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A Space Ship By Any Other Name...

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Summary: Just who was flying that ship, that rescued River. A future fic Au of Consequences of Perplexity. Gender bender some slash and het.

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Chapter One:Prologue

Title: The Hellmouth Slayer, Or A Spaceship By Any Other Name...
Author: LLN
Fandom: Buffy/Angel/Firefly Crossover
Pairing: None yet.
Warnings: Gender-Bender, maybe Slash, Het.
Spoilers: Everything in all shows.
Disclaimers: Joss owns all of them. I own nothing.
Summary: Just who was flying the ship that rescued River?
Author's Notes: This is a future fic AU to Consequences of Perplexity.


The seedy bar on the west side never gets the like of who, just walked through the door. A young man on a mission. You could tell by the set of his shoulders, the way he walked, this young man would let nothing stop him. His requests for help had been denied. By everyone he trusted, his family, his friends, even his lover had refused to help him. But some other people, those with unsavory reputations did refer him to those who could for the right price. He had gotten the name of a ship and it's captain who may help him...he just had to find her.

He asked the bartender, who pointed to a corner of the bar, he started towards there when...

"She's not in the best of moods, so consider yourself warned." Said the bartender.

He walked up to the table where she sat, half hidden in the shadows, looking into her drink as if it held the secrets of the universe. Long dark hair fell down around her face almost hiding it from view.
He sat down at the table, he notice that there was another glass by the bottle of whiskey she was drinking from.

"Not interested." She told him before he could say anything.

"I haven't said anything yet."

She snorted rudely, " You don't need too, your kind never do."

" kind?" he asked confused.


"You don't even know what I want..." A harsh laugh came at that.

"If you think that, you are not as smart as I heard you were."

"You heard..."

"For the last few days, your all the underworld has talked about."


The woman looked up, her eyes...he had never seen eyes like hers, the left eye was a bright almost glowing green, the other a deep rich dark brown.

"Not many people want to go against the Alliance. But to hear of a well bred Core boy trying to do just that, well, that is news."

"I need help." He told her.

"Don't we all," she muttered, " I..."

He cut her off, " I can pay you. Anything you want, just name your price."

She shook her head, " It's not about money. I can get that any time I want to."

"I need to save her." He whispered seeing his last hope die.

"Her?" she frowned.

"An innocent girl."

She snorted again, " Some one will always take advantage of innocent girls." Then looked back into her drink, dismissing him.

"She needs help."

"They always do." She looked back at him, " Give me a reason..."

He said nothing, looking down at the table.

"Guess this conversation is over. Best be on your way then."

Slowly, he raised his head, meeting her eyes and softly said, " She's my sister."

She leaned back in her chair and studied the young man then nodded to herself.
She grabbed the bottled on the table and poured some of it into the other glass and then refilled her own.

"As I said, it's not about money... So, why?"

" means everything to me. I have to protect her."

She sighed and nodded, " It's always about the girl. Times may change but that never does."

She pushed the glass across the table; he caught it before it fell into his lap.

" I like to know the name of the man I do business with," she said.

"Simon Tam." He said. She nodded like that had just confirmed what she knew.

"And you?" he asked in return.

"Xander Harris, Captain of the Hellmouth Slayer at your service."

"So, about your payment..."

She tapped her glass against his then took a drink, " Let's just say, a favor now for a favor later...Besides I never could resist a damsel in distress."
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