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A Space Ship By Any Other Name...

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Summary: Just who was flying that ship, that rescued River. A future fic Au of Consequences of Perplexity. Gender bender some slash and het.

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Firefly > Xander-CenteredLLNFR1833,15532613,30511 Jan 0715 Jan 07No


"Let me get this straight," said Mal looking confused, " You think that because the Doc owes you that you're going to get me, to let you and who else knows on to my ship, so you can go rescue some guy?"

Xander nodded at him.

"Gal, your crazy if you think..." he started but Simon cut him off.

"She helped me save River, Mal."

"That don't mean..."

"Yes! It have to understand she was one of the few people that did help me. And she didn't ask for money. I owe her, River owes her." Simon said getting into Mal's face.

"Yeah, *you* owe her *I* don't!" Mal said back poking a finger into Simon's chest.

"You said it, Mal," said Jayne.

"I'll pay you." Xander said softly.

Mal froze then looked at her, " Well, I'm always willing to help out a lady. How much?"

"How much can you imagine?"

"A lot."

Xander smirked, " One million."

"Dollars?" asked Jayne with wide eyes.

Xander nodded.

Mal frowned, that was a lot of money, money most people would never see in there lifetime. Yet this woman was offering it up as if it meant nothing, or if this person she wanted to save mean everything to her.

"When will we get paid?"


"After, what?" he asked.

"After, I get Spike back."

"Just to be clear..."

"You're the getaway ship."

"So why don't you use yours?" asked Jayne.

"Ahh, that..." Xander said scratching the back of her head, " see, hmm, I kinda...lost it."

Simon looked shocked, " How?"

" When I...lost Spike...but I'll get it back. Spike's just more important at the moment."

Mal thought hard for a moment, he knew he should walk away from this but knew if he did Simon would never let him forget it. And it would end with some one getting punched again.

"You have yourself a ship." Mal told her finally.

"Good," she said as she pulling out a comunit and spoke into it.

"Hey, I got a ship."

The three men heard a female voice answer back, " Cool, which one me and Angel are at the port."

"It's the Firefly." There was silent then came, " You're kidding right, that piece of..." Xander cut her off, " That's our ride, Faith, be nice."

"Be nice, have you seen this thing, cause I'm looking at it. So, not impressed."

Xander noticed the look on Mal's face then said into the com, " You don't have to be, it'll get us where we need to go. Meet me there." Then put it away.

"I'm guessing you want to leave soon." Said Mal.

"As we can."

Mal nodded.

"Let's get to the ship then," Mal said as he motion to Zoë who was in a corner of the bar with Wash.

They came over to the table, " This is Xander, she just hire us, we will be meeting to more passengers at the ship." Then introduced them to Xander. After that Mal told them to get the ship ready.

"Yes, sir." Said Zoë nodding, who had watched the conversation they had, had with the woman. She grabbed her husband by the arm.

"Let's go find Kaylee and River." Zoë said to the blond man.

Xander watched them leave, as Mal caught her eye, he asked, " So, do we have time for a drink."

Xander sighed; she had waited this long, and from what her contacts had told her the Alliance would keep Spike alive for a while yet. She knew her Consort was strong, besides he'd do the same thing to her.



The four of them had made it to the port before they ran into trouble. In the shape of the Alliance. They could see two women wearing black uniforms but with no identifying marks on them. They held themselves like soldiers. They were young and pretty. But the strange thing was that they looked alike...twins, maybe, they both wore their hair straight and just below their shoulders. Only the color of it was different, one had light sky-blue colored hair and the other had black hair.

"Look pretties," said Jayne.

"Look again." Said Xander with a frown. Jayne looked and saw they were armed with guns and what looked like swords.

"Oh." He said.

"Who are they?" asked Mal.

"The Enforcers," Simon said softly then to Xander asked, " Have they seen us."

"Your kidding right," asked Mal, " I thought they were just a myth. Stories told by the Alliance to keep the masses under control."

"No, and there not." Xander said, " And yeah, they have, " she said answering Simon, seeing the two Enforcers fall into a loose fighting stances, " Stay here, I'll deal with this."

"Why don't we just shoot them?" asked Jayne confused, " It would save time."

Simon sighed, " Because shooting an Enforcer won't kill her."

"No, it'll only piss her off." Xander said, "I'll distract them. Angel and Faith should be near by; Simon knows what they look like. I'll be there soon."

"Xander," Simon said knowing what was about to happen. Xander exchanged a look with him then nodded to him," Go, Simple Simon."

Simon looked on as Xander made her way to the Enforcers.

"Come on, Doc. You hear her, let's go!" Mal said.


"'Ello, ladies, waiting for little old me?"

"Xander Harris," Said the sky-blue haired Enforcer, " Known as White Knight..."

"Known as Hyena," said the black haired Enforcer, " Known as the One Who Sees..."

"Now, as I've told your kind once and again, its just Xander."

The two Enforcers exchanged a look with each other. Then the blue-haired one said," You will come with us to be incarcerated, for your crimes again the Alliance"

Xander smirked, " Sorry, but I'm going to have to refuse your invite, to much to do on my social calendar."

The Enforcers then pulled out their swords as the black-haired one said, " Your going to wish you had changed your mind."

Xander just kept smirking at them.


As the three men got near the ship Simon yelled out, " Faith, Angel, get to the ship."

No sooner than Simon had, Mal saw two people appeared out of the shadows, one was a woman with long dark brown waist length hair pulled back in to a braid. Brown eyes with a hard look in then and dressed in tight clothes meant for fighting. She was also the type that wore her sexuality like a shield. In other words she was dangerous with a capital D. The man with her was also a brunet with brown eyes, a high caveman like forehead that must make him the butt of a lot of jokes or would if he wasn't so good-looking. Unlike the woman, he was better dress sort of in the things Simon would wear but cut in a way that would not make it hard to fight in. This man was as dangerous as the woman, maybe even more so from the impression they made. What Mal couldn't figure out was, why a nice girl like Xander was with the likes of them.

Then the woman, Faith said, " Oh, no fair, X gets to have all the fun!"
Mal turned to see where Faith was looking and saw Xander talking to the Enforcers for a moment then saw the Enforcers draw their swords.

"Uhmm, should we do something?"

Faith gave him the 'are you stupid look'. As the man, Angel, sighed and said, "Watch."

Mal saw Xander draw a sword from thin air, as the two Enforcers charged her.


The clash of swords rang in the port, drawing stares from those too stupid no to mind their own business. Xander blocked the strikes from them. Twisting her wrist the sword whorled in her hand, quickly she made a move and slice the black-haired Enforcer threw the stomach it was a mortal wound. Xander didn't even watch as that Enforcer hit the ground. She barely had time to block the strike from the sky-blue haired Enforcer. Sparks flashed from the strength of the blows. Xander pushed the Enforcer away from her.

" As you can see, I'm a harder to defeat than my sister Enforcer."

Xander stood panting for a moment, " Your not harder, she was just younger."

The Enforcer looked surprised that Xander knew this, her face harden this woman, Xander Harris, knew too much if she could tell that. But the Enforcer had to know...

"Why do you say that?" The Enforcer asked as she began to circle Xander, who carefully watched her.

"The hair color," Xander said with a shrug, " all newbie Enforcer's have black hair."

The Enforcer nodded, that confirmed her suspensions. Xander Harris, now had to die. She attacked then with a fast and furious blows when suddenly the Enforcer manage to knock the sword out of Xander hand.

"You won't win." The Enforcer said with a smirk on her lips as she swung her sword at Xander, who caught her forearm stopping the Enforcer from hitting with her sword. Looking into the Enforcers hazel eyes, Xander growled out, " Watch me!"

Then hit the Enforcer in the face. Making her drop her sword and stumble back in shock at the blow. Xander then used a roundhouse kick aimed at the Enforcers face but she caught Xander's foot and threw Xander off balance. Xander hit the ground hard on her stomach knocking the breath out of her. Xander then rolled on to her back so she could see the other woman.

The Enforcer sneered at her, " Your not so tough. I don't see, why the Original is so wary of you. Your defeat is going to be so easy."

Xander glared up at her. Then the Enforcer reached down and yanked Xander to her feet. Xander brought up her right hand as if to keep the Enforcer away, she smiled darkly at Xander. Then the Enforcer's eyes widen as she felt the sudden pain in her chest, she looked down at the area where her heart was and saw the wooden stake on the spring-loaded wrist sheath Xander was wearing. As it retracted from the Enforcer's chest. Xander stepped back as the Enforcer went to her knees; Xander watched the life fade from the Enforcer 's eyes before she fell face first on to the ground.

"It's never going to be easy." Xander said to herself before turning and making her way to Serenity.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Space Ship By Any Other Name..." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Jan 07.

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