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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Chronicles of War". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander, the brother of Mr. Black, is getting married. Does anyone really know him? Based on Make a Wish

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredchrishillFR15512,03393542,68512 Jan 0729 Jun 07No

Gaining an understanding

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters used in or associated by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, or devised by Rorschart's Blot. This story is done without malice and without profit from it. It is simply for the enjoyment of the readers.

Link to the Make a Wish Series by Rorschach's Blot:

It's one thing to be engaged, it's another to tell your family.

This was especially true of one Alexander LaVelle Harris.

Oh, his birth family was screwed up enough. An abusive father, a drunk for a mother, and an uncle who had the weirdest profession on the Hellmouth. It was a wonder that he hadn't become a psychotic killer by the time he was thirteen.

Of course, he did have other outlets for his aggression.

Staking false vamps was his favourite one. Killing demons the other. If he had the opportunity, then taking down one of the stupider, darker warlocks in the area was definitely up there.

No, the real problem was the two groups of people that he actually considered his real family. The Scoobies, of which the girls of the group were probably getting an earful from Anya right now, and everyone on Black Island. If his birth family was weird, then these were weirder, especially since he took pains to ensure that the Scoobies didn't get the chance to believe the rumours in the demon community of his Harry and him being related. No offense to his brother, but the double role, with a clumsy and semi-competent Xander was a blessing and allowed him to take down some of the nastier stuff without risking the lives and souls of his oldest friends.

All he had to do now was inform his family of the upcoming marriage.

Xander decided to go out to eat for a while. A couple of hours wouldn't make that much of a difference, and killing some baddies would make him feel better. Hell, maybe he could come up with a way to prevent everything from becoming chaotic.


Buffy and Willow were ecstatic when Anya told the two of them of the impending nuptials and had taken a well deserved night off to help celebrate.

However, beside letting their hair down, as it were, the two were also here to help inform the girl of a well hidden fact in the life of one Xander Harris. To do this, they had decided to use the Magic Box, and kicked everyone else out. They wouldn't believe it even if they tried to explain.

The two of them were still unsure if they believed it, even with all of the evidence.

“So Anya, has Xander explained about his past to you?” Willow said to open up the conversation.

Anya nodded as she sipped some wine. “He told me a little about his parents, although he doesn't like talking about them too much.”

Buffy snorted, “If I had parents like them, I wouldn't want to talk about them either.”

Willow nodded in agreement. This was where everything would get a little sticky. “Well, there may be another reason he doesn't like to talk about them.”

Anya looked over at Willow, who had been best friends with Xander since childhood. “What reason could that be?”

Buffy sighed, it would be up to her since she was the one who beat the confirmation out of Willy. “It could be the fact that they aren't his real parents.”

“Not his real parents?” Anya looked at the two as if they were crazy. She then took a sniff of the wine. No trace of any potion that she could detect. Anya may not be a demon anymore, but some of her senses were still enhanced. “Are you all right? You didn't drink too fast did you?”

“She's ok. It's something that we don't discuss with the others, or let Xander know that we know.” Willow said as she gulped down the wine.

“Xander is only the name he currently goes by. From what we know, he's old. Extremely old. He's also the one who's been taking care of us since I met him.” Buffy said. “Nobody really knows everything he's done, just that he's always at the right place at the right time for something to go right.”

“To go right?”

“He's the one who always notices when there's a trap, something isn't right, or other things. You also have to remember that, despite everyone always being so down on him, Xander can lead. He has a lot of military experience that he doesn't let people know about, and he's always in the fight, although he never seems to be the hero.” Willow stated as she remembered all of the past adventures.

Buffy nodded as she poured herself some more wine. “It's more that he doesn't let himself be the hero, or let people know that he's done stuff. Ever notice that he's the one that usually comes up with the good plans?”

Anya nodded, “But he's been on the Hellmouth for a long time. Isn't that experience worth something?”

Laughing, the red headed witch replied, “Of course. But to be in so many places and play so many critical roles in preserving our lives and those of our friends while maintaining the 'Ordinary Mortal' bit is starting to get thin. It was that, and a couple of other occurrences which first made us suspicious.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well a good indicator of what was happening happened in this store,” Buffy began her tale. “It was soon after Giles acquired the Magic Box, and after we had taken care of one of the big bads...”


“Xander, you should really have someone look at that leg,” Giles said as Xander hobbled into the Magic Box. “That demon did manage to stick a dagger into it, from what I saw.”

Xander hid his wince. While he could do with some cleaning up and a couple of spells to fix the damage, it wouldn't do to have his friends get his blood into their own wounds, or let them find out it wasn't exactly human, not to mention very poisonous. “It's Ok, G-man. The dagger wasn't poisoned, and it's already healing up fast.”

Giles frowned at the young man who never seemed to want attention when he needed it. “Nonetheless, I would feel better if you would come with me so that I can clean the wound before infection sets in.”

“Giles, I'm ok.” Xander tried. Seeing that words weren't working, he started to hop, using a silent spell to severely reduce the pain. “See? All better. No need to do anything.”

Spike, who had accompanied them to protect The Slayer growled, “Xander, do me a favour and get that patched up. I can smell it from here, and if I can smell it, so can others.”

No one noticed that Spike had used proper English for a change. He, himself was too put out to realize that he had dropped back into the language he used before he had been turned. It was the smell. It was human, and something else. Remembering the rumours at the bars, he decided that perhaps taunting the supposed young man was not in his best interest. “Mate, I know it sounds harsh, but I do not want this bloody chip to cause me more pain. I'm fighting every bloody instinct I have to not rush you and have you as a meal.”

“Shesh. Everyone's a critic!” Xander murmured as he went towards the backroom in order to perform some spells in the quiet of the bathroom. “Thanks, Spike. For what it's worth, I know you wouldn't do that unless forced.”

He was startled as a bubbly young woman rushed out from the back room and litter ally tackle-hugged him. “Xander! Why haven't you called more often?”

Xander gasped from the strength of the hug. “Air! Need air! Things going black!”

Henchgirl released Xander and giggled. “Very funny. Anyway, what's happening?”

Willow and Buffy looked at each other, and then frowned. A girl Xander knew that was that close, and they didn't know her? Something was very wrong with the universe.

Xander was slightly miffed, “I was just heading back to go to the washroom under the advice from my friends. What are you doing here?”

Seeing the others, Henchgirl replied, “Well, I remember you saying that this place was a great place for finding stuff from when we met last, so the Doctor and I came here to find out what's on sale.”

She looked at his leg, and frowned, seeing the blood. “Alexander LaVelle Harris! What have you been getting into?”

Xander shifted uncomfortably. “Well, it's just a scratch.”

Henchgirl shook her head. “Come back here so the Doctor can take a look at it. Seriously, you can't go out of the castle without getting into some kind of accident, can you?”

Giles had his mouth open in the meantime. “Young lady. How did you get in here, and how did you get past the wards and alarms?”

Henchgirl stared at the man while pushing Xander into the backroom. “My name is Henchgirl, and I would thank you to NOT come in while the Doctor is examining his leg.”

Giles face paled. How had he come to the attention of THEM. “Ahem. Of course. Please feel free to peruse the store. Anything is for sale to you.”

The rest of the Scoobies there, except for Buffy and Willow left, remembering the briefings on various people in the supernatural community that Giles kept insisting that they have every three months.

While Giles went over to the shelves, to ensure that no dangerous, or might be dangerous books were on the shelf, the two girls went to listen to what was going on in the back room.

“Xander, what the hell did you do?” a voice they didn't recognize said.

“Oh, come on. It's just a scratch. A cleaning spell and a few healing spells and it will be fine.” came Xanders voice.

“Drop the pants.”

“Hey! You don't treat Harry this way!”

They heard someone grunt. “Mr. Black at least has the intelligence to get medical attention as soon as possible.”


“Xander,” Henchgirl growled, “You know how dangerous it is around here. You should come home.”

They heard Xander protest. “I am home! This is a Hellmouth, and you know how it is keeping everything from flying apart!”

“There. Fixed.” the voice that they guessed was the Doctor said. “Now what was this about not coming home?”

“Not you too!” Xander whined, “I'm doing well here!”

“I have to agree with Henchgirl. You need more training in medicine, if nothing else,” the Doctor stated.

“Can't we stop with the 'little brother' routine? I'm old enough to take care of myself!”

There was a period of silence before both voices said, “NO YOU ARE NOT!”

Then the voices started to alternate between the two women, with Xanders weak protests in between.

“From now on, I expect you to call home once a week, young man.”


“And your checkups are not once a year, but once every three months.”


“If you don't contact us, I'll floo here and ensure that you're ok.”

“Come on!-”

“I think a few new spell books may be necessary to add to your curriculum.”


“I'll get the Zeppelin, and call the 3WA in to take care of this place so that you can go back to the island!”

“This is-”

“Perhaps a local medical centre, where I can work in several ways.”


“A small school, for people who really want to learn?”

“Hey! Willow's-”

“Of course, your brother and the twins will have to be informed. They would love to come here.”

“Ok! I'll call once a week!” Xanders voice called out louder than before. “Sheesh, you two have the older sister routine down pat.”

“Don't you forget it.” the Doctors voice stated.

“Now,” Henchgirls voice was questioning, “If only I could get Harry to listen as well as you do?”


“And that's how we first started to really look into who Xander Harris is.” Willow concluded.
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