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A Space Ship By Any Other Name...

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Summary: Just who was flying that ship, that rescued River. A future fic Au of Consequences of Perplexity. Gender bender some slash and het.

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Firefly > Xander-CenteredLLNFR1833,15532613,31011 Jan 0715 Jan 07No


Serenity was in Whitefall for repairs that couldn't be done in space. Mal had decided to give his crew some down time. So, they were in the seediest bar they could find, hoping to find a fight or a job.

" I still don't understand why you people think this is fun." Said Simon Tam, as he took a drink from his glass as he sat at the table with Mal, who glared at him.

"But you are learning, right?"

Simon sighed, yes, he was indeed learning. How could he do anything but, he wished the crew didn't need to be patched up every other day. He looked around the bar for River and saw something that terrified him. Jayne was trying to talk up a brunet woman, who was sitting at the bar. It wasn't what Jayne was doing that worried him. No, it was to whom he was doing it too. Simon lifted his glass and pointed with a finger to Jayne and said,

"That will not end well."

Mal looked over, " Should we go help her?"

Simon shook his head, " It won't be 'her' that will need help." He said just as Jayne put his hand on the woman's shoulder. She knocked it off with a frown and said something to Jayne, who smirked then said something back. Then the woman smiled real invitingly at him. Jayne leaned into her space but then got a funny look on his face. He looked down and moved a way slightly revealing a gun pointed at his crotch. He looked back to the woman's face. Now Jayne might be a might slow but he wasn't stupid by any means he slowly backed a way from her.

"Think she'll shoot him?" Mal asked Simon.

"No, but she will make him think twice about that course of action."

Jayne made his way over to the table then sat down, " Did you see that. Wasn't no call for that kind of reaction. I was just being friendly." He muttered.

Mal smirked at him, " That's cause you don't know how to treat a lady. Bet the Doc, here could do better."

" You do remember that I'm with Kaylee, now right?" Said Simon, " But yes, I could." Simon then held up a hand as he caught the woman's glaze. He then motion for her to come over to the table.

"Like that will work." Jayne scoffed.

"Oh, ye of little faith." Said Simon with a smirk and Mal shook his head at that.

Then the woman got up and walked over to the table.

Both Mal and Jayne looked on in amazement. She was a pretty thing, no doubts about that. Tall, statuesque, with long dark hair that fell just below her shoulders. But it was her eyes that held your attention they were different. The left an almost glowing green, the other a deep rich dark brown. She was dress in dark brown tight pants, black boots that had seen better days, a white shirt with a long brown coat. She wore her guns on her hips and looked like the type to have even more weapons hidden on her.

"Well, if it isn't Simple Simon..."

Simon smiled at the only person besides River who called him that. She sat down at the table and gave Mal and Jayne a once over type of look.

"So, I hear you've fallen in with a bad crowd." She said with a smirk.


"The underworld, Simon. But the rumors maybe a bit out of date."

"Doc, you going to introduce us?" asked Mal not able to keep quiet anymore.

Simon sighed and nodded, " You met Jayne. This is Captain Mal Reynolds of the Serenity."

"Gentlemen, this is Captain Xander Harris of the Hellmouth Slayer."

Mal offered his hand; she looked at it for a moment then took it.

"Don't meet too many of the Doc's friends." Said Mal.

Jayne snorted, " Didn't think he had any."

Simon frowned but said nothing to that. Looking at Xander he asked, " What are you doing here? Thought you didn't leave the Artemis territory."

Xander looked Simon in the eye, " I need a favor." She said stressing the word favor.

Simon blinked, " What?"

"I need your...well actually I need River's help. But having a Doc on hand for what I'm about to do would be helpful."

"And that would be?"

"Some thing was stolen from me...and I want it back!" She hissed darkly.

"What did you lose, and how can River help."

Xander looked down at the table and sighed. Then shook Simon's world by saying four words.

"Spike and the Alliance."
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