sam continued scrolling.

Finishing that document, she sighed, typed, and said, “I’m looking to see anything that remains of the records. Chances are it’s mostly been wiped, but there might be something.”

“Patrols of some kind,” Jack said after a couple minutes. “The patterns of people coming in and out suggest some sort of regular patrol. The logistics seem off for the number of people who seem to be on the base. I’d say it’s based within a town or city, personnel getting a fair number of their meals off base.”

She nodded, skimming over the page, taking in the bare amount that was text and skipping over the solid black lines marking information above her clearance. “A lot of nutritional supplements, though,” she said. “Details of what they’re made up of are blacked out, but it seems like too much for standard vitamins, especially if they’re in a situation where they’re off-base a lot.”

“Wait,” Daniel said sharply. “Go back about five screens.”

She did, looking for some sign of what had caught his attention, but it seemed to just be physical fitness records, the individual identifications blacked out.

“What is it, Daniel?” Jack asked. “Looks standard to me. Good shape, I’d call them equivalent to special ops at their peak, but not beyond.”

“There have been these blocks of records at regular intervals throughout this page,” he said. “They seemed to be improving remarkably rapidly, but not beyond the realm of possibility. But the next set of results is blacked out.”

Sam backed up and started from the top down, just noting the PT records this time as she worked her way down. “They stay about standard for ... four records, which, judging by the food quantities, I’d take to be weekly. Bit frequent for tests, but not beyond the realms of possibility.”

“Then—there. That’s the first real jump. Looks more like the result of a month’s hard training,” Jack pointed out, jabbing one finger at the screen. “Different group of recruits?”

“No,” Sam murmured. “The relationships between the various tests from the various subjects indicate that it’s the same group. But look, there,” she added, skipping up, and then back down. “Those nutritional supplements. It hasn’t changed in length, really, but you can see that it keeps changing before this point. The variation in line length is pretty dramatic. Then from here on—same. They found what they were looking for.”

“And these soldiers started getting stronger, faster—until it suddenly stops showing it.”

“Because they stopped having believable scores?” Daniel suggested. “Suddenly stopped looking like good soldiers and started looking like—something else?”

“How does this relate to an HST threat?” Sam asked.

“Hard to say without knowing what an HST threat is. But it might have to do with how Buffy could throw General Carter across the room with one punch,” Jack said grimly.

“So these ‘nutritional supplements’ are some chemical cocktail they fed her to make her faster and stronger.”

“Looks like. But why Buffy?” Jacob demanded. “They have soldiers, clearly. Why would they just grab a civilian and start her on this?”

“Let’s see what else we can get,” Sam said, skimming down through the rest of the logistics document. “Catching any other patterns, Daniel?”

“Except that more and more gets blacked out the further down you go? No. That’s all I’m seeing.”

She nodded, and went back to searching for potentially useful documents.

“So we have chemically-created super-soldiers living on a base with frequent access to civilian life working to bridle an HST threat with a teenage girl, also a chemically-induced super-soldier—“

“Still getting the drugs, or a permanent effect?” Daniel interjected.

Jack paused, blinked. “We have no record of where the cocktail was coming from?”

“No,” Sam said, half listening to them think the problem through and half focusing on searching for more data.

“Okay. Not enough info to say whether she’s still taking it.”

“If it’s still affecting her now, it would have to be something that builds up in the system and then doesn’t get washed out. That’s generally dangerous, especially for any long-term use. And judging by the records, they were continually dosed for at least several months,” Jacob said, voice clinical, obviously keeping himself steady by thinking of just the details of the situation.

“So she’s probably still getting it?”

“Seems likely. Also, long-term affiliation with some segment of the NID would explain some of her clearance.”

“But it doesn’t make sense,” Daniel disagreed. “She didn’t know the NID was related to it, she wasn’t sure what they were. If they were still feeding her drugs, wouldn’t she have to have some awareness of them?”

“Besides, she doesn’t act like one of the NID’s specimens,” Jack said. “For one thing, she hasn’t been dissected yet.”

“This has to relate back in some way to the institution,” Daniel said. “She was put in because she claimed to be fighting vampires, then was released almost immediately. Two years later, the Initiative was created. It lasted about two years, and then ... anything on what then, Sam?”

“Change of leadership, reasons blacked out. And a few weeks later, nothing. The records end abruptly.”

“Okay,” Jack said slowly. “What if she wasn’t delusional?”

“You mean—vampires?” Sam asked doubtfully.

“No, not that part. But you said she thought she was some kind of mystic warrior, right? What if she really did get strength and speed, and her mind, I dunno, came up with the vampires to give a reason to it. Then someone in her hospital was linked to the NID and told them about her—“

“You think that somehow she was the base for the super-soldiers,” Daniel finished, catching on.

“It ties everything together.”

“Except it’s not really the NID’s MO,” Sam disagreed. “She went to high school apparently unfettered. She graduated on time, and all of this Initiative stuff was happening during her last year or two there.”

“Okay. So they found some way to suppress it and let her go. Keeping an eye on her. Then something happened that made them think they could use it. Maybe some technology they picked up in the meantime that let them ... use her strength. Maybe they just needed blood samples or something like that. She might not even have known what they were doing with them.”

“Blood samples,” Daniel murmured. “That would also dovetail neatly into her vampire hallucinations. Perhaps they were feeding into them, in some way convincing her that she was fighting evil.”

“In which case her realization of what was really happening might lead to her in some way getting the base shut down—and her negative opinion of it.”

“And if she was then picked up by a legitimate political organization which tried to make amends for what the NID did, that might explain—“

“Heads up, people,” General Hammond interrupted. “Our guests are returning.”
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